Meet the Botanists Who Climb the World’s Tallest Trees

A decent level of physical fitness, a fondness for climbing, an intimate knowledge of giant old-growth tree species, and being handy with a crossbow: If you possess this most unusual of skill sets, then tree-climbing botanist may be the job you never realised you were born to do. Read More >>

Meet the Man Keeping the Last Two Northern White Rhinos on Earth Alive

DERBY, ENGLAND—James Mwenda has a front row seat to the spectacle that is the human-driven extinction crisis. Day after day he checks on, feeds, cares for, and often just hangs out with, the last two remaining northern white rhinos on the planet. Read More >>

Exploding Whales, Poisoned Porpoises: The Gruesome World of Cetacean Autopsies

A dolphin post-mortem may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many people have a soft spot for the highly intelligent cetaceans, so watching a recently deceased one get comprehensively dissected by tools including a pair of rudimentary garden shears can be tough. Read More >>