‘One of the Toughest Jobs’ on Earth: Studying Melting Ice

Spring is looming in the northern hemisphere. It is habitually a key and busy time for environmental science fieldwork, no more so than for the select community that travel great lengths and endure perilous conditions to study some of the world’s highest glaciers in the mountains of Asia. Read More >>

Meet the Scientists Trying to Save Indonesia’s Critically Endangered Orangutans

If you were asked to list the skillset needed to work in orangutan conservation, you might not think to jot down accomplished marksman. But that’s high on the list of job requirements for a unique band of conservationists working in the forests of Borneo. Read More >>

Scientists Found a Secret Breeding Site of One of the World’s Most Endangered Reptiles

News on endangered species is often not good. It comes with the territory. But every now and then there are success stories of species starting to crawl back from the brink. New findings raise cautious hopes for one of the world’s rarest and most critically endangered reptiles. Read More >>

Scientists Gave One of the World’s Rarest Bats a Manicure to Help Save It

Conservation technology has come a long way in recent decades. Scientists can now track birds’ migratory patterns via satellite and try to bring species back from the brink of extinction through advanced fertility technology. Read More >>

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Radical Climate Change Experiment in the Amazon Hits Political Turbulence

When speaking to David Lapola it is hard not to feel both his excitement and frustration. On the one hand, the biologist from the University of Campinas in Brazil is about to oversee the launch of a pioneering trial deep in the Amazon to see how its trees could respond to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. On the other, what he refers to as the “chamber experiment” is a scaled back version of a truly ground-breaking Free Carbon Air Enrichment (FACE) project that, despite generating major buzz, has hit political headwinds and seen its funding dry up. Read More >>

Meet the Botanists Who Climb the World’s Tallest Trees

A decent level of physical fitness, a fondness for climbing, an intimate knowledge of giant old-growth tree species, and being handy with a crossbow: If you possess this most unusual of skill sets, then tree-climbing botanist may be the job you never realised you were born to do. Read More >>

Meet the Man Keeping the Last Two Northern White Rhinos on Earth Alive

DERBY, ENGLAND—James Mwenda has a front row seat to the spectacle that is the human-driven extinction crisis. Day after day he checks on, feeds, cares for, and often just hangs out with, the last two remaining northern white rhinos on the planet. Read More >>

Exploding Whales, Poisoned Porpoises: The Gruesome World of Cetacean Autopsies

A dolphin post-mortem may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Many people have a soft spot for the highly intelligent cetaceans, so watching a recently deceased one get comprehensively dissected by tools including a pair of rudimentary garden shears can be tough. Read More >>