UK Entrepreneur Crowdfunds Safety Handlebars After Almost Knocking Down Cyclist

Bike safety is something everyone gets pretty worked up about, from the cyclists risking their lives on terrifying London junctions to the drivers who have flashbacks of nearly hitting one. Read More >>

New LG X Power2 Claims To Go A Weekend Without Charging

In its ongoing quest to produce a phone people actually want to buy, LG has announced it'll be launching a new mass-appeal handset with an enormous 4,500 mAh battery. Read More >>

Google Says Allo To Your Desktop

Google is making a desktop client for its Allo messaging app, says Communications Products VP Nick Fox. Read More >>

Google Now Makes Jeans

Google has created a pair of fancypants designer jeans to match its 'Really Blue' Pixel handset. Read More >>

China Is The Worst For Stealing Photos, Study Finds

An analysis of image theft on the internet found that China is the worst for nicking other people's images and using them without permission. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Reportedly Leaked By Korean Network

As ever, there's been much speculation about Samsung's next Galaxy phone - presumably called the Galaxy S8 - and while we know it's not launching at MWC this time, a South Korean phone network insider has reportedly revealed the real date. Read More >>

The Natural History Museum Found A Load Of Ancient Newspapers Inside A Whale

An enormous blue whale skeleton that's been at the Natural History Museum since 1892 has been found to contain a cache of 80-year-old newspapers. Read More >>

O2 Just Paid A Hundred Million Quid To Keep The Millennium Dome’s Name

It seems like forever ago that the big white canopy in Greenwich was called the Millennium Dome, and in some senses 2001 was indeed another time. It was before the iPhone, before Facebook, and before anyone really believed a reality TV star had a shot at becoming president. Read More >>

Sodastream Bottles Have Started Sploding

Just when you thought you were safe from random home explosions, 80s favourite Sodastream has followed in the sooty footsteps of Samsung and recalled a load of product for being a bit 'splodey. Read More >>

‘ZiggyZag’ Campaign Seeks To Put Giant Bowie Memorial In Brixton

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched aiming to put a huge memorial sculpture to David Bowie in Brixton, where he was born. Read More >>

BBC Director General Announces New Channel for Scotland

BBC Director General Tony Hall has unveiled plans for a new TV channel, BBC Scotland, which will show "drama, factual, comedy and news programmes made in Scotland." Read More >>

This Smart Projector Teaches Rich Kids How To Draw

Since we definitely don't have enough app-connected over-engineered smart toys in the world, there's another one about to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter: Followgrams. Read More >>

New Official Videos Suggest Waterproof, Dustproof, Square-Based LG G6

LG's been busy on its YouTube channel, uploading three new videos that give us a clearer idea of what to expect from the new G6 smartphone. Read More >>

The President Of Iceland Wants To Ban Hawaiian Pizzas

We can add a new name to 2017's roll call of terrible world leaders - if we can spell it - Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, president of Iceland. Read More >>

UK Barrister Sues Uber For £20m+ In Unpaid VAT

A UK tax barrister is suing Uber for tens of millions he says it owes in backdated VAT. Read More >>