The OnePlus Nord Will Have a Good Camera, Honest, Says OnePlus

One of the big pain points of OnePlus devices has traditionally been the camera. While the phones usually offer impressive specs with early-adopter features that haven't gone mainstream yet, the camera modules often leave the phones short of the full package. Read More >>

Looks Like Huawei’s Planning a Foldable Phone Called the Mate V

We've already heard today that the upcoming successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold will likely be called the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (the Z part is load-bearing, clearly), and now we have another lead on a potential future foldy phone and its name. Read More >>

Reopened Pubs Close Again After Customers Get Covid

Several pubs that reopened on the government-sanctioned Super Saturday / Everything Is Fine Day (4th July) have already had to close again after customers tested positive for covid-19. Read More >>

Free Drinks for Everyone at Costa to Celebrate Reopening

Costa Coffee branches are reopening across the country, and to celebrate, they're giving out freebies. Read More >>

Leak Suggests Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Will Be Called Galaxy Z Fold 2

We're less than a month out from Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event, so the leaks have started coming thick and fast, including a few of our own. Read More >>

Nando’s is Reopening for Dine-In – But Only in Some Places

For many Brits, one of the most tragic (non-fatal) outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic is the end of the cheeky Nando's. No longer could we indulge a craving for chicken with a quick trip to the home of peri-peri, although delivery was still available in some places. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Leaks Again

This week, we exclusively revealed that Samsung will be unveiling two new tablets at Galaxy Unpacked on the 5th of August, per our very reliable source. Read More >>

Royal Mint Unveils £1,000 Gold Coin Featuring Elton John

Sir Elton John has been having a bit of a revival lately (not that he ever went away, to be fair) with the immense success of the Rocketman film based on his life, his 2019 autobiography, his successful lockdown benefit gig and now a set of tremendously fancy coins celebrating his contributions to music and culture. Read More >>

Krispy Kreme Now Makes Metre-Long Social Distancing Doughnut Boxes

There's been plenty of debate about what easily-recalled item to use as the example for how far to keep away from each other in coronavirus times: one sideways fridge-freezer, one kangaroo, one large-ish dude having a nap, and so on. Now that the distance has dropped to one metre as long as we're all wearing masks and taking precautions, Krispy Kreme has taken it upon itself to give us a measuring stick. Read More >>

Government Grants £1.57bn to Support the Arts

The government aren't slow to mention the many amazing performers, productions, playwrights and poets from our tiny island when they want to boost the UK's image abroad or increase tourism. So it's disappointing they took so long to do anything to help the many arts institutions facing severe problems thanks to covid-19. Read More >>

Boris Considers Branding Japanese and Korean Car Parts ‘Made in Britain’ After Brexit

The UK's proposals for a trade deal with the EU include stamping the words 'Made in Britain' on car parts from Japan or South Korea, a move about as honest as the rest of the Leave campaign. Read More >>

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is Half Price for a Really Limited Time

If you've had your eye on one of the little Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers with in-built clock, this is a good time to get one. Read More >>

Eric Idle Calls Out Monty Python Twitter Account for Terrible Coronavirus Advice

Bit of an embarrassment for whoever runs the Monty Python Twitter account: star Eric Idle has publicly bollocked them for sharing "shit advice" about the coronavirus pandemic. Read More >>

We Tried Heinz Ice Cream FOR SCIENCE

When we published the news that Heinz -- yes, the baked beans people -- had invented ice cream flavours based on their biggest sauces, we expected some "WTF" reactions, a few comments of "2020 has gone too far" and perhaps one joke about the online recipe making them "open sauce." Read More >>