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Christmas Gifts for Post-Brexit Brits

It looks like Brexit really is happening, regardless of how you voted or might feel about it (and judging by the comments we get on Twitter, some of you are pretty happy right now), and despite the epic circus it's taken getting from the referendum to here. Read More >>

Blissmas: One Word To Mute on Twitter Every Day Until Dec 25

Indecipherable chocolate blobs are great and all, but we've got a different kind of advent calendar for you this year – one that'll sort your mental health right out. Read More >>

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The Totally-Not-Sexist Yet Unnecessarily Gendered His ‘n’ Hers Christmas Gift Guide

It's nearly Christmas! At least according to our inboxes, which are bizarrely full of references to "last minute" gifts when we've barely got past the first minute ones. Read More >>

Virgin Media is Giving Away a Lot of Stuff this Christmas

Cheryl Hole, the fabulous Essex-based drag queen from RuPaul's Drag Race UK, takes on the role of a fairy 'Giftmother' in Virgin Media's new campaign to give away a fucktonne of stuff before Christmas. Read More >>

This Fancypants Sonic Toothbrush is 70% Off for Black Friday

You'll be eating a tonne of sugary, chocolatey, unhealthy crap this Christmas (don't kid yourself, you will) – so you'll be needing a really good toothbrush to make sure you've still got any chompers left in January. Read More >>

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Exploding Kittens’ Bonkers Card Games Are On Offer for Black Friday

As you might expect from a company called Exploding Kittens LLC, there are some quite unusual card game ideas in this particular Black Friday sale. Read More >>

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The Garmin Forerunner Running Smartwatch is 50% off for Black Friday

Lots of people wait to see the Black Friday deals before making a big purchase, especially for techy stuff like smartwatches. If you've been hankering after a GPS watch to go running with (or you want to buy one for someone for Christmas), Amazon's Black Friday deal on the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is exactly what you need. Read More >>

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The London Transport Museum’s Black Friday Deals Include Used Tube Buttons

Black Friday is pretty much the best time to buy Christmas presents (apart from January, if you can get away with not seeing the recipient 'til after the sales). If you've got a transport fan in your life, the London Transport Museum's deals today will be right up your bus lane. Read More >>

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Get 50% off a Christmas Tree Fir Black Friday

If you haven't bought your Christmas tree yet – and presumably you haven't because it's still November FFS – you can grab a bargain for Black Friday. Read More >>

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Grab 35% off a 50-inch Samsung TV for Black Friday

TVs are always a popular buy on Black Friday, partly because they seem painfully expensive the rest of the year, especially if you've got space for a big'un. Read More >>

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Vodafone’s Black Friday Deals Include Free Airpods & PAYG Phones for 1p

If you've had your eye on a new phone or a pair of Apple Airpods, you might want to check out Vodafone's deals for Black Friday. Read More >>

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The 10 Deals We Actually Wanted This Black Friday

We love a bargain as much as anyone else, as you might have noticed from our epic coverage of Black Friday. But we can't help noticing that all the offers are from retailers, when actually we'd quite like to see some killer deals on all the other things we spend our hard-earned money on. Read More >>

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Firebox’s Black Friday Deals Include a Big Black Box

Black Friday is in full swing and Firebox is offering a big black box of mysteries. Read More >>

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16 Purrfect Christmas Gifts for Pets and Their Pawrents

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a fluffy friend to share it with. Whether you're a cat mum, a dog dad or some combination thereof, we've got all the best pet gift ideas for Christmas 2020. Read More >>