M&S Launches Foot-Long Pigs In Blankets

The ridiculous festive foods continue with the news that Marks and Spencer have made pigs in blankets a foot long. Read More >>

Facebook And ZeniMax Media Finally Bury The Hatchet Over Oculus ‘Theft’

The epic battle between Facebook and ZeniMax Media is finally at an end, it looks like. Read More >>

Netflix Might Soon Let You Replay Cool Moments Instantly

We've all had that moment of "whoa, whaaaat" in a TV show or film, where you want to instantly rewind and watch it a couple more times. Read More >>

Deliveroo’s Invented A Doughnut-Bagel Hybrid, Will Be Giving Out Freebies

PR folks love inventing new national holidays (minus the time off work, obviously), and to add to the bobbins that is Blue Monday, we now have Bleak Friday. Read More >>

You Can Now Book A Christmas Cheerleader To Annoy Your Humbug Colleagues

Today in 'definitely not a publicity stunt rather than something anyone will actually use' is a pair of daft services from Christmas Tree World. Read More >>

Save The Children’s Made A Contactless Christmas Jumper

It's Save The Children's very worthwhile Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow (any excuse to wear one of these babies, right?), so they've teamed up with Visa to make a jumper that takes contactless payments. Read More >>

New BT Service Helps People With Hearing Difficulties Get Free Calls

BT is adding a confidential text relay service to its InLink touchscreen information points across the country. Read More >>

You Can Now Talk To Bixby In British English On The Galaxy Note 9

There's a Bixby update on its way to people with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and it adds new language options including UK English. Read More >>

Specific Cheltenham Street Singled Out As Worst Broadband In The UK

Greenmeadows Park in Bamfurlong, Gloucestershire is officially the slowest street for broadband in the whole country. Read More >>

Uber’s Been Pushing The Government For More Congestion Charging

A closed-doors meeting between transport secretary Chris Grayling and Uber saw the ride-hailing company push for regressive congestion charges that an official warned them would screw over poorer drivers. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Sliding Mi Mix 3 Is Coming To The UK

The whole notch debate has led to some very welcome innovation in smartphone design, including the emo notch, the hole-punch/doughnut phone, and the return of sliders. Read More >>

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10 Evil (ish) Christmas Presents For People You Hate

Got to buy a present for someone you can't stand because of office politics, family BS or just plain old obligation? We've got you. Here are 10 subtle and not-so-subtle ways to tell someone you think they're a weapons-grade turdburger. Read More >>

The 5G OnePlus Phone Arrives In May

The race to 5G is afoot, and as we've been hearing for a while, it looks like OnePlus will indeed be one of the very first to release a phone compatible with the vastly higher data speeds it offers. Read More >>

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Details Leak, Revealing Release Date, Sizes & UK Prices

Listen up, Samsung fans: we've got a bumper leak about the upcoming Galaxy S10 for you. Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Free To Wee At Three Major Train Stations

Network Rail has announced that the toilets at Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds train stations will be free to use from the 17th of December. Read More >>