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10 Two or More Player Board Games to Help Stave off Cabin Fever Together

You're bored. We're bored. So we've compiled a list of the best board games you can play with two people (or more, if you're lucky/unlucky enough to have been quarantined with multiples). Read More >>

A List of British and Irish Institutions That Might Not Survive Coronavirus

It's not just human beings that might not see the other side of the covid-19 crisis. Sadly some British businesses, brands and institutions may not survive either. Here's a list of the ones we think are potentially on thin ice. Read More >>

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Don’t/Can’t Do Mother’s Day? Here are 12 Things to Treat Yo’Self

Mothers' Day is a lovely thing for some people, an obligation for some, and a total kick in the teeth for others. Read More >>

Review: Opal Fruits, Temporarily Back on British Shelves in Their Original Flavours

Lately, a lot of us have been feeling that we'd quite like to turn the clock back to simpler times – times when the worst of our problems was a scraped knee, being called on to read aloud in an English lesson, or having to sing our least-favourite hymn in assembly. Read More >>

Coronavirus Lockdown: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Media to Keep Yourself Occupied

Welp, looks like we're all going to be spending a lot of time indoors over the next few months. Coronavirus has well and truly set in, but luckily we have more media at our disposal than during any previous plague. Which means there'll be plenty to keep us occupied, and we won't even have to go out to the library or Blockbuster to get it. Read More >>

Now TV is Doing a Sky Sports F1 Season Ticket

Excited for the 2020 season of Formula 1? Well, Now TV have just made it extra-easy to make sure you have access to all the big races. Read More >>

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British Airways is Rolling Out Self-Driving Wheelchairs at Heathrow

FlyBe might have driven itself off a cliff, but good ol' British Airways is doing well enough to be trialling self-driving wheelchairs at London Heathrow airport. Read More >>

Lego’s Running a Free Mindfulness Event

We don't necessarily associate paying eye-watering sums for beautiful plastic brick sets with relaxation, but apparently Lego does, because it's offering a free mindfulness session at its Discovery Centre in Birmingham. Read More >>

Aldi to Suppliers: Go Green or Go Home

Aldi is telling its suppliers to get on board with its drive to make everything more sustainable, or face being cut off by the retailer. Read More >>

Tinder’s Swipe Night Live Event is Coming to the UK

Apparently, live events on apps didn't die with HQ Trivia. Read More >>

There’s Now a Website to Tell You if Stuff’s Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

We love single-serving web stuff like 'Is Today Ted Danson's Birthday?' and now we have a new favourite: Is It Cancelled Yet, an amalgamation of all the stuff that's getting cancelled because of the new coronavirus. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Releasing 1000 VIP Gold Cards with a Free Meal Every Week

Sit up and listen, McDonald's fans: there's a new status symbol on the scene and you're going to want it. Read More >>

O2 Plans to be the UK’s First Net Zero Mobile Network

Mobile network O2 has said it wants to be the first of the Big Four to go Net Zero. Read More >>

Comedian Changes His Name to Hugo Boss to Troll Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has been throwing its weight around, issuing Cease & Desist orders to small companies and charities who dare to use the completely cromulent word 'boss,' and comedian Joe Lycett is not having it. Read More >>