Harvester’s Made a Range of Wipe-Clean Clothes For London Fashion Week

Restaurant chain Harvester is an unlikely exhibitor at this year's London Fashion Week, but after the popularity of the DHL phone cases, we're taking nothing for granted. Read More >>

Don’t Worry So Much About Huawei, Says NCSC

The UK's National Cyber Security Centre has decided that if there is a risk in using Huawei equipment in our 5G networks, it can be managed. Read More >>

TCL’s Five New Folding Gadgets Leak

It seems like everyone and their cousin is releasing a foldable phone this year, despite us not really having a clue yet whether anyone's interested in the category and whether bendy devices will sell. Read More >>

Train Companies Propose Major, Surprisingly Sensible Changes

A huge list of frankly amazing-sounding changes to the UK's train system has given us hope that things might not always be this rubbish, at least in terms of getting anywhere on our tiny island. Read More >>

air pollution
Ingenious Student Project Uses Bacteria to Clean Filthy Underground Air

Remember when we found out just how disgusting the air on the London Underground is? Surprisingly, it seems the solution is bacteria. Read More >>

Exclusive: The Thing That Exploded at St Pancras Wasn’t a Smartphone

A bang and a cloud of smoke cleared out the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras this week, when a lot of people understandably panicked that some kind of terrorist incident was afoot. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy a SIM-Free OnePlus 6T in Instalments

As smartphones get ever more amazing, they also get more expensive. While you can of course carve up the cost into monthly instalments with a contract to a phone network, not everyone wants to do that -- the best deals often tie you in for two years, and many of them involve overpaying for the phone over the lifetime of the contract. Read More >>

The AccessAble App Finds Places Near You With Great Accessibility

One of the ways tech has historically fallen short is including people who aren't able-bodied, have physical difficulties or chronic illnesses. A new app from a national disability organisation is a shining example of how it can be done. Read More >>

harry potter
Inmates at Nottingham Prison Smoked a Harry Potter Book to Get High

Those of you not from my historic East Midlands hometown of Nottingham might not know that HMP Nottingham is considered one of the worst prisons in the country. Unfortunately, the days of the Sheriff of Nottingham riding in to put ne'er-do-wells in their place with a well-aimed arrow or a well-crafted put-down are long gone. Read More >>

Nubia’s Bracelet-Phone Will Be at Mobile World Congress

We are SO ready for Mobile World Congress 2019. The yearly convention of everyone who's anyone in smartphones (apart from Apple, who are too cool apparently) always sees a smattering of exciting new flagships, and just as many bonkers products. Read More >>

Looks Like There’ll be a Foldable Phone From Vivo, Too

Chinese smartphone brand Vivo is joining the legions of manufacturers with a foldable phone on the way, according to some leaked renders found on Weibo. Read More >>

Amazon’s Found a Space For Its First Amazon Go Shop in the UK

It's always nice to hear that some new shops are still opening in the middle of this quagmire of high street doom. Shopping behemoth Amazon, which has been accused of ruining the high street many times, has apparently acquired a space in London for its first UK branch of Amazon Go. Read More >>

Binge-Watch Netflix Shows if You Don’t Want Them Cancelled, Says Showrunner

We've all been sucked into the time vortex of an amazing Netflix series, where you just watch episode after episode and entire days go by without you noticing. But that doesn't mean we want to watch every series that way, or feel pressured to. Read More >>

We’re Getting a Virtual Reality Episode of Doctor Who

Despite not doing a new series this year, the BBC is treating Doctor Who fans to a special VR-only episode. OK, it's only 12 minutes long and animated, but we'll take what we can get. Read More >>

autonomous vehicles
Turns Out Driverless Cars Can’t Coexist With Cyclists

The Dutch government has run into a major problem with its plans for driverless cars: they can't seem to get along with bikes. And there are quite a few bikes in the Netherlands. Read More >>