Warner Bros Says HTC Vive Is Best VR System, Chooses It For ‘Ready Player One’

HTC Vive got a big endorsement today as Warner Bros Pictures announced that it'll be the official partner for all VR content for Ready Player One – calling it the "best system to represent the future of VR" in the process. Read More >>

“Rise Up Against Apple,” MP Tweets From Her iPhone

MP Nadine Dorries is the latest butt of Twitter's jokes after tweeting that "we need to rise up against companies like Apple and Whattsapp [sic]" from her iPhone. Read More >>

Ofcom’s Biggest Ever Fine Goes To BT

Ofcom's fining BT a record £42,000,000 for abusing its market power to reduce the amount of compensation it paid other companies. Read More >>

No More Needles? Fake Blood Takes A Step Forward

Giving blood is an immensely noble and selfless thing to do, but it's no picnic. Needle-phobes will be happy to know that science has a solution on the way: mass-produced artificial blood, which is now more likely than ever before. Read More >>

10 Of The Best Red Nose Day Sketches Ever

It's Red Nose Day once again, so we've delved into the archives to find ten of our favourite moments from the star-studded sketches over the years, from Kylie on Men Behaving Badly to Robert Webb doing Flashdance. Read More >>

You Can Donate To Comic Relief Through Siri And Apple Pay

Every year, it gets a little bit easier to contribute to the very worthwhile Comic Relief cause – and this year, iOS users can do it via Siri and Apple Pay. Read More >>

Reddit Proves Baby Pigeons Do Exist In London After All

It's a question that's been doing the rounds since the email forwards of the nineties, alongside "why don't sheep shrink in the rain?" – why don't you ever see baby pigeons? Read More >>

We’re Basically Going To Have To Work ‘Til We Fall Down Dead

The state pension age is rising faster than planned, with the latest round of changes strongly suggesting that people currently young and sprightly won't start receiving theirs til they're into their seventies. Read More >>

There Are Now Twelve New Types Of Cloud

The World Meteorological Organisation's International Cloud Atlas has added twelve new types to its list of recognised clouds, including one lobbied for by cloud appreciators (yes, really). Read More >>

Virgin Media’s Standard Broadband Speed Is Now 100Meg

Virgin Media has just embarrassed all the other broadband providers by making ultrafast 100Mbps fibre its standard package, and increasing available speeds to 300Mbps. Read More >>

pokemon go
New In Pokémon Go: Water Festival, Shinies, And A Kickass Magikarp Hat

It's all happening in Pokémon Go. Developer Niantic announced yesterday that an unexpected Water Festival would be kicking off at 8pm UK time, and it lasts until 8pm on the 29th. During the festival, you've got more chance of running into water 'mon like Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile and so on – and you've got a better chance of finding Gen 2 water species in watery areas too. Read More >>

Upcoming PC Game Megaquarium Is “Roller Coaster Tycoon But With Fish”

Twice Circled, the Bristol game studio behind Theme Hospital-esque Big Pharma, has announced its next title: and it's Roller Coaster Tycoon with fish. That's a great sell. Read More >>

PSA: Stop Paying Twice For Your Phone

Almost a quarter of us are still paying our phone contracts more than two years after signing up, meaning we've already more than paid for our phones and are now just chucking money away. Read More >>

weird shit
Britain’s Top 10 Weirdo Hotspots Announced

Kingston Upon Hull (aka 'ull) might be the UK's current City of Culture, but it's also one of the top 10 Cities of Creeps, new data shows. Read More >>