Apple is Indeed the Best Private Employer in the UK

A new survey from recruitment website Indeed has revealed that the best private sector company to work for in the UK in terms of work-life balance, benefits and general happiness is none other than Apple. Read More >>

We Might Be Getting a Welsh Alexa

In the ongoing effort to keep the amazing language that is Welsh active and thriving, the Welsh government is launching a 'technology action plan' that includes recommendations for smart speakers that speak the language. Read More >>

Uber Pledges £200m of Your Money to Clean Up London’s Air

Uber has unveiled plans to charge customers a new 'clean air fee' for every mile they travel, which will be used to fund cleaner cars for drivers. Read More >>

Subtle Tweet May Give Date of the Samsung Folding Phone Reveal

Tech media is all a-flap today because a low-key tweet is being taken as proof of the date we'll finally see the long-awaited Samsung folding phone. Read More >>

The First 5G Phone Might Be a OnePlus

The race to 5G is speeding up, and OnePlus want to cross the finish line first. Read More >>

You Might Soon Have to Get Straws from a Pharmacy

Britain's Gurner-In-Chief Michael Gove has announced that plastic items including cotton buds, straws and stirrers may be banned in England (only) within a year. Read More >>

autonomous vehicles
Addison Lee Cars Will Drive Themselves by 2021

Taxi firm Addison Lee has announced that it'll have autonomous cars ferrying people around London by 2021. Read More >>

The Pixel 3XL Can Do 1440p60 HDR Video Playback

Exciting news for video fans: the Google Pixel 3XL can play HDR videos at 1440p60 – QHD at 60 frames per second, in other words. Read More >>

“We Are Working on Foldable 5G Phones,” Says Huawei CEO

It's been reported that just about everyone is working on a foldable phone at the moment, from Samsung to an LG-Lenovo partnership. Now, Huawei has confirmed rumours that it also intends to release a fold-up phone – and it'll be 5G-capable. Read More >>

Thousands of Fake Amazon UK Reviews Uncovered

An investigation by Which? has uncovered 'fake review factories' with tens of thousands of members paid to post 5-star reviews on Amazon. Read More >>

top gear
Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness to Replace Matt LeBlanc on Top Gear

Joey Tribbiani leaves Top Gear after the next series, and the BBC has confirmed rumours that he'll be replaced by none other than 'Take Me Out' host Paddy McGuinness and cricket legend Freddie Flintoff. Read More >>

Sainsbury’s is Introducing Tables for Talking to Strangers

Loneliness is becoming a serious problem in our society, and Sainsbury's has decided the solution is talking to randoms at the supermarket. Read More >>

‘My Harp Will Go On’ – Plucky Busker Refuses to Stop Playing Titanic

A busker at South Kensington tube station is refusing to cave to pressure after a public consultation criticised him for playing the theme from 'Titanic' over and over again. Read More >>

irn bru
Genius Scotsman Reverse-Engineers His Own Full-Sugar Irn Bru

News that the sugar in Irn Bru was being cut in half did not go down well in Scotland, where it's the best-selling drink – above even Coca-Cola products, which win in most territories. But an enterprising Scotsman reckons he's come up with a homebrew recipe that tastes the same as the old version. Read More >>

Looks Like Networks Will Have to Subsidise Our Pricey 5G Phones

There hasn't been a lot of excitement for 5G on the consumer side in the UK yet, but analysts are already predicting that we won't want to pay as much as 5G-enabled phones will cost, and the networks will have to subsidise if they want the handsets to sell. Read More >>