A Concert For Plants? It’s Less Strange Than You Think

Let’s be honest: While humanity has done a lot to support the arts, humans themselves make for a terrible live audience. If they’re not coughing or talking or picking their noses, they’re probably tapping at their phones. On Monday, Barcelona’s Liceu opera house offered an intriguing solution to this problem, hosting a performance of Puccini’s “Crisantemi” for hundreds of beautiful, silent plants. Read More >>

Van Gogh Painting Stolen Amid Coronavirus Shutdown, Museum Director ‘Incredibly Pissed’

On Monday, a Dutch museum announced that a painting by Vincent Van Gogh was missing after thieves broke into the building in an early-morning raid. Lentetuin, painted by Van Gogh in the spring of 1884, was on loan to the Singer Laren museum, which closed its doors earlier this month due to the risks of covid-19. Read More >>

Microsoft Seizes ‘’ and Other Copycat Domains From North Korea-Linked Hackers

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it had taken control of 50 domains associated with hackers believed to be operating out of North Korea. Unsealed court documents show that the domains include “,” “,” and “,” among other copycat URLs. Read More >>

Guy Gets Severed Arm Preserved by Taxidermist: ‘I Wanted to Do Something Cool’

Lots of people have two arms. Far fewer can say they have one on a shelf by their sink. A 37-year-old Canadian man recently joined this exclusive club, turning his amputated limb into a unique conversation piece thanks to a helpful taxidermist – and a hungry colony of beetles. Read More >>

Help! I’m Obsessed With Disgusting Parasites

By the time I knew I was sick, it was already too late. I had already binged on Diagnosis and burned through The Medical Detectives. It was only after I turned to the truly hardcore shit, a show about parasites called Monsters Inside Me, that I realised I had a problem. Read More >>

How to Write an Open Letter to Your Dipshit Boss

Letters to fuckwits: They’re all the rage! Just this week, we saw hundreds of Facebook employees co-sign a letter to Mark Zuckerberg condemning the site’s ad policies. But why should they have all the fun? With an open letter, you, too, can tell your company’s chief dipshit officer exactly how you feel. Read More >>

What’s a Fair Price for a Shrek Baby?

On an otherwise mild June morning, a woman was jogging by the ballfields and elm trees of Crocheron Park in Queens when she spotted something horrific: a tiny body lying lifeless in the grass. Read More >>

What We ‘Know’ About Facebook

On Friday, Gizmodo uncovered shocking new evidence that Facebook is using its platform to suppress stories about CEO Mark Zuckerberg... or maybe his janky, busted website is just bugging out again for no reason. It’s hard to say, really. That’s sort of the problem. Read More >>

The Coolest Futuristic Deaths

The far future is notoriously unknowable, but one thing we can be reasonably certain of is that we will die. Some very rich and imaginative people like to think that this is not the case—which will honestly make it pretty funny when they eat it like the rest of us proles. Read More >>

I Liked Something Online Today

It’s hard to shock the staff of Gizmodo dot com. Collectively, we’ve spent millions of hours online, covering everything from fishman dildos to catfish fetishists. Today, however, we discovered something truly surprising: Reddit Public Access Network, the platform’s new experiment with livestreaming, is honestly pretty good. Read More >>

Toilet Explosions: More Common Than You Might Think

During a recent thunderstorm, a woman in the US state of Florida was relaxing at home when a deafening boom roared through her house. Few could have guessed the source of the noise. According to WBBH, lightning struck near her septic tank, igniting methane gas and blowing her toilet to pieces. Read More >>

If You Take Out Your Phone in the Cinema, I’m Going to Ask to Use It

Almost every weekend this year, I’ve ended up at the movies. In a relentless news environment, it’s nice to head over to the local multiplex, plop down, and turn off the rest of the world for a couple of hours. Sadly, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: Even there, before the greatest spectacle that Hollywood can provide, people can’t stay off their fucking phones. Read More >>

FBI Finds Bucket of Heads, Cooler of Penises, Sewn ‘Frankenstein’ Corpse at Body Donation Centre

In 2013, US federal authorities began investigating shady “body brokers,” businesses that sell donated bodies for research purposes, such as the for-profit Biological Resource Center in the state of Arizona. That company was shuttered following an FBI raid in 2014, but eyewitness details are being made public for the first time—and they’re almost too grisly to believe. Read More >>

Which Cyberpunk Keanu Reeves Protagonist Will You Be in the Future?

If there’s anything I’ve learned from futuristic movies, it’s that, at some point, each and every one of us will become Keanu Reeves. Read More >>

Catfish Fetishists: The Men Who Get Off on Getting Scammed Online (NSFW)

It’s Thursday night and Eddie is looking for action. He scrolls through Twitter hoping to find the woman of his dreams. Finally, he finds her, or someone who looks a lot like her: A woman going by the name “Katfish Princess” who describes herself as “hot, greedy and completely fake.” Read More >>