American Christians’ Vision of God Looks Suspiciously Like Elon Musk

If you asked 100 random strangers what God looks like, you’d probably get around 100 different responses. But if you specifically asked American Christians, and then aggregated their answers, you’d apparently end up with a face that’s so close to Tesla founder and aspiring mole man Elon Musk it’s frankly bizarre. Read More >>

What’s Proper Smartphone Etiquette When Watching a Movie at Home?

A little over a decade after the release of the original iPhone, it seems we have arrived at some basic grounds rules for phone use in cinemas: calls are verboten, texting is a major offence, and checking your screen in anything but the most surreptitious manner is frowned upon. But what about when watching a movie at home with others? I’ve found that the proper protocol here has remained largely unspoken—a mistake if we, as a society, want to remain on the same page. Read More >>

Infinity War Puts Adam West’s Batman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Just Hear Me Out

With the recent worldwide release of Avengers: Infinity War, many comic book fans spent the weekend processing the movie’s grand implications on the larger Marvel universe. Perhaps the most surprising revelation of all, however, isn’t being discussed in forum posts or on social media. Hidden among the movie’s numerous crossover characters is one passing cameo that connects to Adam West’s Batman, suggesting he’s the canonical Dark Knight of the Marvel movies. I know it sounds nuts, but just hear me out. Some Infinity War and St. Elsewhere spoilers follow. Read More >>

Please Help Facebook Solve the Mystery of What Made Facebook Shit

In its latest display of public penitence in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook released a new ad today acknowledging past fuckups while promising to do better. Titled “Facebook Here Together”—an apparent reference to our everlasting blood pact with the social media giant—the video serves as the company’s most explicit admission yet that, yes, the website kind of turned to shit. Read More >>

Let’s All Take a Long, Deep Breath

Humanity, man. We’ve had a good run, and have come up with some really neat stuff, but I think we could all use a bit of a breather. Nothing permanent, just a short break where we stop for a moment and maybe reconsider our priorities. Read More >>

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A Tiny Singing Dog Might Be the Solution to Your Lousy Commute

As commute times continue to rise, more and more people are working from home. But if you still have to physically drag yourself to the office, there are concrete actions you can take to improve your daily grind. Namely, the addition of a little dog that sings along to your favourite string quartet. Read More >>

iOS 11.3 Will Finally Let iPhone X Users Cosplay as Dead

Since Apple announced Animoji in September, the digital animated masks seem to have chiefly served as a way for iPhone X users to make silly karaoke videos. But with the upcoming release of iOS 11.3, Animoji might finally have its killer app: a cartoon skull that lets you pretend you’re a chattering pile of bones as might be found in a haunted house, or on a pirate ship. Read More >>

You, Too, Can Live Like Royalty and Delete All Your Social Media Accounts

As first reported by People, actress Meghan Markle has axed her personal Instagram and Twitter accounts ahead of her planned wedding to Prince Harry later this year. The move puts her in line with the rest of Britain’s royal family, whose social media presence is limited to tidy official group accounts. But here’s a lifehack Big Like doesn’t want you to know: Even filthy commoners like us can quit this shit for good. Read More >>

Let’s Make Tech CEOs Moderate Their Own Hellish Websites

In what’s becoming a depressing genre, The Wall Street Journal published a story today profiling the very human moderators who prevent the internet from becoming a completely murder-filled terror and abuse machine. Usually hired as contractors, these workers do the dirty work of reviewing flagged posts for internet giants, spending their days plugged into a non-stop feed of graphic violence, child pornography, animal abuse, and terrorism. In return, they say they’re often left with lasting psychological damage, including PTSD, for low wages and limited counseling—if they’re given any healthcare resources at all. Read More >>

We Regret to Inform You That Fidget Spinners Are Now Exploding

After transitioning from an obscure curiosity to a ubiquitous annoyance in record time, fidget spinners finally completed the 21st century novelty toy cycle this month, becoming something that could potentially burn down your house. According to local news reports, at least two Bluetooth-enabled spinners have now burst into flames while charging, may god have mercy on us all. Read More >>

Without Chrono Trigger, the SNES Classic Is Just a Fancy Brick

Yesterday, Nintendo formally announced the feverishly-anticipated Super Nintendo Classic Edition, a miniature version of the beloved 16-bit console coming to stores this September. 21 well-chosen titles will be cooked into the device—with one critical omission. Read More >>

FBI Director James Comey: ‘I Am Not a Tweeter’

James Comey may have an account on Twitter, but, as the FBI director made perfectly clear on Monday, he is certainly not a filthy “tweeter.” Read More >>

What Kind of Dog Is This?

Have you seen this dog? If you’ve been on Reddit lately, where this video by Japanese good boy enthusiast Hirofumi Kawano has been making the rounds, there’s a good chance you have. Read More >>

Report: US to Seek Arrest of WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Citing unnamed American officials, CNN reports that the United States is preparing charges to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has spent the last five years alive but clearly bored in Ecuador’s London embassy. Read More >>