What We ‘Know’ About Facebook

On Friday, Gizmodo uncovered shocking new evidence that Facebook is using its platform to suppress stories about CEO Mark Zuckerberg... or maybe his janky, busted website is just bugging out again for no reason. It’s hard to say, really. That’s sort of the problem. Read More >>

The Coolest Futuristic Deaths

The far future is notoriously unknowable, but one thing we can be reasonably certain of is that we will die. Some very rich and imaginative people like to think that this is not the case—which will honestly make it pretty funny when they eat it like the rest of us proles. Read More >>

I Liked Something Online Today

It’s hard to shock the staff of Gizmodo dot com. Collectively, we’ve spent millions of hours online, covering everything from fishman dildos to catfish fetishists. Today, however, we discovered something truly surprising: Reddit Public Access Network, the platform’s new experiment with livestreaming, is honestly pretty good. Read More >>

Toilet Explosions: More Common Than You Might Think

During a recent thunderstorm, a woman in the US state of Florida was relaxing at home when a deafening boom roared through her house. Few could have guessed the source of the noise. According to WBBH, lightning struck near her septic tank, igniting methane gas and blowing her toilet to pieces. Read More >>

If You Take Out Your Phone in the Cinema, I’m Going to Ask to Use It

Almost every weekend this year, I’ve ended up at the movies. In a relentless news environment, it’s nice to head over to the local multiplex, plop down, and turn off the rest of the world for a couple of hours. Sadly, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: Even there, before the greatest spectacle that Hollywood can provide, people can’t stay off their fucking phones. Read More >>

FBI Finds Bucket of Heads, Cooler of Penises, Sewn ‘Frankenstein’ Corpse at Body Donation Centre

In 2013, US federal authorities began investigating shady “body brokers,” businesses that sell donated bodies for research purposes, such as the for-profit Biological Resource Center in the state of Arizona. That company was shuttered following an FBI raid in 2014, but eyewitness details are being made public for the first time—and they’re almost too grisly to believe. Read More >>

Which Cyberpunk Keanu Reeves Protagonist Will You Be in the Future?

If there’s anything I’ve learned from futuristic movies, it’s that, at some point, each and every one of us will become Keanu Reeves. Read More >>

Catfish Fetishists: The Men Who Get Off on Getting Scammed Online (NSFW)

It’s Thursday night and Eddie is looking for action. He scrolls through Twitter hoping to find the woman of his dreams. Finally, he finds her, or someone who looks a lot like her: A woman going by the name “Katfish Princess” who describes herself as “hot, greedy and completely fake.” Read More >>

Reddit Magicians Are Fiercely Debating How to Summon a ‘Big Tittie’ Demon

Some are drawn to the dark mystic arts in a search for ultimate knowledge. Others, out of desire to impose their will on the world. Some folks, however, are just trying to get laid. Read More >>

A Coconut Water Brand Is Offering Free Piss on Twitter Because This Is the Future

When they looked to the future, some in the 20th century imagined wondrous technological advancements. Others foresaw a world of global totalitarian control. The future we ended up with, however, has had a little bit of both—plus a beverage company offering to send a hater some human urine on social media. Read More >>

Look at All These Messed Up Galaxy Folds

Just days after Samsung gave its £1,800 foldable smartphone to reviewers, a troubling number of journalists say their Galaxy Fold units are all jacked up. Read More >>

The Latest Facebook News Feed Rumour Is So Dumb I Pray It’s True

Compared to other apps, Facebook can seem downright antiquated. One writer described it recently as “a dopey website that sucks to use and look at.” Facebook seems to be aware of this problem, and is now reportedly testing an interface tweak that’s so aggressively dumb I sincerely hope they go for it. Read More >>

5 Times Jeff Bezos Tried to Warn Us Amazon Is Listening

Last week, Bloomberg published an alarming report about the “thousands” of Amazon workers paid to listen to Alexa recordings captured in customers’ homes and offices. But users of the company’s digital assistant shouldn’t be too shocked. After all, CEO Jeff Bezos has been trying to tell us for years. Read More >>

I Can’t Believe This Dopey, Busted Website Is What Messed Up Our Lives

Like many people, I don’t use Facebook a lot these days, but when I idly visited the world’s largest digital nation-state this afternoon, I had an odd realisation: Wow, it looks like ass. Read More >>

Russian Military Journal Claims Psychic Soldiers Can Crash Computers and Control Dolphins

A journal published by Russia’s Ministry of Defence became the subject of mockery this week after publishing claims that “Russian specialists” have communicated with dolphins, crashed computer programs, and even looked into safes using the power of telepathy. Read More >>