Watch As People Steal Game Of Thrones Online

We've previously discussed how Game of Thrones is the world's most popular show for illegal downloaders, but now you can actually see the scale of the piracy first hand, in this superb visualisation. The creation comes from Abigail De Kosnik at the University of California and artist Benjamin De Kosnik who together run alpha60, a research project. Read More >>

For Some Reason Mobike is Bringing Yet Another Bike Rental Scheme Coming To London

One might argue that London has enough bikes already, especially those of a rental variety. But Mobike has nonetheless decided to join the fray and will offer hyper-localised bike rentals in Ealing, focusing on Acton. It may, of course, expand to the rest of the capital if demand is significant. The company has already launched in Manchester. Read More >>

BBC Micro Bit Can Be Used To Hijack A Drone, If You’re A World-Class Hacker

In a talked entitled "Weaponizing the BBC Micro Bit", senior security researcher a Econocom Digital Security, Damien Cauquil, demonstrated how attaching the Micro Bit to a drone controller handset could be used to take control of someone else's quadcopter. Read More >>

Another Kodi Plugin Domain Is Now In The Hands Of A Law Firm

We've seen this happen to the TVAddons domains, and now another third-party Kodi plugin provider has been taken down, with its domains handed over to lawyers. Navi-X is one of the oldest plugins for Kodi, having started out in 2007 on XBMC, which is the name Kodi used to go by. Navi-X shut in May, but now TorrentFreak has discovered that the domain is now in the same hands that posses the TVAddons domains. Read More >>

Landord Caught on Nest Camera Having Sex In Tenant’s Bed

Anyone who has rented a house or flat will likely have some complaints about their landlord. Perhaps they didn't fix the fridge quickly enough, left a leak a little too long or had sex in your bed. We're sure the last one isn't common, but thanks to a Nest camera a married couple from Colorado Springs spotted their landlord doing exactly that. Read More >>

Your Chance To Ride The Secret Undergound Mail Rail Has Just Arrived

An underground railway used from transporting mail from Paddington to Whitechapel for 75 years is to become a tourist attraction that people can ride from September. Part of the larger Postal Museum, Mail Rail will allow people to have a ride on a portion of the 6.5 mile track which operated until 2003. Read More >>

How Good Is Your Mobile Network? Official Results Give Thumbs Up To EE

EE, it seems, is the best all-around mobile network in the UK, winning in most of RootMetric's performance tests. It was only in call handling that it was beaten by both Vodafone and Three. EE was the overall winner, Three came second, Vodafone third and O2 last. Although O2 is likely to be disappointed, the BBC also points out that it has the smallest portion of the UK radio spectrum to work with, and a large customer base. Read More >>

The UK is Much Worse Than Almost Every Other Country at Dealing With Ransomware

Malwarebytes says a staggering 33% of businesses have suffered a ransomware attack in the last 12 months. The good news, The Register tells us, is that most ransoms were £800 or less. A bargain to get access to your own files on your own computer. Read More >>

Sky Getting Into The Speaker Business With Its New Soundbox

Sky has done a deal with high-end speaker company Devialet to produce a soundbar co-branded by the two firms. The speaker will retail for a fairly staggering £799, but there's good news. Current Sky customers will get the speaker for £299 and Sky Q Multiscreen punters will pay just £249. Read More >>

Premier League Will Shut Down Kodi Plugins And Other IPTV Much Quicker This Year

The English Premier League is worried about streams that broadcast football games for free, so it will apply in advance for an injunction to stop illegal streamers. Read More >>

When It Comes To Electric Cars People Are Ignoring Science And Listening To Idiots

Apparently some 23% of people think that electric cars are no better at reducing carbon emissions than diesel or petrol-engined vehicles. And 22% don't believe they are better at improving air quality. Read More >>

Your Google Search May Have Autoplaying Video Soon

Google is trialling video with autoplay on its search results. These videos will not only appear automatically, but will also play their audio automatically. It's this that generally causes the greatest consternation among users who don't want to jump out of their skin because some video starts chatting away. Read More >>

Exclusive: Comic-Con And Porn Go Together Like Lois and Clark, According To PornHub

We've all seen the photos, young people enjoying themselves at the comic convention in San Diego. And there's only so many superhero outfits we can look at before thinking "I wonder if there's any porn of this". And it seems that this is a trend that PornHub has noticed too, as it has told us that searches for Comic-Con were up a staggering 2767% over the four days of the convention. Read More >>

Amazon Echo Now Lets You Automate The Ordering Part Of Gorging Yourself On Pizza

There isn't a machine to stuff the tasty circular food into your mouth yet, but thanks to Domino's, you can now order a pizza just by yelling at an inanimate object. The object in question is Amazon's Echo and the pizza will be whatever you want it to be. It does need to be set up first though, as it uses Domino's existing "favourite basket" to make the process quick. Read More >>

Your Illegal Kodi Plugins May Be Used Against You By Lawyers, Or Anyone Else

We all know by now that some people are using the Kodi Media Centre as a way to access illegal content. Some of these people use plugins that they download in repositories, collections of mini-apps, which can stream video from services online. There are IPTV plugins that stream Sky Sports, and others which can access on-demand TV stored in online "lockers". Read More >>