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This Spectacular Sea Tornado Will Shrink Your Gonads

Sea tornados off the coast of Australia are not new. But this one is particularly striking and huge. It was filmed this Sunday at Batemans Bay, in New South Wales. Read More >>

Something Has Exploded In a Spectacular Fashion On Uranus

Quit snickering! Something on Uranus has erupted and now scientists are all in a tizzy about what and why it might be. Read More >>

For Amazing Replica Halloween Costumes, Just Be Shawn Thorsson

Also, own a CNC machine and some 3D digital modeling software and have some sick design skills. Besides that, not a very difficult costume to pull off. Read More >>

Jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Run Limited Siri

A hacker group has successfully ported Siri over to jailbroken iPhone 4s and 4th-gen iPod touches, marking the beginning of what could be a "whack a mole" response from Apple as it attempts to block the 4S's "killer feature." Read More >>

Venus flytrap robot
Robo-Flytrap Turns Insect Lifeblood Into Power

This is it. Batteries were the last shackle. Now that the robots can potentially produce their own power by devouring insects, all those cliches and overused Internet memes about robot overlords are finally going to come true. Read More >>

Fertility Chip Could Herald New Era of Hands-On Home Testing for Sperm Effectiveness

Gentlemen, are you shooting blanks or are you ready to continue your family line another generation? Before, answering that question required a trip to the doctors. Today, a Dutch researcher says the test could eventually be, ahem, in your hands. Read More >>

Images from the Catastrophic Fall of Imperial Japan, 1945

With the war for Europe over and the US's Pacific "island hopping" strategy seeing long-range bombers within striking distance of Japan, all that stood between the Allies and an end to World War II was the taking of that tenacious island nation. Read More >>

The Rotundus GroundBot Wheels Out 3D Video Surveillance on the Go

The Rotundus GroundBot is a dual-camera security bot that returns 3D video feeds to a security team located nearby. I think I'll call him Wheelie from now on. Oh alright, Wheels it is. Read More >>

star wars
4WD Imperial Crawler Hack Makes the AT-AT Even More "Off-Roadier"

Called the Imperial Crawler by designer Christopher Aleria, this interesting take on the AT-AT would have surely been immune to Luke's harpoon technique. Read More >>

Web Porn Is Killing My Libido

Zounds! So this is what my ex-girlfriend meant when she said sex with me was akin to "carnal relations with an empty husk." Too much web porn! It's killing our libidos, lads, one frantically one-handed mouse click at a time. Read More >>

Sound the All Clear: ROSAT Does Not Go Splat

ROSAT, the latest man-made object to fall from the heavens and threaten humanity's safety, has apparently burned up in Earth's atmosphere. The 1 in 2,000 chance of death from above we had all feared never materialised. Read More >>

Scenes from World War II: Victory In Europe

In 1945, one of the greatest modern wars the world had ever seen was in its final stages. Read More >>

Experience Eric Curry’s Completely Surreal "Light Painting" Exhibit

Welcome to the world of "light painting." It begins in darkness, and then over the course of an hour or hours, a photographer illuminates small portions of his or her subject, and combines the images in post to create this. Read More >>


Simple, healthy, delicious tea steeped with the help of a robot hanging onto the edge of your cup like a little artificial companion? No wonder it's sold out. [Uncrate via Uber Rreview] Read More >>

Scientists Discover the Best Skiing In the Solar System

...and it's only a few hundred million miles away. Better fuel up your rocket and get started today, however, because we're talking about Saturn's moon Enceladus and the incredibly fine, snowy powder that covers its surface: Read More >>