20 Christmas Facts You Probably Never Knew

Merry Christmas trivia fans! You've likely come across Yuletide Christmas facts round-ups that are pretty dire affairs, filled with one-sentence pieces of information that raise more questions than they answer, or just blindly fuel a myth (illegal mince pies! ha! you'll see). That's no fun and might make you sound silly down the pub. Read More >>

10 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Under a Tenner

Whether you need to buy a stocking filler to finish off someone’s present haul, or want ideas for a simple quick gift for a co-worker’s Secret Santa – we have collected together 10 fun gifts that cost £10 or less. Cheapskates, rejoice! Read More >>

The Best Box Mods: Next-Level Vaping Beyond E Cigs

Looking to move up in the vaping world? It's time to start considering the best box mods. I've already rounded up a range of entry level, mass market e-cig devices, the best e-cig 'eGo' devices that people just starting out with vaping might pick up to test the waters. Now attentions are being turned to the ever growing market of box mod vaping kits, which represent a step up in vaping quality experience and customisation for the more serious user. If you're looking to upgrade to one of the best box mods, this should help you find the one for you. Read More >>

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The Beautiful Symmetry of Sherlock

BBC's Sherlock is treat to watch, blending the brilliant acting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman to bring Arthur Conan Doyle's detective stories thoroughly up to date. What might well have slipped many viewers by, including myself, is the subtle symmetry that forms many of the show's shots. Read More >>

Pokémon Go Comes to Apple Watch

Pokémon Go is getting deep integration with the Apple Watch, as just announced at Apple's special event. Head over to Kotaku UK to read more about it. Read More >>

Parrot Disco Hands-On Review: The Drone That Gives Beginners Wings

"Look up in the sky. It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the most cliché-driven introduction to a drone story that you have ever heard!" Forgive me for summoning the hackneyed phrasing, but it was that famous Superman line that flashed across my mind as I witnessed Parrot's new Disco drone gliding through the Californian skies, my neck craned to see the fixed-wing craft in full flight set across the solid, baking hot blue expanse above. Read More >>

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Sounds Like Rogue One and All the Other Star Wars Stories Will Skip the Opening Crawl

Just last month, Lucasfilm and Disney executives were trying to decide whether Rogue One, as a stand-alone tale in the Star Wars universe, would begin with the franchise’s iconic open crawl. Now it appears that they’ve found their answer: No. Read More >>

All The Best Articles from Giz UK Transport Week

That was the week that was! We're departing from Transport Week here on Gizmodo UK and looking longingly out of the window at what's gone by. It's been a great event filled with loads of interesting articles, so here is your one-stop shop of all the best bits from across the week, collected in one easy place for you to explore. Without further ado... Read More >>

10 of the Biggest, Baddest and Barmiest British Military Vehicles

It's Transport Week here on Giz UK, and while much of our coverage so far has focused on distinctly civilian means of propulsion, it's now time to appreciate the bonkers world of British military vehicles. Read More >>

Transport Week: London Bus Facts Revisited

All aboard! London's buses are as recognisable as cultural icons go, and as part of Transport Week were are revisit a great round-up of London bus facts, spanning from their Victorian origins to today's modern machines. Read it here. Read More >>

How Underwhelmed Were You by Tonight’s Apple WWDC Conference?

You've just watched Apple's livestream beaming straight from San Francisco at the Worldwide Developers Conference, right? Or if not, you were excitedly following all of our reporting of the evening, and it's now time to storm down to the pub to share the good news with your pals. But where to start? Read More >>

WWDC 2016 Round-Up: iOS 10, MacOS – All Tonight’s Apple News

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is under way, giving us all a latest look at what products Cupertino's wunderkinder company has waiting in its wings. Read More >>

Save Over £150 on iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 With These EE Deals

Word has been sent our way that EE has teamed up with mobile phone deals reseller to offer some massive discounts on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy S7 on EE. Read More >>

Watch Our Recap Video Ahead of Game of Thrones’ Return.

It's just a few days now until Game of Thrones comes back onto our TV screens. Who’s dead? Where's Arya? Who’s on top? Watch our handy three-minute video recap to refresh yourself. Read More >>

Everything That Happened at Apple’s March iPhone SE Event

It's that time again, when Apple's head honcho steps up on stage to spread the gospel of Apple's latest gadgets, livestreaming the whole thing from Cupertino while across the pond we at Giz UK huddle around try to work out what you out there need to know. This March event is no different, with Tim Cook and Co sending word on what's coming soon. Read More >>