How the Tate Brought a Pioneering Art-Robot Back Online

Dismantled almost 40 years ago, the robotic art pioneer Edward Ihnatowicz's robo-creation Senster is featured this week in the "The Gallery of Lost Art", the Tate's new online exhibition that unveils the stories behind lost artworks by some of the world’s most famous artists. Read More >>

How One Man Is Keeping the Spirit of the Olympics Alive, With His Tube Challenge

For two magical weeks, London usurped Disneyland to become the happiest place on earth. Underground passengers made eye contact (and occasionally spoke!); there were smiling faces on every street corner ready to lend a hand, and impromptu al fresco day-drinking sessions blossomed in front of big-screen TVs. Read More >>

Seven Marvellous Olympic Cheats

The Olympics has a long and inspirational history full of, triumph, glory, perseverance and dedication, but it's also got a tonne of cheating gits who'd do anything to get their grubby little hands on a shiny medal. Here's a list of some of the more interesting (and idiotic) athletes who've got caught over the years. Read More >>

Should Darts be an Olympic Sport?

Danny Boyle's opening ceremony was a brilliant mess of unabashedly bonkers Britishness, but all this national character suddenly feels lacking when watching the sports on offer. You could argue that none of the events in London 2012 have a true British vibe, because every great Olympic sport we invented, we promptly exported and forgot how to play. Read More >>

Stretching and Flexibility: Olympian Advice For Lazy Giz Readers

Oh, to be as stretchy as a gymnast; a carefree life full of surfing the internet with my legs behind my head, and opening doors with my feet when my hands are full. Elsa Garcia, Mexico's poster girl for London 2012, brags that she's flexible enough to do all that and more. I spoke to the Olympic gymnast between training sessions and got the lowdown for all the lazy Gizmodians out there. Read More >>

Six Alternative Olympic Sports We Wish We Could Watch Instead

Tired of the corporate love-in; security fears and traffic chaos of the London Olympics, but just really love sport? We're in the same boat, so put together a list of alternative British Olympic events for you to enjoy this summer. There's a shin-kicking, welly-wangin', cheese-rolling world of sport out there, so it's easy to create your own bonkers Olympics this weekend. Read More >>

Forget Euro 2012, Egg Russian Roulette’s the Sport For Us

England have just won a glorious victory at the world Russian Roulette Egg Championships. That's right, national hero Jerry Cullen has managed what Rooney and co couldn't, and brought it home to England. The majestic triumph occurred in Swaton Lincolnshire, where Cullen beat the odds and left the competition with egg on their collective faces. Read More >>

If Cars Can Have Airbags, Why Can’t Bikes?

That's what one Singaporean design student thought. Alvin Chan is entering the prestigious Dyson Awards with his Cyclist Emergency Protection System (EMPS) -- an all-in-one cycle safety device. The bicycle protection system comes complete with sensors; an airbag; indicators, and a horn, all stuffed into a compact pack that sits under the saddle. Read More >>

Watch This Hilarious Russian Racoon Try and Fail to Top Himself Again and Again

This dark comedy sequence about a suicidal racoon is just an advert for superglue, but it's proper funny. The melancholy little fellow just wants to end it all, but the sodding superglue is just too damn good, forcing him to try it again and again! It reminds me of those suicidal bunny cartoons. Read More >>

Go Compare Defaces Its Own Ads, So You Don’t Have to

That excruciatingly noisy Go Compare man has been driving the British public mad for far too long now, so Go Compare came up a new way to catch your eye; pre-defaced billboards. Read More >>

lightning review
Arcadie For iPhone Lightning Review: A Mini Arcade Cabinet You Can Take With You

The Arcadie brings me back to the good old days when the joystick was king. Not my good old days of course -- I'm far too young -- but I hear there was some appeal to wasting all your money stood in a dark, sweaty video arcade day-after-day. The Arcadie for iPhone is like a mini version of iCade for iPad, and takes that warm and fuzzy retro feeling to a new level of portability. Read More >>

Google Glass Has an Android-Powered Competitor That You Can Buy Right Now

If you like the look of Google Glass but are desperate to feel like Master Chief right now, then look no further than the MOD Live. This nifty heads-up-display features a control grip with D-pad and plenty of sensors; an altimeter, barometer, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyro, 3-axis magnetometer, and a temperature sensor. Read More >>

£3,100 is So Not Enough Compensation for Feeding Your Family Used-Condom Tomatoes

A Brazilian housewife has been awarded £3,100 after she found a used condom in her tin of tomato paste. British firm Unilever was forced to pay up after the woman cooked a meal for her family using the tomatoes, only to find the condom in the tin after they'd all licked their plates clean. Read More >>

Now You Can Buy an Entire Tuscan Village on eBay

That's right, anyone with a couple of million pounds to spare could be the lucky new owner of a whole Italian village. The place has been deserted for 50 years, so there's not even any pesky locals to deal with. Just think, you wouldn't even have to learn Italian. The deal includes 25 cottages and eight hectares of land with only deer, wild boar and some wolves for neighbours. Read More >>

Crook Sells Potatoes as iPhones to Unsuspecting Britons

A sneaky con man has managed trick at least three people in Hull into buying a potato, or bottled water, when they thought they were getting a shiny new iPhone. The guy just puts a potato in an iPhone box and makes a quick exit before his mark opens the thing. The same trick has been pulled on the street at different locations, but police believe it's the same guy behind every fraud. Read More >>