They’ve Rebadged it, You Fool! – The Curse of the Live Action Remake

You’ve got to say this for Disney: when they have a winning formula, they go long. Apparently there are 17 live action reboots and remakes in the works at the time of writing. 11 of those remakes have been announced and are at various stages of production. No doubt the remaining half dozen will be released to glorious applause at some ComicCon or other. Read More >>

Is it OK That Film Trailers Deliberately Mislead Us?

I’ll begin with a confession that will shake you to your very foundations: I didn’t think much of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. There, I said it. It’s not that I didn’t want to like it. I’m a fan of the franchise and I’m a fan of Jeff Goldblum’s character, Dr Ian Malcolm, in particular. So when I watched the trailer and I heard him utter the iconic line “Life… finds a way”, I knew I’d watch the film. Read More >>

Inside the Mind of a Master Builder

I have a lot of memories playing with LEGO as a boy. I had a tendency to up-end my barrel of bricks, trying my best to make whatever I could with the motley collection I had. My proudest moment was making the Phoenix from Battle of the Planets. That (a) dates me and (b) was a terrible interpretation that looked very little like the real thing. But hey, the wings didn’t fall off so I’m calling it a win. Read More >>

Where Are We On Colonising Other Worlds?

Since Elon Musk decided that now would be a good moment to test fire his fart-powered Mars rocket engine (no really, those things run on standard methane, which is a good thing), we thought now would also be a good moment to see exactly where we’ve got to in the quest to colonise other worlds. Read More >>

Is it Time to Make Meat Obsolete?

Let’s face it, vegans can have a bad rep. To the majority of meat eaters, vegans conjure up images of insufferable, preachy, pale-skinned students who smell of B.O. and mushrooms. The types that wear organic hemp clothing that was crafted by Peace Lily back at the ashram, and they will thrust their gluten-free agave lentil biscuits at you to try and tempt you to hop the fence. Sadly, these tend to be drier than the Kalahari desert and have the flavour profile of plasterboard. Read More >>

Alexa, Violate My Privacy

Most readers of this site are probably fairly tech savvy. We are the ones who fix our family’s minor IT troubles. We adjust the settings on the TV that went haywire after that time the cat walked over the remote. Whenever we look at our parents’ computer screen, we die a little on the inside as we take in the wealth of bloatware that has crept into the browser that we cleaned just last month. We roll our eyes and wonder how clueless someone has to be to keep on getting caught out by this nonsense. Read More >>