An Englishman Rode New York’s Subway System For A Week – And Thinks It Was Shite

It was the middle of summer, and I needed some content on a warm and rainy August afternoon. Read More >>

augmented reality
Tanks For The Memories: How Augmented Reality is Bringing an Iconic German Tank Back to Life

In 1944, the war was not going well for Hitler. Defeated at Stalingrad and Normandy, the Soviet Union was advancing in the east, and the Allies were making their way west. It was at this point that the Nazis unleashed a deadly new weapon: the Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61 - a beastly new tank that became known simply as the Sturmtiger. Read More >>

It’s Time to Lower Tower Bridge – Permanently

The Thames is is the central spine of our capital city. The river is the reason that London exists at all, and its iconic meanders are seared into our brains thanks to a combination of the Eastenders credits, the original London 2012 logo and the default view in Google Maps. Read More >>

5 Reasons Why Facebook Watch Will Kill YouTube

For over a decade, YouTube has been the king of online video. If you want to watch video content, then it is the only place that matters. Facebook? Maybe if you want send a shaky video of your kid to your parents. Vimeo? Only pretentious film weirdos use that even though it presents videos in functionally the same way as Google’s behemoth. Read More >>

Tile Upgrades Its Bluetooth Tracking Gear With Tile Pro

Are you paranoid about losing stuff? Then you'll probably have already throughly researched Tile. This is a small bluetooth fob that sits on your keyring, in your wallet, or stuck to whatever is important to you - and will enable you to track it from your phone. The company has been around for a few years now, but today the company has officially unveiled its latest product: Tile Pro. Read More >>

Netflix Is Learning From Disney: How Buying Millarworld Fits Into A World Where Content Trumps Technology

Yesterday, Netflix made a fascinating announcement: that it was buying a comics company. For an undisclosed sum, the streaming giant had snapped up Mark Millar’s Millarworld - a move which means Netflix now owns properties like Wanted, and Kick Ass, both of which were adapted into moderately successful films. Read More >>

Loads Of British Nerd Icons Are Teaming Up For A Weird Sci-Fi Comedy Special

Back before the internet, all we had to make-do with was Teletext. But hey, that wasn't all bad, as deep within the depths of Channel 4's old service was the greatest games magazine that ever existed: Digitiser. Read More >>

Data Science Reveals That Lionel Messi Is Europe’s Most Overpaid Footballer

Football is an expensive business. Even after players have been bought for an enormous transfer fee (Paul Pogba currently holds the record at £89m), wages are astronomical. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo earns £424,615 every week. Not bad work if you can get it. Read More >>

Facebook is Supposedly Working on a Video Chat Tablet

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg isn't content with Facebook being merely the place where your dad shares dubious memes from Eurosceptic Facebook groups - as the company is reportedly working on taking an even deeper dive into hardware. Read More >>

Apple’s Chinese VPN Ban is Shameful – and Tim Cook Should Know It

It’s 2017 and democracy is in the balance. Around the world there is a terrifying trend away from freedom and towards authoritarianism - from Venezuela, to the United States and to Russia. And today, Apple, has decided to step up its cooperation with the authoritarians. Read More >>

Hands On With oBike, The Bike Sharing Scheme That’s Taking On London’s Boris Bikes

For several years now, I’ve been a staunch advocate of cycling as a “magic bullet” solution to a number of modern woes: if we cycled more there would be less congestion, less carbon belched out into the atmosphere - and we’d all get healthier too. What’s not to like? Read More >>

pokemon go
How Niantic Should Fix Pokémon Go So That We Want To Catch ‘Em All Again

Over the weekend, Pokémon Go developers Niantic ended up with Exeggcute all over its face as it stood in a rather large Miltank pat of a PR disaster. Read More >>

Can The Lenovo Yogabook Be The Hybrid Productivity Device Of My Dreams?

The line between laptops and tablets is becoming blurred, but I was a sceptic. How could you possibly do any actual work on a tablet? Why would you want a device which compromises on both form factors to create something that underwhelms for both work and leisure? Read More >>

Your Opinions About The BBC Star Salaries Are Probably Wrong

Today is the latest slice in the death by a thousand cuts that the BBC is being subjected to. As part of the most recent Charter Renewal - the legal process by which the BBC is allowed by the government to continue to exist - it has been forced to reveal the names of people who have earned more than £150,000 from the corporation in the last financial year. Today, the figures were finally released. Read More >>

internet of things
Bluetooth Mesh Is Going To Be A Big Deal: Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Care

Bluetooth is about to become a hell of a lot more useful. Today the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (“SIG”), the industry body that defines the standard, has announced the standards for mesh network. This might sound like a dull technical update - but it could transform technology and the world around us. Here’s all you need to know. Read More >>