Railway Geeks Plan Ambitious Steam Train Live Stream

One of my favourite things to do is watch the live streams of SpaceX rocket launches - and landings. Every month or so there will usually be a launch, in which for a brief few moments you get to escape the horrors of reality, and instead indulge in an optimistic vision of the future: One where we can not just send rockets into space, but live stream the results back to my TV too. Read More >>

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London Looks Strangely Ghostly When Filmed In Infra-Red

"What would the world look like if you could see beyond the the rainbow?", that's the question posed by Dr Andrew Steele and his team, who have put together this intriguing video showing London as you've never seen it before. Read More >>

It’s Time To Talk About Dangerous Stunts On YouTube

It turns out that after you turn 30, life is basically just a series of reminders of how old and past it you are. The Olympics just becomes a parade of people who are younger, fitter and more successful than you. Listening to “new” music becomes discovering another album by that band you like from 2005. And perhaps most weirdly, clicking around YouTube becomes an exercise in radicalising yourself to become Helen Lovejoy of “Won’t somebody please think of the children!” fame. Read More >>

The Knowledge Is Power: Meet The Electric Taxi Hoping To Bring London’s Cabbies Charging Into The 21st Century

It’s well known that London has a pollution problem. After just one month of this year, the capital had already smashed pollution limits on several of its busiest roads. Without action, we’re at risk of finding ourselves on the fast train to Beijing-like conditions, calling at smog, 40,000 early deaths and carbon central. Read More >>

Which Chocolate Is The Most Unhealthy?

Shops are bastards. There you are, with your basket of moderately healthy food heading for the checkouts. And right before it is rack after rack of chocolate bars and snacks. Forget worrying about Facebook knowing all about us: Tesco has known our weaknesses all along. Read More >>

Following the YouTube Shooting, Google Has the Power to Change the US Gun Debate – If It Chooses To

On Tuesday afternoon in California, it happened again. America suffered yet another mass shooting. This time, the victims were at YouTube’s headquarters - at the time of writing, three people were injured - and one is still in critical condition in hospital. Read More >>

Brighton Destroys London in First Ever Inter-Pub VR Tournament

I have a confession to make, dear readers. Last Thursday, I let down not just me and my friends, but all of London by proxy. Read More >>

Ahead Of Avengers Infinity War, We Calculated Who Is The Best Connected Character In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrated its tenth birthday earlier this year - and in just a few short weeks we’ll all be sitting down in the cinema to watch executive producer Kevin Feige’s crowning achievement: Avengers: Infinity War is set to draw together all of the dozens of characters and plot threads into the sort of spectacular crossover event that has only really been seen before in the pages of comics. Read More >>

6 Bold Avengers: Infinity War Predictions

Like everyone, I’m incredibly excited about Avengers: Infinity War, which will finally be released on April 26th. After an 18-film build-up, it appears as though we’re about to get a spectacular pay-off for all of the investment that we, as an audience, have put into Marvel Studios. And given Marvel’s near-perfect track record for delivering fun films, it seems almost impossible that we’ll end up leaving the cinema disappointed (hey, even Thor 2 wasn’t bad). Read More >>

Amazon Sent Us A Chocolate Echo For Some Reason

One of the weirder things about being a technology journalist is that occasionally, PR people will send you stuff unsolicited, in a bid for some free coverage of their brand. 99% of the time, this never works. But, annoyingly, Amazon has managed to break through my cynicism with chocolate. Read More >>

The New Nissan Leaf Proves Range Anxiety Is Bullshit

One day, 2018 might be looked back upon as the year that everything changed for cars. Every car maker is now hard at work building electric vehicles to replace their carbon-spewing predecessors. Tesla’s Roadster has literally been launched into space. And perhaps most importantly: Nissan has released a new version of the Leaf, a vehicle which might represent an unarguable move into the mainstream for EVs. Read More >>

4 Micro-Takes on the Cambridge Analytica Story

Yesterday the Observer got what appeared to be one hell of a scoop: Carole Cadwalladr revealed a whistleblower from inside controversial firm Cambridge Analytica, the company that it is claimed by some was at the heart of Trump’s success in the 2016 American election. 28 year old Christopher Wylie was revealed to have been one of the brains behind the firm’s micro-targeting and data collection technologies, which he referred to as “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool”. Read More >>

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The Tado Radiator Thermostat Made My Life Feel Complete Again

One of the perks of being a tech journalist is that sometimes you get to try stuff out early. I was one of the first people in the country to try out the Tado wifi-powered thermostat. It might be tricky to remember now that connected thermostats are more common, but back in 2013, the technology was pretty mind-blowing, and subtly transformative. Read More >>

This Clever Tool Will Tell You How Many Londoners Share Your Commute

Have you ever squeezed on to the Tube in the morning and got a sense of déjà vu? If you look up from your phone and into the dead-eyed faces of the other commuters, don't some of them seem... a little familiar? That might be because in a city of eight million people, some of them are the same people day in, day out. Read More >>

We Might Be About To Get A Gaming TV Show That Is Actually Good

For as long as video games have existed, there have been attempts to do it well on TV. Unfortunately, the track record is less than stellar - but all this could be about to change. Read More >>