This Saturday’s Doctor Who Has Been Edited Because of Manchester

The BBC has decided to cut a reference to terrorism from tomorrow's Doctor Who, out of respect for the victims of the Manchester bombing. Read More >>

It’s Official: The Bakerloo Is The Hottest London Underground Line

Ahhh, look at the lovely weather. It must be summer in London at last. Time to stroll through Hyde Park, stop for a drink at one of the capital’s countless drinking establishments… and then risk death by melting, by stepping on to an unbearably warm Tube. Read More >>

Proposed New Anti-Terror Law Could Leave Us Vulnerable To More NHS-Style Hacks

As the world mourns the dead from the Manchester Arena attack, it appears that the government is already preparing an inevitably draconian response. Read More >>

Sending Electrical Signals Through Human Bodies Could Stop Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is an annoying problem that we're going to be stuck with for another couple of decades - until self-driving cars become both normal and ubiquitous. And while it is scientifically proven that only twats play with their phone while behind the wheel, we still need to do something about it, lest their poor behaviour accidentally kill other, law-abiding people. Read More >>

Amazon Channels: Great For You, Bad For Sky & Virgin

Before on-demand viewing became a thing, pay TV was a lucrative business for Sky and Virgin Media. If you wanted multi-channel viewing, they were the only plausible options. New competitors were few and far between, because building your own satellite or cable infrastructure is hard to do. Read More >>

The Samsung S8 Dex Dock Works With Old Microsoft Lumia Phones

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the company included a new feature designed to turn your phone into a desktop PC. Called "Dex", the idea is that you can plug your S8 into a dock, connect a screen, keyboard and mouse, and have a desktop-style user experience. Read More >>

Exclusive: Think Boaty McBoatface is Bad? We Reveal What The Research Ship Could Have Been Named

Last Spring the British public took part in a major vote - one that would have profound consequences for generations to come. No, not the EU referendum, but the competition held by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to name their new £200m polar research ship. Read More >>

What is Zune? Remembering Microsoft’s Forgotten iPod Competitor

It’s November 2006. George W Bush is President of America, Richard Hammond is recovering from crashing his rocket car, and Apple’s iPod is reigning supreme, having sent shockwaves through the music industry. Read More >>

Could A Hydrogen-Powered Train Make Your Commute Smoother, Quieter, and Better For The Environment?

If trains are going to become any more environmentally friendly, like cars they need to beat their addiction to fossil fuels. In theory, this should be relatively easy: Trains travel on tracks, and the technology to power them by overhead rails has existed for decades (all you’d need to do is bolt a source of renewable energy on the end). In practice, however, it is much trickier as all that infrastructure is expensive. Read More >>

The Victoria Line Will Soon Only Be Limited By The LAWS OF PHYSICS

Move over NASA - it turns out it isn't just the rocket scientists who need to worry about the laws of physics. Read More >>

Deer Are The Most Common Roadkill In Britain – And The A303 Is The Deadliest Road For Animals

The freedom of information act is an amazing tool, as it allows you get access to all sorts of interesting government data. Today, for instance, the government was forced to publish the statistics it holds on roadkill - animals killed on British roads. Read More >>

north korea
A House In South East London Is Allegedly Funding The North Korean Nuclear Programme

An unassuming house in Blackheath, South East London could be funding North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. Read More >>

A Naked Statue Is Causing Outrage In A Hampshire Village

A naked statue of Archimedes, the greek mathematician and inventor who first approximated pi, could distract drivers in Ellisfield with his nudity, claims one outraged resident. Read More >>

Forget Podcasts – Now You Can Make Your Own DAB Radio Show

Ever wanted to host your own radio show? Like, on the proper radio? Well, now could be your chance thanks to a new, experimental DAB radio station called Upload Radio. Read More >>

Three Network Recovers From Downtown: SMS Texts Were Reportedly Going To The Wrong People (Updated)

Update (08:24am Sunday): It appears that Three thinks that it has done something overnight, as the @ThreeUKSupport account is now telling a number of users that the problem has been fixed, and recommends restarting your phone if you're still having problems. So fingers crossed everything is back to normal! Read More >>