Hidden Figures Reveals Why Politics is an Intrinsic Part of Technological Progress

Hidden Figures finally hits UK cinemas later this month - and is a powerful recreation of the story of three black women, Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) and Katherine G Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), who worked at NASA during the 60s - and who were responsible for making the calculations that ensured American rockets kept up with the Soviet Union. Read More >>

TV Mosaic and DVBLink Will Add Freeview To Your Android TV Setup

As I noted when I reviewed the 2017 Nvidia Shield, an annoying problem with the way Smart TV has evolved is that there is no single box that does everything. If you have a Smart TV, if you want to ensure full coverage - think the likes of iPlayer and Netflix, as well as your own media and even video games - then you probably need to have an array of devices plugged into your telly. Read More >>

Chill Out Folks – The “New” Nokia 3310 Is Probably Just Going To Be A Boring Feature Phone

The world is inexplicably excited this week following news that the Nokia 3310 - perhaps the most iconic pre-iPhone mobile phone - is set for a return. If the rumours are to be believed, Finnish company HMD global - which currently owns the rights to the Nokia name for phones - will be making a new version of the phone, and will be announcing it at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. Read More >>

LG G6: Anonymous LG Insider Explains Why The Company Embraces Leaks

The mobile industry is probably the leakiest place in the universe after the Trump White House. Seemingly every day there's grainy new images of purported new black rectangles for us to dissect, to try and figure out what is going on within. Read More >>

Facebook Will Now AutoPlay Newsfeed Videos With Sound

Bad news for anyone who likes their sanity: Facebook has announced plans to change up the way it handles video when it appears on your news feed, and will now start autoplaying videos with sound as you scroll past them. Read More >>

We’re Doing Valentine’s Day Wrong – It Should Be a Socialist Holiday Instead

Western civilisation can do amazing things. I mean, I look at skyscrapers, the Enlightenment and computers. It has a pretty decent track record. Read More >>

These Are The Robots That Will Be Doing Your Online Shopping In the Future

Last week we delved inside the surprisingly intelligent world of the Ocado warehouse. As we reported, it turns out that when you order your groceries online your shopping isn’t assembled by pushing a trolley around a supermarket - but it is instead prepared by a dizzying array of conveyor belts, lifts and robots, with only the occasional human for support. Read More >>

Here’s What TfL Learned From Tracking Your Phone On the Tube

At the end of last year, between 21st November and 19th December, Transport for London carried out an intriguing trial: It was going to track your phone on the London Underground. Read More >>

Gizmodo Investigates: Fuller’s Pubs Secretly Stop Selling Full-Sugar Pepsi On Tap

Today on Gizmodo UK we bring you the results of several weeks of exhaustive investigative journalism. We're going to blow the lid off one of the biggest changes in pubs since plates were switched out in favour of serving food on planks of wood and in mugs. Forget Watergate... this is Fizzywatergate. Read More >>

This is Where the New Bakerloo Extension stations will be: Find Out Which Iconic London Buildings will be Destroyed

Great news! Transport for London (TfL) has finally announced a proposed route for an extension to the Bakerloo Line on the London Underground - the only part of the Underground that still has spare capacity when heading into central London, thanks to its abrupt termination at Elephant and Castle. Read More >>

LG Wins Race to Make First Android Wear 2.0 Watches

Google is presumably breathing a sigh of relief today as it appears that someone, at least, cares about its Android Wear platform - as LG has become the first manufacturer to announce new devices that will come with Android Wear 2.0 baked in. Read More >>

London’s Victoria Line Will Soon Have A Train Every 100 Seconds

Good news for anyone who has ever tried to squeeze on a Victoria Line train during the morning rush hour: Transport for London has figured out how to squeeze even more trains on to the tracks. Read More >>

Inside Ocado: Discover The Hidden Robotic Intelligence Behind Your Online Shopping

When it comes to future technologies, the place you might assume to look is from the big players that we write about every day: Google, Apple, and Amazon. These are the companies that routinely blow our minds by showing us what the future looks like. Read More >>

24 Legacy: Will Eric Carter’s Galaxy S7 Edge Really Last All Day?

Last night saw the premiere of 24: Legacy, a new 12-part spin-off of the real time terrorist fightin' soap opera. This time, Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer is nowhere to be seen, and the lead role has instead gone to Corey Hawkins' as Eric Carter, an ex-army ranger who is being hunted by terrorists now back home in the United States. Read More >>

Infuriating Guardian Writer Slags Off Technology While Writing on the Guardian Website

“Oh technology is awful, isn’t it? How terrible that we live our lives under the jackboot of the Enlightenment, with all of its individual rights and medicines which actually work”, so says Mark Boyle in the Guardian today. I’m paraphrasing, slightly. Read More >>