5 Reasons Why The Home Secretary’s Proposed Encryption Ban Is Aggressively Stupid

One week on from a terrorist outrage and - surprise! - the government is trying to appropriate it to soften the ground for more crazy, draconian and illiberal laws. Read More >>

Westminster Attack: How Has Our Ability To Fight Terror Changed Since 7/7?

Yesterday London experienced its largest terrorist incident since the 2005. It was 12 years ago when terrorists detonated three bombs on the London Underground Tube network at Edgware Road, Russell Square, and Aldgate, with  one other on a bus outside the British Medical Association at Tavistock Square. Since those devastating attacks, which happened now over a decade ago, terrorism has rarely been out of the news, so it seems pertinent to ask the question: How has London's terror response changed since then? Is London now better equipped to deal with a terrorist attack than it was then? Read More >>

Developing: Security “Incident” Outside Parliament

A police officer has been stabbed outside Parliament - and a car has been driven into the fence that surrounds Parliament, after hitting people on Westminster Bridge, it appears. Read More >>

Iron Fist Is Not Terrible: The Critics Are Just Going With The Herd

A few weeks ago, Disney executives must have been feeling pretty pleased with themselves. Iron Fist was about to launch on Netflix, adding a fourth Defender to the streaming service’s stable of Marvel characters. And given how well Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were received, they were on to a sure-fire winner. Read More >>

Autonomy in the UK: Riding in Nissan’s Driverless Leaf In East London

Did you know that there are already driverless cars on London’s streets? No I’m not talking about a Tesla using “autopilot” mode, which only automates some driving functions, but actual, 100% autonomy? On a small stretch of East London roads, the future is starting to appear as Nissan has spent the last couple of months testing its autonomous technology. And a couple of weeks ago, they were kind enough to let me go for a ride in the passenger seat. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 UK Release Date and Price Announced – Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

Samsung has this afternoon finally confirmed the launch details for Samsung's new flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Read More >>

Autonomy in the UK: Autopilot Tesla on the M4

There’s a lot of hype around autonomous cars. If the wild shrieks of tech nerds like us are to be believed, we should only be a couple of years away from driverless vehicles becoming a common sight on the streets of our cities. Read More >>

Here’s Why Rebooting The Matrix Could Be Brilliant

It seems obvious now the rumours are doing the rounds, so why didn't anyone think of it before? Why not reboot The Matrix? Read More >>

Amazon Makes Alexa Development Free To Encourage People To Code New Skills

Amazon has today announced an aggressive new move to encourage developers to get coding for its Alexa voice assistant platform. The plan is simple: Make if free. For a bit, anyway. Read More >>

The 5-Second Rule Is Real (With Some Big Caveats), Claims Scientist

The 5-Second Rule, the folk-wisdom that says its okay to eat dropped food as long as you pick it up within 5 seconds, is real, according to a press release from Aston University. Read More >>

Tory Transport Minister Leads Socialist Revolution To Scrap First Class On South Eastern Trains

If you're a wealthy traveller, then you'll know that there's nothing better when catching a train than relaxing into your slightly larger seat, resting your head on the tokenistic extra padding and contemplating just how much better you are than the oiks in standard class. Read More >>

Amazon Delivery Vans Could Be Banned From Central London

Central London is too congested - because we're buying too much online. That's the claim at the heart of a new proposal by London Assembly member Val Shawcross, who is worried that delivery vans now account for fifth of traffic in the centre of the city. Read More >>

Nathan Barley is Real: London Tech Event Aims To be “TED Talks Meets WWE”

A few years ago now, before I moved to London I watched the 2005 Channel 4 sitcom "Nathan Barley". Co-written by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris, the show took aim at London's burgeoning "silicon roundabout" and skewered the new media hipsters, the trust-fund kids and their quasi-bohemian aesthetic. Read More >>

Official Advice: Don’t Pick Up Dog Poo – Flick It Instead

The machinery of government may be struggling under the weight of figuring out just how the hell we're going to leave the European Union, but the good news is that one government agency is working like a well oiled, or at least is a brown and sticky, machine. Read More >>

Kong: Skull Island is Jurassic Park for the Brexit Generation

This review has some minor spoilers, but if you’ve seen the trailer you pretty much know what to expect anyway. Read More >>