Samsung Galaxy S9: Alleged Reddit Leak Reiterates The Most Persistent Rumours

We're now only a couple of weeks away from what is expected to be Samsung's reveal of the Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and as such, we're drowning in rumours. Read More >>

Olympics 2018
Snowboarder Chloe Kim Added More Than 66,000 Twitter Followers In Just 30 Minutes As She Claimed Gold

While TeamGB is still waiting for its first medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, America has a new hero. 17 year old Chloe Kim has claimed a gold on the snowboarding halfpipe - but she’s also won something arguably more important. Read More >>

Black Panther’s Politics Are More Than Skin Deep

After seeing Black Panther last week, I’m fairly convinced that the pundits are right: this film really does look like it is going to be a cultural “moment”. Though the underlying film hits all of the standard superhero beats, it feels as subtly refreshing as you might expect for the first super-mega-blockbuster scale film to feature a majority black cast. Read More >>

Nintendo Switch Has Three Times As Many Games as Wii U Did At This Point – And They’re Better

I’ll be honest, when Nintendo first announced the Switch I was a sceptic. Sure, it was a clever concept but isn’t it a bit… weird? Wouldn’t it suffer from the same problems as the disastrous Wii U, one of the biggest being the relatively meagre library of games to choose from? Read More >>

These Are The 50 Most Wanted Funko Pops

As my colleague once Tom said, "if it exists, there is two Funko Pops of it" - which sounds ridiculous until you try and count the number of collectable Funko toys currently available. We did count - there are over 11,000 listed on Pop Price Guide, which appears to be the go-to internet Funko database. Read More >>

This Is DoubleDeckerAnton – My New Favourite Vlogger

One of the joys of YouTube if finding someone who offers a unique perspective - and then being able to go back through their videos and learn more about their world. And that's what I did over the weekend when I stumbled across a vlogger who calls himself DoubleDeckerAnton. Read More >>

Behind The Scenes With Pendolino: The Painstaking Process Of Painting A Train

When Train Operators buy new trains, they like to get their money’s worth. That’s why the vast majority of Virgin’s Pendolino fleet, which operate on the West Coast Mainline between London, Manchester and beyond, have around 4.25 million miles on the clock each. Read More >>

Sky’s Now TV Takes Aim At Amazon With New Now TV Stick

Sky's Now TV streaming service has announced a new device: A new streaming stick that will set you back just £14.99. Read More >>

Fully Loaded Kodi Boxes Are “Tantamount To Theft”, Says Former Culture Secretary

Another day, another warning about the dark side of Kodi - this time from John Whittingdale, who until Theresa May became Prime Minister was the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Read More >>

The 50 Most Valuable Funko Pops – Are You Sitting On A Goldmine?

Funko Pops are the current must-collect collectables for geeks everywhere, thanks to Funko's amazing ability to license everything from Marvel to Star Wars to, umm, gangster rappers. But not all Funko Pop Vinyls are created equal. Indeed, sat in the middle of your collection, gather dust, could be your passport to untold riches. Read More >>

HQ Trivia is Now Available in the UK

Exciting news for fans of pub quizzes - now you don't even need to leave your house or see your friends to get your quizzing fix. HQ Trivia is an app which basically does what we all wanted "interactive TV" to do in the 90s: a real time quiz with you against thousands of other players, competing for real cash prizes. Read More >>

Following Boris’s Channel Bridge Proposal, Here’s 9 More Bridges and Tunnels That Could Unite Countries and Continents

Boris Johnson is not a details-oriented politician. He's a man with a vision - and no matter how stupid that vision is, he has form for making it a reality: You only have to look at London's stupid cable car, or the super expensive new buses that actually reduce capacity compared to the bendy buses that came before, to see that. (And if you think the cable car is good, then I have a garden bridge to sell you.) Read More >>

the grand tour
The Grand Tour S2E7 Preview: Audi Quattro Vs Lancia

The Grand Tour is back again tomorrow for the 7th episode in the current season, meaning we're just over half way. But what can we expect from Clarkson, Hammond and May? Here's Amazon's official episode description: Read More >>

Data Reveals We Were Already Getting Sick Of Christmas By December 28th

You’ve probably already forgotten about it but about three weeks ago it was Christmas Day. You remember Christmas, right? It’s that day that is hyped up endlessly and then once it arrives is ultimately disappointing and quickly forgotten - a bit like Britain’s 2011 referendum on switching to the Alternative Voting system. Read More >>

Almost As Many Celebrities Died In 2017 as 2016 – Here’s Why You Didn’t Notice

Quick, think back to 2016! What an awful year. Even if we could erase Brexit and Trump from history, it’d still be remembered as a miserable time because of all of the beloved celebrities we lost: Bowie! Prince! Carrie Fisher! And, umm, Fidel Castro. Read More >>