Exclusive: Data Reveals The Films Where Critics And Audiences Disagree Most

Have you ever sat down to watch that film that critics are raving about only to be massive unimpressed? Sure, Mark Kermode might have *loved* The Florida Project, but let’s be honest - what it really needed was a few more car chases and explosions to liven things up. Read More >>

Exclusive: The Most Critically Divisive Films According To Data

Earlier this year a psychological horror film called “Mother!” (yes, with the exclamation mark) hit cinemas. Directed by Darren Aaronofsky and starring Jennifer Lawrence, it is safe to say that the film divided audiences. Some critics raved - The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw gave the film five stars, whereas others like the New York Observer’s Rex Reed gave the film a big fat zero. Was it genius? Was it hideous? Critics couldn't decide. Read More >>

Former Xbox Designer Endorses New £3m Mobility Innovation Prize

Could artificial intelligence or new robotics technology create the wheelchair of the future? That's the question that has motivated former Xbox designer August de Los Reyes, who is now head of design and research at Pinterest, to get behind a new $4m prize which aims to motivate inventors everywhere to head down to their labs and get building. Read More >>

Justice League Shows Us The Tragedy of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman

It’s hard to comment on Justice League without talking about the drama behind it. Whatever noble intentions there might be about separating the art from the artists, the modern world makes achieving this distance impossible thanks to blanket coverage from the moment the film is greenlit until the moment it ends up in the streaming equivalent of the Bargain Bin. Read More >>

Why Designated Survivor Sucks

When the world first saw the trailer for Designated Survivor a couple of years ago, it seemed inevitable that it would be a huge hit. The show had an instantly compelling premise: What if Congress was destroyed in a terrorist attack, and all of a sudden the “designated survivor” - a low ranking cabinet member - instantly became the President? Read More >>

Amazon Parcels Could Soon Be Delivered By Bus

What do you do when London's roads are clogged up with Amazon delivery vans? Umm, tell them to take the bus instead, it appears. Read More >>

Royal Mail Criticised For Shutting Down Parcel Tracking By Third Party Apps

Unlike Amazon, UPS, DHL and seemingly ever other delivery service, Royal Mail doesn't have an app for tracking parcels. In fact, the only way to do it is to log on to the Royal Mail website, enter your code, and hope that the stuff you're waiting for is a little bit closer to your house. And in an era of push alerts, this is very annoying to do. Read More >>

Xbox One X: Can The Most Powerful Console Ever Made Win Back This Playstation Switcher?

History may one day look back at E3 2013 as a pivotal moment in gaming history. At the show, both Microsoft and Sony took the opportunity to reveal to the world their brand new games consoles, both of which would be launching the same year, in time for Christmas. Read More >>

Nvidia’s Game Streaming App To Turn Your Mac Into A Gaming PC Is Now Available In the UK

If you're a Mac owner then you're probably pretty smug. I mean, I use a Mac and I certainly I am. There's just something about having a computer which just works, in which every design decision is driven by elegance, which makes you feel like you're somehow better than other people. Read More >>

Google Pixel 2 + Google Daydream 2 Might Just Make VR Work For Normal People

Whisper it, but we might be on the cusp of a virtual reality revolution. If Silicon Valley is to believed, though VR has been around in concept for decades, this time we really could be only a few years away from the technology becoming an integral part of our lives. Read More >>

What’s The Grossest Fast Food Chain?

There’s an ad campaign running at the moment for McDonald’s, in which rather than tell us directly how tasty it thinks its food is, it is instead telling us how not-disgusting it is. Chicken McNuggets, the ad points out, don’t contain “bits” - beaks and parts of the chicken, and so on. Read More >>

Sonos One: Can Alexa Supercharge The OG Of Multiroom Audio?

For many years, speakers were boring unless you were a hardcore audiophile. They didn’t do anything clever. Sure, there were speakers that sounded better or worse - but to the lay listener, this was simply a question of price: The more money you spent, the better the sound. Read More >>

The Funniest Film of the Year is Out Today

Stop what you're doing, head to your local cinema's website and book some tickets: The Death of Stalin is out today. Read More >>

Thor: Ragnarok Manages To Out-Guardian The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Remember that bit in season one of Daredevil, when Kingpin takes revenge on someone by chopping their head off with a car door? The scene is dark, brutal and bloody. The full ugliness of the violent underworld was on show - and it was shocking. Read More >>

robot wars
Robot Wars Returns: How 2017’s Contenders Could Obliterate The Sir Killalot Of The 90s

This Sunday Robot Wars returns to our screens for the start of the third new series since the show was reborn last year. Roboteers from around the country will not just be tested by each other - but also by the house robots: Matilda, Dead Metal, Shunt and the fearsome Sir Killalot. Read More >>