Happy Brexit Day! Here’s What Happened After One Year Of Taking Back Control

Today marks one year to do the day since Britain patriotically voted to throw off the shackles of Brussels and go it alone in the world as a free, independent nation. “Today is our Independence Day!” declared hero of the hour Nigel Farage upon winning. Read More >>

Now the Crystal Maze is Coming Back, Here Are Five More Gameshows That Should be Rebooted for 2017

Tonight is the night Channel Four revives The Crystal Maze, after a 22 year hiatus, with Richard Ayoade stepping in as host. This got me thinking. I wasted a lot of time during my formative years watching endless TV game shows... what if we could bring some more back? Here are fiveI'd like to see revived. Read More >>

How Hot Was The Tube During The Heatwave? This Thermal Camera Phone Found Out

Britain has been experiencing a heatwave this week. Yesterday was the hottest day since June 1976 - and as you probably know, it was pretty unbearable. Read More >>

McDonalds Will Now Deliver In The UK – From These Restaurants

Big news in the world of fastfood today as McDonalds has announced that it is launching home delivery for the first time in London, Leeds and Nottingham. Read More >>

You Can Ride An Elizabeth Line Crossrail Train TODAY!

It won't be until December 2019 that the tunnelled section of the new Elizabeth Line will be fully open - and it won't be until May next year when the new line begins officially operating above ground in East London, between Shenfield and Liverpool Street. Read More >>

Queen’s Speech: Here Are The Government’s Tech Plans For The Next Two Years

It’s that time again. Time to wake up a poor, 91 year old woman and force her to get dressed up and read out a bunch of proposed laws in front of hundreds of old people wearing ermine robes. Yep, this morning was the State Opening of Parliament, and a chance for Theresa May to outline what she plans to do for the next two years… you know, assuming she isn’t forced to resign or call another election. Read More >>

How Often Does ITV2 Repeat Shaun Of The Dead?

You know how it happens. You’re flipping through the TV Guide in the evening, looking for something to watch. Could start that weighty new drama series on Netflix? Oh god, but then you’ll have to put down your phone and give it your undivided attention. That new reality show? Come on - you’re not that desperate. And then you scroll past ITV2. Read More >>

Why Would Amazon Buy Whole Foods?

What do you do if you have a spare $13.7bn? Umm, if you’re Amazon the answer is apparently buy a supermarket. As the retail giant has today announced it is splashing out and buying the American chain Whole Foods. Read More >>

Three Is The Only UK Network That Will Commit To Not Reinstating Roaming Charges After Brexit

Yesterday was a big day for Europe, as mobile roaming charges were abolished across the continent. Thanks to the European Union's Digital Single Market initiative, mobile networks are now unable to charge you exorbitant fees when you travel in any of the 27 other EU countries. This means that you can call, text, and crucially use data as you would in Britain. Read More >>

Happy Magna Carta Day: Here’s What It’s All About

Have you ever wondered why the Queen can’t send people to The Tower any more? The answer starts at Magna Carta. Read More >>

EU Roaming Fees Are Abolished From Today – But Will Brexit Bring Them Back?

Today's the day! After years of negotiations and planning, today is the day that going on holiday to Europe just got a little bit cheaper, as mobile roaming fees have officially been abolished inside the European Union. Read More >>

Grenfell Tower: Here’s What A Fire Scientist Thinks

London woke up this morning to another tragedy. Overnight, the 24-storey Grenfell Tower near Ladbroke Grove caught fire and at the time of writing, there are over 50 people in hospital and 6 fatalities have been confirmed so far. Obviously the full story of what happened is not yet known, but the incident does raise a number of questions: What caused it? Could it happen again? What can we do to prevent future tragedies? Read More >>

Is NATO Ready For Cyberwar?

The 21st century is a dicey time for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Not only is it under assault politically, by an American President who seems only weakly committed to the principles of collective security, but also digitally, as new cyberthreats become just as challenging as anything involving tanks, guns and planes. Read More >>

Here’s Evidence The Telegraph Campaign To Recommission the Royal Yacht Is Dead In The Water

So, the election is over and it is safe to say that it is now fully concluded, with no big repercussions to worry about, umm… right? Read More >>

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Richard Hammond Airlifted To Hospital After Crash In Swiss Mountains

Richard Hammond has been involved in a "fiery car crash" in Switzerland, and has been airlifted to hospital. Read More >>