Deer Are The Most Common Roadkill In Britain – And The A303 Is The Deadliest Road For Animals

The freedom of information act is an amazing tool, as it allows you get access to all sorts of interesting government data. Today, for instance, the government was forced to publish the statistics it holds on roadkill - animals killed on British roads. Read More >>

north korea
A House In South East London Is Allegedly Funding The North Korean Nuclear Programme

An unassuming house in Blackheath, South East London could be funding North Korea's nuclear weapons programme. Read More >>

A Naked Statue Is Causing Outrage In A Hampshire Village

A naked statue of Archimedes, the greek mathematician and inventor who first approximated pi, could distract drivers in Ellisfield with his nudity, claims one outraged resident. Read More >>

Forget Podcasts – Now You Can Make Your Own DAB Radio Show

Ever wanted to host your own radio show? Like, on the proper radio? Well, now could be your chance thanks to a new, experimental DAB radio station called Upload Radio. Read More >>

Three Network Recovers From Downtown: SMS Texts Were Reportedly Going To The Wrong People (Updated)

Update (08:24am Sunday): It appears that Three thinks that it has done something overnight, as the @ThreeUKSupport account is now telling a number of users that the problem has been fixed, and recommends restarting your phone if you're still having problems. So fingers crossed everything is back to normal! Read More >>

Google Wants To Teach Kids About Fake News

Everyone knows that for every drop of insight on the internet, there's a metric tonne of bullshit stewing just below the surface. So for the 21st century, understanding how to figure out what's credible and what's fake news is going to become increasingly important. Read More >>

Today Will Be The First Working Day Without Needing Coal Power Since The Industrial Revolution

Brilliant news for anyone who doesn't want to swim to work in a few decades time: Britain is slowly but surely kicking its dirty coal habit. The National Grid tweeted the rather exciting news that today could be the first working day in Britain since the Industrial Revolution that we've gone without needing to generate any coal power: Read More >>

Transport for London Could Slap A £2.1m License Fee On Uber

Uber could face a price surge of £2.1m if it wants to travel in the capital, in the latest salvo in the war between Transport for London and the disruptive ride hailing service. Read More >>

WTF? Samuel Smith Brewery Bans Swearing In Its Pubs

Next time you go for a drink, you might have to watch your mouth, as it is has emerged the Samuel Smith brewery has banned bad language in its pubs. Read More >>

David Attenborough Is Being Turned Into A Hologram

Great news for anyone worried by the fact that Sir David Attenborough is 90, as Sky has announced plans to turn the world's greatest natural history broadcaster into a virtual reality hologram. Read More >>

Almost Everyone Hates Their Broadband Provider, Survey Reveals

BT and TalkTalk have been named the worst broadband providers in the UK by consumer group Which?, which reveals that they are still screwing up on broadband speeds, reliability and customer service. Read More >>

Police Change Rules of Engagement For Tackling Westminster-Style Vehicle Attacks

Armed police are now being told to shoot through the windscreens of vehicles in order to prevent terrorist attacks, following new instructions from the National Police Chief's Council. Read More >>

Scientists Are Marching In London This Saturday

If you see a protest taking place in London this Saturday, then you're probably more likely to see white lab coats than black balaclavas, and copies of National Geographic rather than Socialist Worker, as this time it is the scientists who are on the march. Read More >>

Exclusive: Brexit Could Make Cleaning Up Britain’s Nuclear Waste Harder

As Britain tumbles towards the hardest Brexit, the debate is dominated by what the fateful referendum could mean for British business, and jobs - but these aren’t the only weighty matters that we should be thinking about. Read More >>

It’s Time For Tower Bridge To Close – For Good

The Thames is is the central spine of our capital city. The river is the reason that London exists at all, and its iconic meanders are seared into our brains thanks to a combination of the Eastenders credits, the original London 2012 logo and the default view in Google Maps. Read More >>