Reports: Marvel’s Eternals Movie is Moving Forward With Director Chloe Zhao

Marvel’s been teasing its plans to bring Jack Kirby’s weird and wonderful cosmic-powered characters to the big screen for a while, but those plans just took a huge step forward: The Rider director Chloe Zhao has signed on to bring The Eternals to the big screen. Read More >>

Report: An Animated Diablo Series Is Coming to Netflix

Variety is reporting — thanks to a hastily-deleted tweet from Boom Studios founder and Hellboy screenwriter Andrew Cosby, confirming he’s in “final talks” to headline the series — that the recently rumoured Netflix adaptation of Blizzard’s classic loot-hoarding, demon-slaying action RPG series Diablo is really happening. And specifically, it’s happening in a manner similar to Netflix’s other recent demon-adjacent video game adaptation, the excellent Castlevania: It’ll be animated, too. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in Makeup

You’ve seen the man behind the masquerade. Now you get to see just what Joaquin Phoenix’s nascent clown prince of crime will look like. Read More >>

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Disney’s CEO Agrees That Maybe One Star Wars Movie a Year Is a Bit Too Much

The Star Wars movies under Disney’s purview have ranged from excellent expansions to the franchise to perfectly fine — opinions may vary of course, but there hasn’t really been a generally poorly-received one. There has been quite a lot of them though, with even more on the way. But Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger says that maybe we can start to expect them to spread out going forward. Read More >>

Jodie Whittaker’s Debut Doctor Who Season Won’t Feature Any Returning Monsters

New Doctor. New friends. New TARDIS. New worlds. And apparently, new monsters and new monsters only. Read More >>

A Vengeful Daredevil Returns for Season 3 This October

Matty’s back. And more beat up than ever before, which is saying something given that The Defenders literally dropped an entire building on him. Read More >>

star wars
Disney’s CEO Agrees That Maybe One Star Wars Movie a Year Is a Bit Too Much

The Star Wars movies under Disney’s purview have ranged from excellent expansions to the franchise to perfectly fine—opinions may vary of course, but there hasn’t really been a generally poorly-received one. There have been quite a lot of them though, with even more on the way. But Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger says that maybe we can start to expect them to spread out going forward. Read More >>

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The Star Wars Galaxy Can’t Stop Murdering Rogue One Characters

Beneath the murky patina of its war movie aesthetic, Rogue One is ultimately a film about the power of hope, an idealistic legacy that Star Wars has long championed. But it also feels like its immediate legacy more relates to the fact that the movie managed to kill off its primary cast, because Star Wars media can’t help but carry on that bloodlust. Read More >>

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The Universe Needs Fixing in the Explosive New Doctor Who Trailer

The BBC has revealed a brand new look at the 11th season of Doctor Who, and if you were concerned that the first trailer was a little too cryptic and didn’t have enough alien worlds and explosive action, then this one will be right up your street. Read More >>

Looks Like the Spider-Man Comics Are Going to Use a Great Idea From the New Video Game

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great game, in part because of the way it pushes and pulls familiar characters from Spidey’s comics universe in new and intriguing ways. And it turns out, one of those particular twists is also going to happen in the Amazing Spider-Man comic later this year. Read More >>

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Legion’s Dan Stevens Faces a Nightmarish Cult in the First Apostle Trailer

What do you do when not facing mutant marvels and battling in wild mental planescapes in Legion? If you’re Dan Stevens, you apparently spend your time investigating old-timey cults that are proooooobably up to no good. Read More >>

Report: Loki and Scarlet Witch Could Get Their Own Shows on Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney really, really wants you to sign up for its upcoming streaming service, and part of the plan to get you to do so could involve two stars of the Marvel movieverse. Read More >>

All the Cosmic Secrets We Uncovered in the Stunning Captain Marvel Trailer

It’s here! Captain Marvel has finally landed, before immediately blasting off again with a fantastic looking first trailer. Aside from looking great, the trailer also gives us our first good look at both the cosmic and earthly lives of Carol Danvers, and a hint of the threat’s she’s going to face. Here’s what we could find. Read More >>