Boris Wants to Hulk Out for Brexit, Because This Is Where This Farce Is at Right Now

If you’ve been trying to pay attention to whatever in god’s now-ungodly-name is going on in the UK right now over the nightmare that is Brexit, recently you’ve heard about some bizarre, arcane parliamentary terminology. Prorogation! The Speaker! The Black Rod! Boris Johnson! Well, here’s one new term you probably don’t need explaining: The Hulk. Read More >>

Say Hello to the Very Disposable Stars of The Suicide Squad

After months of rumours and speculation, we finally know who’s back, who isn’t, and who’s arriving for the first time when it comes to the cast of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel. And my god, it’s a hell of a big cast. Read More >>

Disney+’s Launch Lineup Could Include Animated Marvel Classics Like X-Men and Spider-Man

As if the approximately seven billion things already announced for Disney’s upcoming streaming service weren’t enough, some of Marvel’s animated icons might be about to tempt you to sign up for the studio’s big move into the streaming service market. Read More >>

star trek
What If Captain Picard’s Star Trek: Nemesis Clone Was Just Patrick Stewart, Instead of Bald Baby Tom Hardy?

Star Trek: Nemesis is a nightmare of a movie, but one of its slightly better nightmares is the bonkers performance a young, spectacularly shaved Tom Hardy gives as Shinzon, the villain of the film and also the Romulan-made clone of Jean-Luc Picard. But what if instead of just inviting us to believe that Patrick Stewart looked like Tom Hardy as a youth, Shinzon was...just Patrick Stewart? Read More >>

star trek
The Beautifully Dull Paradox of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 40 Years Later

Forty years ago a landmark moment in Star Trek’s history arrived, in the form of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It’s an important chapter in the series’ survival, the turning point from cancelled cult classic to enduring icon of science fiction. But there is a reason we remember The Motion Picture’s place in history more than we remember The Motion Picture: It’s boring as all hell. Read More >>

Freema Agyeman Returns to Martha Jones for Big Finish’s New Torchwood Audio Series

Freema Agyeman is back in action in the Whoniverse – but it’s not for Doctor Who itself. Martha Jones makes a return, and this time, it’s Torchwood business that’s come calling. Read More >>

What You Need to Know About the Black Knight, Kit Harington’s Side-Step From Game of Thrones to the MCU

The fact that Marvel is making an Eternals movie is just one of the absurdist things in their already incredibly absurd slate of upcoming projects. But somehow at D23 they managed to make it just a touch weirder, by announcing that Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington had joined the film as one of the obscurest Marvel heroes around: the Black Knight. Read More >>

star wars
Re-Discover the Old New Republic With Jedi Knight II Coming to Switch and PS4

Kyle Katarn is back. If not in Disney’s Star Wars canon, at least on your Switch and PS4. Read More >>

doctor who
Ace Returns in This Glorious Trailer for Doctor Who’s Next Classic Season Blu-ray Release

The fact we’re getting lavish collections of classic Doctor Who seasons on Blu-ray is already a very good thing. But the BBC’s choice to market them with what are essentially little short films catching us up with where heroes of Who’s past are now is perhaps the greatest part of it all. Read More >>

Not Only Is a Tomb Raider Sequel Happening, Somehow Ben Wheatley Is Directing It

The Tomb Raider movie reboot was serviceable, but at the same time so immediately forgettable that we promptly forgot it had come out just last year (in our defence, it was a long year). Which is why it’s not only a surprise that a sequel is happening, but also that a very interesting director is attached. Read More >>

Those Batman Rumours Pissed Off Robert Pattinson – Because He’d Been Gunning for the Part for a While

All the back and forth this summer over just who would actually be replacing Ben Affleck in the Batcowl was enough Hollywood drama to put our heads in a batarang-worthy spin. But for one of the subjects of that back and forth, Robert Pattinson, they were in part frustrating, because he thought he’d lost out on a part he’s been hoping to have for a while. Read More >>

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Saves Its Best Surprise For After the Credits

Thanks to Marvel, we live in the post-credits sequence era, whether it’s at the cinema or on TV. But while most shows and movies are content with a little extra scene, a gag, or a teaser trailer for what’s to come, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance does something different. Read More >>

Taika Waititi Skewers the Führer in the New Jojo Rabbit Trailer

It is, for now and forever, definitely not a good time to be a Nazi. Read More >>

doctor who
RIP Terrance Dicks, One of Doctor Who’s Most Vital Writers

Terrance Dicks, one of the most influential writers in Doctor Who’s entire history, has died at the age of 84. Read More >>

Jonathan Frakes Had Anxiety Attacks Over His Return to Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard isn’t just catching us up with what Jean-Luc has been up to in the years since we last saw him onscreen, but a cavalcade of Trek characters – among them the namesake of Picard’s new pupper and former second-in-command of the Enterprise, Will Riker. But returning to his iconic role caused a lot of stress for Jonathan Frakes. Read More >>