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Amazing Fan Trailer Brings the Star Wars of Ralph McQuarrie’s Original Concept Art to Life

Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art for Star Wars still influences the designs and creatures we see in the films, in comics, and on TV today. His legacy in the shaping of the saga’s visual identity is unquestionable. But his work also paints a picture of a Star Wars we never got to see—one this fan film delightfully brings to life. Read More >>

The Battle for the Throne Begins in the Incredible Black Panther International Trailer

Our latest look at Black Panther comes courtesy of Marvel Japan, and it’s jam-packed with new shots and teasers for arrival in the world of Wakanda. Most importantly, it gives us basically everyone kicking some serious butt, including T’Challa and his big rival, Killmonger. Read More >>

star wars
Rian Johnson on the Intensity of Working With Mark Hamill on The Last Jedi

Ever since The Last Jedi had its grand preview unveiling at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, Mark Hamill has made it clear—very clear—that director Rian Johnson established a very different journey for Luke Skywalker than one Hamill had imagined, or even agreed with at first. But now, days before it hits cinemas, Johnson has added his own insight. Read More >>

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See the Downfall of Dragons and the History of the Dragonpit in this Animated Game of Thrones Featurette

The longer Game of Thrones has gone on, the more and more it’s plunged into the nitty-gritty of George R.R. Martin’s fantastical setting and its most obscure concepts—so it’s good that HBO’s home releases are packed with little animated primers to keep you in the know when it comes to Westeros’ long history. And this new one is all about dragons. Read More >>

This Week’s Batman Is a Tribute to One of Comics’ Greatest Friendships

Batman and Superman are almost more iconic together than they are as individual heroes. It’s a fabled partnership (and friendship) that reflects the dark and light of DC’s best and brightest, and this week’s issue of Batman explores the sometimes distant intimacy behind it. Read More >>

The New Trailer for Doctor Who’s Christmas Special Might Reveal Peter Capaldi’s End

We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas—which means the twilight of the Twelfth Doctor is nearly upon us. The latest look at Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who swansong might go a little farther than you’d expect in revealing what’s in store for not one Doctor, but two. Read More >>

Report: Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Pitch Is R-Rated

Earlier this week, we got the ridiculous report that Quentin Tarantino not only pitched a Star Trek movie, but that J.J. Abrams was allegedly drafting up a writers room alongside Tarantino to help bring it to life. A new report today claims that Tarantino’s Trek would boldly go where Star Trek movies have never gone before. Read More >>

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is All About Saving the Dinosaurs… and a Big-Ass Volcano

This Thursday, we’ll get our first meaty look at the follow-up to Jurassic World(now with exactly 400 percent more Jeff Goldblum). But before that, we’re getting early details on just what Fallen Kingdom is about... and it apparently revolves around the people behind Jurassic World being dumb enough to build a park on top of an active volcano. Read More >>

Steven Moffat’s Latest Defence for Not Casting a Female Doctor on Doctor Who Is Ridiculous

This Christmas, Doctor Who will undergo one of the biggest transformations in its 54-year history: for the first time, the Doctor will regenerate into a woman. But outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat has decided now, three weeks before he’s effectively done with the series, is the best time to put his foot in his mouth over the change. Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at Titans’ Robin

Next year, the Teen Titans are making the leap to live-action, and now we’ve got our first look at the show in the form of the boy wonder himself. Read More >>

The Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Is Close to Casting Its Female Lead, Continues to Be Actually Happening

So many absurd things have happened this year that it’s hard to remember that not only are we getting a live action Pokémon film, it’s actually based on a Japan-only game about a Pikachu that solves crimes. But yes, it’s still happening, and just took a major step forward by closing in on casting its female lead. Read More >>

Fantastic Beasts 2 Director Offers a Truly Gross Defence for Casting Johnny Depp

The casting of Johnny Depp as the big villain of the Fantastic Beasts franchise has been causing consternation from some Harry Potter fans, due to the ongoing allegations of domestic abuse levelled against Depp by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. Director David Yates has now spoken about the issue directly after it bubbled up again thanks to the movie’s official cast and title reveal, defending Depp in the most awful way possible. Read More >>

Tom Baker’s Message For Doctor Who’s Anniversary Is a Perfect Reminder of How Delightful Tom Baker Is

Yesterday was Doctor Who’s 54th anniversary, and as such, well wishes of many happy returns have been sent to one of the U.K.’s most venerable scifi shows. Naturally, Tom Baker’s the best, by the virtue of him being... well, Tom Baker. Read More >>

Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys Is Being Turned Into a Radio Drama

It’s been a very good year for fans of Neil Gaiman. American Gods was excellent, there’s Good Omens on the way, and now another of his works is being brought to life on radio: his 2005 fantasy novel Anansi Boys. Read More >>

After Justice League, Henry Cavill Is Excited to Play the Superman of the Comics

The Superman we’ve seen in DC’s movie universe has been...let’s say controversial at times. It’s a characterisation that has been built more around the character’s power, and reactions to that power, than the ideals he champions. But after Justice League, Henry Cavill thinks its time for a Superman story that leans closer to the comics. Read More >>