US Sheriff Says Campers Burning Poo in a Hole Started 500-Plus Acre Fire

Two campers are to blame for a fire that has consumed more than 500 acres in Voltaire Canyon in the US state of Nevada as of Wednesday night, according to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong. Read More >>

Police Find ‘Human Body Parts’ in Crack in Japanese Bullet Train’s Nose

A bullet train en route to Tokyo reportedly struck and killed a 52-year-old man on Thursday afternoon, but the man’s death wasn’t uncovered until some 20 miles later, where authorities made a grisly discovery. Read More >>

American Man Sues Pornhub for Ad Using His Money-Flashing Selfie

Pornhub has taken a strong stance against deepfakes, because the porn site understands that the machine-learning-generated videos that swap out performers’ faces with someone else’s are non-consensual. But a recent lawsuit accuses the company of running a person’s face in an advertisement without their consent. Read More >>

The Dark Origin Story of Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan

Last week, Gizmodo launched The Gateway, an investigative podcast about Teal Swan an internet spiritual guru who creates hypnotic YouTube videos aimed at people who are struggling with depression. These videos share controversial messages about mental health with her devoted fans who follow her online and in person. Many people get so wrapped up in her messages, they join Swan’s intentional community and move out to her retreat centre in Costa Rica. Read More >>

Woman Says Poo Fell From Plane and Into Her Sunroof, Splattering Her Face and Giving Her Pink Eye

A woman in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada says she has pink eye after human faeces fell from the sky and through her sunroof, hitting her in the face. Read More >>

Mount Everest Cryptocurrency Stunt Turns Deadly

A Sherpa man who helped lead a team up Mount Everest as a part of an ASKfm cryptocurrency publicity stunt is presumed dead. Read More >>

Tech Support Scammers Use Victims’ Webcams to Secretly Record ‘Testimonials’ for YouTube

A team of scammers sneakily filmed dozens of Australians by remotely accessing their webcams, then uploaded those videos onto YouTube, according to Australian news outlet ABC. Read More >>

Apple and Microsoft Help Create New Standard for Braille Displays

Today, many people who are blind or have low vision must cobble together different hardware and software just to use computers. But a new standard backed by some of the biggest names in tech should mean that braille device users won't have to search for custom software for different operating systems and screen readers. Read More >>

US Student Punished for ‘Implied Threat’ After Putting High School on Craigslist

While some of his classmates wanted to execute end-of-year pranks that would potentially disrupt classes, high school student Kylan Scheele in the US state of Missouri opted for some tomfoolery that was a little more chill. Read More >>

WeChat Blocks ‘Sugar Daddy’ Dating Service in China

SeekingArrangements is marketed as an app that helps “sugar daddies or mommas” and “sugar babies” connect for “mutually beneficial relationships.” The site says that for the former, “Money isn’t an issue, thus they are generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby.” As for the latter: “Sugar Babies get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, and meet wealthy people on a regular basis.” Read More >>

US Man Who Sold Diseased Body Parts Gets Nine Years in Prison

A body broker in Detroit, Michigan was sentenced to nine years in federal prison on Tuesday for hustling diseased organs. Read More >>

Florida City Has Been Accidentally Sending Out Zombie Alert Messages Since Hurricane Irma

No one should ever screw around on a public alert system. But considering it’s been a bad year for warning systems — from the Hawaii false emergency alert accidentally informing the public of an incoming missile that didn’t exist to the National Weather Service’s false tsunami warning to the Department of Justice’s Amber Alert site issues that redirected visitors to porn sites — now is an especially bad time for someone to be screwing around on an alert system. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk Is Jazzed About Selling Bricks Now

On Thursday night Elon Musk’s tunnel-digging endeavour The Boring Company livestreamed a company event on YouTube, in which Musk discussed plans for the hole its burrowing under Los Angeles. Read More >>

Facebook Suspends 200 Apps That May Have Mishandled Your Data

Facebook says it has investigated thousands of apps and suspended about 200 of them as a part of an investigation into apps that have accessed extensive amounts of user data. Read More >>

Indian Police Say Conmen Used Fake Space Age Technology to Scam Investor Out of £157,000

A father-son duo in India were arrested after allegedly convincing a businessman to spend 14.3 million rupees (about £156,600) on their phoney Space Age tech. Authorities say the pair was previously arrested for allegedly selling “naagmani,” a mystical medicine that comes from snakes—making them literal snake oil salesmen. Read More >>