Mysterious Apocalyptic Message Interrupts TV Broadcasts in America: ‘Violent Times Will Come’

Many Californians regularly scheduled broadcasts were interrupted Thursday morning with strange emergency messages warning of extraterrestrial invasions and the beginning of Armageddon. The bizarre warnings aired on TVs in the Orange County area of Southern California, affecting Cox and Spectrum cable users, according to the Orange Country Register. Read More >>

The EU Suppressed a 300-Page Study That Found Piracy Doesn’t Harm Sales

The European Commission paid €360,000 (about £318,000) for a study on how piracy impacts the sales of copyrighted music, books, video games, and movies. But the EU never shared the report—possibly because it determined that there is no evidence that piracy is a major problem. Read More >>

Why the Navy Plans to Use 12-Year-Old Xbox 360 Controllers on Its Most Advanced Subs

Even though Microsoft has moved on from the Xbox 360 controller, the United States military still seems to think it is an ideal tool for operating some of the latest manifestations of the military-industrial complex. Read More >>

Buckle Up, It Looks Like Washington Is Paving the Way for a Self-Driving Car Boom

Tech and auto companies developing self-driving cars will have their eyes on Washington this month, as the White House and Congress are working on action that could steer the industry for years. Read More >>

Help Elon Musk Sell Teslas and He’ll Reward You by Letting You Dig a Tunnel for Him

Tesla’s referral programme has proven to be one of the company’s most effective tools for selling cars. By rewarding referrals with event invites, private tours, and car upgrades, the company has fueled the cult of Tesla and turned Tesla drivers into an army of brand ambassadors. Read More >>

New Report Finds US Police Have Used Tasers in a Staggering Number of Killings

Axon (the company formerly known as Taser) claims that their stun guns have only directly killed 24 people, and that those deaths were due to falls or fires related to the strikes, not because of shocks to the body. But a new investigative report by Reuters found 1,005 cases in the United States where a person died after police used the weapon on them. Read More >>

A Bluetooth ‘Gaming Fidget Spinner’ Was Always the Only Way This Ends

It was preordained by the fad gods. After cheating death for months, it seems the fidget spinner will finally be sacrificed at the altar of The Phone, its natural foe. Read More >>

Bing Had a Penis on Its Homepage For Hours Before Noticing Anything Wrong

This morning, people began pointing out that there was a penis hiding on Bing’s homepage. Read More >>

Why Everyone is Hating on IBM Watson – Including the People Who Helped Make It

You might have seen an advert for Watson, where what looks like a sentient box interacts with celebrities like Bob Dylan, Carrie Fisher, and Serena Williams; or doctors; or a young cancer survivor. Maybe you even caught the IBM artificial intelligence technology’s appearance in the ad starring Jon Hamm. “It is one of the most powerful tools our species has created. It helps doctors fight disease,” Hamm says. “It can predict global weather patterns. It improves education for children everywhere. And now we unleash it on your taxes.” Read More >>

Some Uber Drivers Are Changing Rider Ratings in Retaliation for Bad Reviews

You might want to think twice before giving an Uber driver a low rating. It could inspire them to change your rating to a one-star. Read More >>

YouTube Has a New Naughty Corner for Controversial Religious and Supremacist Videos

Today, YouTube clarified how it plans to handle videos that don’t violate any of its policies but still contain offensive religious and supremacist content: hide them and make sure they can’t make any money. Read More >>

Reddit Raised £150 Million and is Redesigning to Look More Like Facebook

Reddit, the “front page of the internet,” is about to catch up with the rest of the internet with a slick redesign, thanks to $200 million (around £151 million) in new venture funding. Read More >>

Twitter’s First Subscription Service Turns Your Tweets Into Ads for £75 a Month

A day after Twitter revealed that its user base is stagnating like never before, the company began inviting users to test a subscription service that automatically promotes tweets to a wider audience for a monthly fee. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Surges Ahead of Bill Gates to Become World’s Richest Rich Guy

Last night, Amazon share prices surged and Microsoft shares dipped, allowing Jeff Bezos to surpass Bill Gates in new worth, dethroning Emperor Clippy to become the king of the rich nerds for the first time. Read More >>

Disney Is Building Facial Recognition to Figure Out When You’ll Laugh During Toy Story 5

The Walt Disney Company is using AI to determine how much audiences enjoy every single moment of their films. Read More >>