Spotify, Fix Your Crooked Logo—It’s Driving Me Nuts

The Spotify logo is tilted. It took me entirely too long to know this for sure. Read More >>

28 Years After Woman ‘Loses’ Contact Lens, Surgeons Find It Embedded in Her Eyelid

A 42-year-old British woman went to eye doctor because her left eyelid started to swell and ache. The doctors noticed her eyelid drooped a bit. But that wasn’t news to the woman — she’d had a heavy lid for a while and was used to it. Read More >>

A US-based University Is Putting 2,300 Echo Dots in Student Living Spaces and What Could Go Wrong?

When students of Saint Louis University begin their autumn term this month, they’ll notice a new addition to the campus — hundreds of glowing blue hockey-puck robots. Read More >>

Apple Hacked by Biggest Teen Fan: Report

A teenager in Melbourne, Australia, is facing criminal charges after he reportedly hacked Apple’s secure computer network multiple times. Read More >>

Paris’ Solution to Its Public Urination Problem Is Open-Air Piss Boxes

Paris officials are hoping to curb public urination by encouraging slightly less-public urination. Read More >>

Catfish Victim Allegedly Planned to Kill Mother to Get Money to Pay Scammer

A scam victim may have been plotting to kill her mother in order to pay the person who was catfishing her. Read More >>

French Theme Park Employs Trained Birds to Pick Up Cigarette Butts

A French theme park has begun using six trained birds belonging to the crow family to pick up litter and cigarette butts, the BBC reports. Read More >>

Bag of Sex Toys Incites Panic at Berlin Airport, Bomb Squad Called and Terminal Shut Down

Authorities partially closed Schönefeld Airport in Berlin on Tuesday after they confused a bag of sex toys for a bomb. Read More >>

elon musk
Tesla’s Solar Factory Is Reportedly Struggling to Meet Elon Musk’s ‘Aesthetic Demands’

Two years ago, Elon Musk promised the world that Tesla would produce solar panels virtually indistinguishable from roof tiles. But his solar factory isn’t producing panels that are to his liking yet, and that’s leading to some major production issues, according to a report from Reuters. Read More >>

US Man Starts ‘Amish Uber’ With Horse and Buggy

An Amish resident of the Colon village in Michigan has launched his own ride-sharing service with his horse and buggy, and he’s calling it “Amish Uber.” Read More >>

Google Lifts Ban on Addiction Rehab Ads

For several months, Google did not allow any ads for recovery-oriented services to appear when you searched drug addiction-related terms. But the search giant is easing up on its rehab-related restrictions, TechCrunch reports. Read More >>

Ancestry and 23andMe Agree to New Rules to Make You Feel Safer Handing Over Your DNA

Some of the top genomic-testing companies have agreed to abide by a new set of guidelines when sharing consumers’ DNA information with law enforcement and other third parties. Read More >>

‘Horrific Accident’ Involving Dry Ice May Have Killed 77-Year-Old Woman

An ice cream delivery driver smashed the window of his car with a rock early Friday morning last week after seeing his wife and mother unconscious inside the vehicle. He found his spouse was in critical condition and his mother was dead. Read More >>

Teen Burglar Breaks Into Home, Asks Sleeping Couple for Wifi

Police say a couple in their 60s based in the US state of California woke up in their bedroom around midnight last Saturday to find someone looming above them wearing a mask, or possibly a black T-shirt covering their face. The intruder asked for their wifi password. Read More >>