Report: Boeing 737 Max Software is ‘Operationally Suitable’

The US Federal Aviation Administration has released a draft report about its initial review of the Boeing 737 Max software update, following two recent plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that killed 346 people and led to the grounding of more than 300 of the jets around the world. Read More >>

Indian Authorities Order Apple And Google to Remove TikTok From App Stores

Indian officials have been scrambling to stop people from using TikTok in the country, so they can control porn and political trolling. Read More >>

game of thrones
US TV Network Screwed Up And Streamed Game of Thrones Hours Before Its Release

Some customers of American network AT&T were able to watch the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones earlier than everyone else. Read More >>

Hacker Gets Six Years in Jail for Blackmailing Porn Site Visitors

A former computer science student who used the moniker K!NG and made more than £700,000 scamming visitors to legal porn sites using ransomware has been sentenced to six years in jail, the BBC reports. Read More >>

data breach
If You’ve Stayed in a Hotel Your Data Has Probably Been Leaked, Report Finds

Two-thirds of hotel websites leak guests’ booking information, according to a new security report. Read More >>

thai cave rescue
Thai Boys Were Given Ketamine to Prevent Panic and Hypothermia During Cave Rescue

Ketamine may have helped save the lives of the twelve boys and their soccer coach who were rescued from a Thai cave last summer. Read More >>

There’s Quite a Lot of Poop in Weed, Study Says

If you need another reason to advocate for the legalisation of marijuana—a new study shows why weed sold illegally on the street is more likely to have unacceptable levels of faeces in it. Read More >>

TikTok Launches Programme For Discovering Rising Stars, and Possibly Exploiting Their Music

Most TikTok posts contain music. Whether the video shows a user performing a short comedy skit, a meme, cosplay, or a weird art piece—there’s usually music playing. The platform was originally designed as a lip-synching app and it encourages every video to be uploaded with a song or sound bite. Read More >>

social media
New Australian Law Threatens Prison for Tech Execs Who Allow Violent Content on Their Platforms

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand last month, Australia is putting major pressure on Big Tech to prevent the spread of hateful and violent content on their platforms, with a new law that threatens major fines and imprisonment. Read More >>

YouTube Says ‘Extreme’ Videos Don’t Do Well—So What Do You Call These?

Editor's note: The original version of this post (as it was published on Gizmodo US) includes links to said extreme content. We decided it best to not include those for a variety of reasons.  Read More >>

Ancestry Testing Company: It’s Our ‘Moral Responsibility’ to Give The FBI Access to Your DNA

An American DNA testing company seems to be targeting true crime fans with a new pitch to let them share their genetic information with law enforcement so cops can catch violent criminals. Read More >>

game of thrones
Malware Is (Probably) Coming… If You Pirated Game of Thrones

One of the most-pirated TV shows could also be the most likely to give unauthorised downloaders a nasty case of malware. Read More >>

Serial Swatter Sentenced to 20 Years for Hoax Call That Led to Police Killing of Innocent Man

Tyler R. Barriss has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for a string of phony emergency calls, one of which was made over a Call of Duty deal and led to police killing an innocent Kansas man. Read More >>

Boston Dynamics’ New Robot Is a Giant Segway Bird That Lives to Suck

Boston Dynamics has released a new video demonstrating one of its newest robots—a birdlike creation that gracefully moves boxes around a warehouse floor like only an avian-Segway-hybrid contraption can. Read More >>

At Last! Mystery of Garfield Phone Beach Solved After 35 Years

For 35 years, a French coastal community has been haunted by the ghost of the world’s most iconic novelty telephone. Read More >>