News Corp
‘Knewz’ is Rupert Murdoch’s Google News Alternative

There’s some good knewz for people who don’t mind really dumb names and do believe that big tech has an anti-conservative bias – New Corp has been building an alternative to Google News, tentatively called Read More >>

Samsung Wants to Combat Bullying Over The Colour of Text Message Bubbles

A lot of people are really weird about the colour of text message bubbles. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, a message can somehow be more offensive if it is presented on an iPhone within a green bubble instead of a blue bubble. Read More >>

Apple: Our Precious Credit Card Must Be Handled Like a Delicate Flower From Heaven

This week, the Apple Card became available to the masses in the US, but early adopters who choose to also obtain the physical card in addition to an iPhone-based one may want to store their delicate sliver of titanium in a vacuum-sealed glass box. Read More >>

Instagram Chief Debunks Copyright Apocalypse Hoax

If you follow a boomer on Instagram you’ve probably seen the latest viral hoax going around warning about the incoming copyright apocalypse. Read More >>

The Internet’s Longest-Streaming Webcam Is Shutting Down

After a quarter-century of continuous operation, the San Francisco FogCam is set to go offline on 30 August. Read More >>

YouTuber Found SD Card Showing Man’s Final Moments Before Drowning

Before a travel YouTuber named Rich Aloha went scuba diving at a waterfall in Tennessee he filmed himself saying he planned on doing “treasure hunting” in the water, and he expected to possibly find a drone, iPhone, or GoPro. Instead, he found an SD card that may provide some closure for a family mourning the death of their son. Read More >>

autonomous vehicles
UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in the US in Self-Driving Trucks for Months and No One Knew

The self-driving freight truck startup TuSimple has been carrying mail across the state of Arizona for several weeks. Read More >>

AOL Could’ve Saved the World

Can you imagine a world where AOL owned YouTube and Facebook? It sounds delightfully boring. And it almost came to be, according to the former AOL CEO Jon Miller. Read More >>

Farmers Jailed for Smuggling Boar Semen in Shampoo Bottles

A pair of farmers in Australia have been sentenced to prison for their involvement in an elaborate semen racket. Read More >>

Mysterious Russian Nuclear Explosion Upgraded From Weird to Baffling Amid Evacuation Confusion

Russian military officials issued conflicting reports this week about whether residents in areas near a mysterious nuclear explosion must evacuate. Read More >>

This Man’s Penis is Literally Turning Into a Bone

Doctors at a New York City hospital made an alarming discovery last week when a 63-year-old man went to the emergency room for knee pain. Read More >>

Radiation Levels Spike Following Mysterious Explosion in Russia

A Russian city reportedly observed a rise in radiation levels after an explosion at a nearby military testing site, which left at least two dead. Read More >>

Researchers Say They Tricked Apple’s FaceID by Putting Taped Glasses on Unconscious People

Researchers presenting at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas this week demonstrated a relatively simple way to break into someone’s iPhone Face ID—so long as they’re completely conked out. Read More >>

World’s Dumbest Bitcoin Scammer Tries to Scam Bitcoin Educator, Gets Scammed in The Process

Ben Perrin is a Canadian cryptocurrency enthusiast and educator who hosts a bitcoin show on YouTube. This is immediately apparent after a quick a look at all his social media. Ten seconds of viewing on of his videos will show that he is knowledgeable about digital assets, and 30 seconds of perusing his channel will show he has produced some videos on bitcoin scams. So it’s surprising that a bitcoin scammer would try to scam Perrin through his Instagram account and go so far as to actually send Perrin some of their own bitcoin. Read More >>

Woman Paints Giant Emojis on Her House—and Neighbours Say It’s Revenge

Residents in the Manhattan Beach neighbourhood of Los Angeles, in the US state of California, are irate that an owner of a local house seems to be taunting them with a new paint job displaying two emojis on a fuchsia backdrop. Read More >>