Travis Kalanick Reportedly Squirmed in Shame Like a Sad Tiny Worm Before Ouster From Uber

Travis Kalanick grovelled on the floor before Uber executives last February, according to a new in-depth report on the company co-founder’s fall. Read More >>

The Last of the Iron Lungs

Martha Lillard spends half of every day with her body encapsulated in a half-century old machine that forces her to breath. Only her head sticks out of the end of the antique iron lung. On the other end, a motorised lever pulls the leather bellows, creating negative pressure that induces her lungs to suck in air. Read More >>

Facebook Responds After Former Exec Suggests It’s Destroying Our Minds and Society

Yesterday, Gizmodo and other outlets signal-boosted recent statements from former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya saying that social media sites are “ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” Many of his incriminating assessments echoed analysis made a few days earlier by former Facebook president Sean Parker. Today, Facebook responded directly to what Palihapitiya said. Read More >>

Very Dumb YouTuber Nearly Died In Very Dumb Head-In-Cement Microwave Stunt

An unabashedly bro-y YouTuber who makes money by posting videos of his dumb bro-y antics nearly killed himself in his latest dumb video. Read More >>

The US Navy’s Horrifyingly Powerful Electromagnetic Railgun Might Be Coming to an End: Report

For years, we’ve been sharing videos and images showing the destructive power of the United State Navy’s electromagnetic railgun. But we might soon be seeing the last of those horrifying GIFs. Read More >>

Warning: This Is Why You Don’t Pop Pimples With a Woodworking Blade

There are two very important lessons to take away from a recent article in The Journal of Emergency Medicine: 1) Don’t pop zits using a woodworking blade, and 2) Don’t wait seven months to seek medical help if your lower lip starts to resemble a puddle of mouldy raspberries. Read More >>

Report: Tesla Could Be Hoarding Batteries and Causing a Global Shortage 

Tesla seems to be working out its manufacturing bottleneck issues that were partially responsible for a $619 million (£462.5 million) loss last quarter. But the company’s solution might be causing a global battery shortage. Read More >>

Doomsday Prepper’s Sketchy, Ammo-Filled Bunker Destroyed by Regular Old Wildfire

A Utah man reportedly spent 30 years building a series of underground bunkers that he hoped would outlive the apocalypse, but half of them couldn’t even survive a wildfire. Read More >>

Facebook Expands Self-Harm Prevention Programme That Monitors Users’ ‘Thoughts of Suicide’

Facebook is expanding its artificial intelligence-based suicide prevention efforts. The company said today that it has plans to eventually monitor and respond to suicidal intent on Facebook “worldwide,” excluding the European Union. Read More >>

A Ghost Ship Carrying 8 ‘Skeletonised’ Bodies Washed Up in Japan—and It’s Not the First Time

A battered wooden fishing vessel containing eight partially skeletonised bodies washed ashore in northern Japan over the weekend. Disturbingly, it’s just the latest in a string of similar “ghost ships” that seem to be coming from North Korea. Read More >>

The US Department of Defence Is Developing Plants That Are Spies

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to bioengineer plants so that the military can turn foliage into spies. Read More >>

Skype Removed From Apple’s App Store in China

Skype is now absent from several app stores in China, namely Apple’s, making it the latest victim of the nation’s harsh internet censorship efforts known as the Great Firewall. Read More >>

Report: Facebook Fact-Checking Is A Sham, According to Facebook Fact-Checkers

Facebook has been on a mission to stamp out the spread of misinformation and propaganda since last November, after reports first began to shed light on the role that social media played in the US election. But the fact-checkers the company has relied on don’t seem to have much faith in the tech giant’s plan to fix the mess it created. Read More >>

Alphabet X’s Project Loon Provides Internet to 100,000 People in Puerto Rico 

Project Loon has provided mobile data to more than 100,000 people in Puerto Rico, according to Google parent company Alphabet. Read More >>

The Mad Scientist Behind That Creepy, Viral, Long-Legged Bear Explains Himself

This week, cursed images of an enormous stuffed animal with legs seemingly designed to strangle you in your sleep spread across the internet after a Twitter user shared some Amazon reviews of the six-and-a-half-foot Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear on Thursday. Some shoppers assumed they were ordering a larger version of a childhood teddy, but were disturbed to receive a furry creature with disproportionately long legs. Read More >>