Uber Employee Warned Self-Driving Cars ‘Are Routinely in Accidents’ Days Before Fatal Crash: Report

On March 13, 2018, an Uber manager reportedly sent an email to company executives, alerting them to the safety concerns of the self-driving car software, the high rate of self-driving car accidents, and the “dangerous behaviour” of the backup drivers, according to a new report from the Information. Five days later, an Uber self-driving test car, occupied by a backup driver who may have been watching The Voice, struck and killed a cyclist in Tempe, Arizona. Read More >>

YouTube’s Own Recap of 2018 Is the Most ‘Disliked’ Video of the Year

For eight years, YouTube has released end-of-year Rewind videos that showcase some of the platform’s top trends, music, and memes. The recaps feature some of the most popular YouTube personalities acting out cheesy scenarios in an extended musical video, and are generally accepted to be awful. This year’s rewind was so universally despised that it has become one of the most disliked video of all time on the network, second to Justin Bieber’s 2010 hit “Baby.” Read More >>

Scientist Killed, Others ‘Flung’ in Explosion at Indian Shockwave Lab

A blast at an Indian research laboratory on Wednesday left one dead and three severely injured, according to Indian news reports. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Facebook and MIT Researchers Want to Use AI to Create Addresses for the Billions of People Who Don’t Have One

Facebook seems interested in moving into Google’s territory of, well, territory. The social media company teamed up with the MIT Media Lab to propose a new system for developing addresses using machine learning. Read More >>

Airline Pilot Falls Asleep During Flight—and Sails 29 Miles Past Destination

After reportedly dealing with a personal crisis that interfered with a night of sleep, a commercial pilot caught up on their rest mid-flight. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
‘NIPS’ AI Conference Changes Name Following Protests Over Gross Acronym

A top artificial intelligence (AI) conference will officially use a different acronym as its shorthand name, following months of controversy fuelled in part by last year’s event when Elon Musk reportedly made a joke about “tits.” Read More >>

A Renowned Art Detective Just Recovered a Stolen 1,600-Year-Old Mosaic

A sleuth famous in the art world for tracking down works of art thought to be lost or destroyed has delivered one of his greatest finds yet—a Byzantine-era mosaic of Saint Mark that was stolen from a Cyprus church after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Read More >>

You’ve Come a Long Way, Disembodied Robot Baby

Over the last seven years, Affetto, a “child-type android” created by researchers at the University of Osaka, has become far more lifelike. Read More >>

AI Can Now Fake Fingerprints That Fool Biometric ID Scanners

Artificial Intelligence researchers used a neural network to create fake fingerprints that could be a hacker’s dream tool. Read More >>

Privacy Advocates Raise Alarm Over Google’s Takeover of AI Health App

DeepMind’s health app Streams is being consumed by its sister company, Google, and some privacy advocates see the move as a violation of patient trust. Read More >>

High School Principal in China Fired for Running Secret Cryptocurrency Mining Operation

Eight cryptocurrency machines reportedly drained electricity from a Chinese high school for nearly a year before the principal was busted, and later fired, for running an Ethereum-mining operation. Read More >>

69-Year-Old Sues to Legally Change His Age to 49, Citing Tinder Benefits

A motivational guru from the Netherlands, who voiced a villainous Zaporozhets supermini in the Dutch-language version of Pixar’s Cars 2, is trying to legally change his birthday so he will face less discrimination, including from potential online romantic prospects. Read More >>

How a Fiverr Spokesman-for-Hire Became a Fortnite Meme—and Got Banned in the Process

Last week a surreal video went viral on Twitter—a man standing in front of a screen showing an aerial view from Fortnite as he proclaims in a dulcet, assertive voice: Read More >>

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Elon Musk’s New Boring Tunnel is Somehow More Boring Than a Regular Tunnel

Elon Musk tweeted out a video on Sunday night, showing a high-speed version of a stroll through the two-mile hole built under Los Angeles by the Boring Company, his tunnel-digging venture. Read More >>

Heads Up, Some DJI Drones Are Just Falling Out of the Sky

DJI has revealed that one of its drone products is having issues that are causing some to plummet from the sky. Read More >>