Facebook Will Now Rank Your Comments

Facebook is a disease, but it’s still trying to be “more meaningful.” Read More >>

YouTube Starts Banning Fake ‘Rescue’ Videos of Snakes Attacking Puppies and Kittens

Warning: This post contains descriptions of videos depicting animal cruelty. Read More >>

self driving cars
Will Self-Driving Cars Turn People Into Even Bigger Arseholes?

People like to mess with Uber self-driving cars, according to an executive leading the autonomous programme. Read More >>

Popular Football App Spied on Fans Through Phone Microphone to Catch Bars Pirating Game Streams

Spain’s data protection agency has fined La Liga, the nation’s top professional football league, €250,000 (£222,000) for using the league’s phone app to spy on its fans. With millions of downloads, the app was reportedly being used to surveil bars in an effort to catch establishments playing matches on television without a license. Read More >>

Here’s Why That Helicopter Rescue With the Spinning 74-Year-Old Hiker Went So Nauseatingly Wrong

By now, millions of people have seen the footage of the rescue mission that spiralled out of control. Read More >>

For Sale: Have I Been Pwned

Security researcher Troy Hunt revealed today that he is planning to sell his data breach service Have I Been Pwned (HIPB). Read More >>

privacy and security
Russia Plans to Block Major VPNs as Next Step in Closing Up Internet

Russia is getting closer to implementing the sort of internet regulations that exist under the Great Firewall of China. Earlier this year, internet providers began preparing to conduct tests to find out if Russia can build an internet disconnected from the rest of the world. Now, Russia plans to block major VPN (virtual private network) services that allow users to reach banned websites. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Outlines Plan to Colonise Space, Interrupted by Chicken Protestor

This week Amazon is hosting its first Re:Mars conference, a Las Vegas event where researchers, executives, and Tony Stark are discussing AI and space travel. During Thursday’s events, burgeoning evil mastermind and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tested out large robotic hands and described his plans to create an infrastructure to colonise space. Read More >>

YouTube’s Nightmare Algorithm Exploited Children by Recommending Paedophiles Watch Home Videos of Kids

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm has been encouraging paedophiles to watch home videos that families upload showing their children playing. Read More >>

YouTuber Sentenced to Prison For Giving Homeless Man Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

YouTube contains hundreds of videos of the toothpaste-filled-Oreo prank. A cursory search will turn up many of these videos showing children tricking their family into eating a fluoride-filled faux treat. But in January 2017, a teenage, Barcelona-based YouTuber published a video showing a particularly cruel spin on this common prank. Read More >>

Tourist Infected by Brain-Invading Parasite After Eating Slug on a Dare in Hawaii

Health officials in the US state of Hawaii are warning residents and visitors to avoid slugs, snails, and rats after the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that three travellers visiting the state were recently infected with rat lungworm disease. One visitor got the disease because the individual ate a slug. Read More >>

North Face Apologises for Showing Us the Future of Marketing

This week The North Face pulled off a clever marketing stunt that continues to deliver. Even following the company’s retraction and apology, the glittering underhandedness of the campaign will inspire marketing scum for generations. Read More >>

Ukraine Ex-President Accused of Ripping Out Sensitive Servers From Situation Room Before Leaving Office

The staff of Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky made a curious discovery several days after the administration began its term – a situation room where the president meets to discuss national security affairs was void of any equipment. Read More >>

Police Investigate Bomb Scare, Find ‘Giant Glittery’ Christmas Ornament Instead

On Wednesday, London police officers were called to investigate a “possible unexploded device,” which had apparently washed onto the bank of the River Thames in east London. Read More >>

Someone Spent £1.06 Million on a Laptop Infected With Six of The Most Destructive Computer Viruses

A used Samsung NC10 can cost as little as £55. But a used Samsung NC10 with six of the most dangerous types of malware is apparently worth $1.345 million (£1.062 million)—so long as it’s art. Read More >>