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Ex Machina’s Alex Garland Lifts the Curtain on New FX Series, Devs

Director Alex Garland’s (Ex Machina, Annihilation) latest project is headed to television rather than cinemas. Up until now, we didn’t have much to go on in terms of what FX’s Devs was actually about – but thanks to a big coming out panel at New York Comic Con this past weekend, we’re extremely hyped for the sci-fi series. Read More >>

Marvel Just Revealed Release Dates and Logos for Its Disney+ Series

Marvel Studios is dropping all kinds of news out of San Diego Comic-Con, you didn’t think they’d forget their big heroes heading to the little screen did you? Read More >>

Our First Brief Glimpse at Arrow’s Dramatic Final Season Just Dropped

Are you ready for the eighth and final season of The CW’s Arrow? The first trailer out of San Diego Comic-Con suggests the team won’t be going down without a fight. Read More >>

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Carnival Row’s First Trailers Just Debuted at SDCC

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne headlined the San Diego Comic-Con panel for the intriguing Carnival Row today and brought along the first look at the Amazon Studios series, in the form of not one, but two featurettes. Read More >>

Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Shared a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Tremendous Work Involved

Premiering at San Diego Comic-Con today, Netflix and the Jim Henson Company’s new Dark Crystal series just gave us a really neat look at what it takes to create this puppet-filled show. Read More >>

Listen to Sarah Connor Say ‘Metal Motherfucker’ in the New Terminator: Dark Fate Featurette

Paramount’s Terminator: Dark Fate panel at San Diego Comic-Con showed Hall H some footage but didn’t release it online. Instead, they’ve gifted us a shiny new look at the latest instalment of the cyborg-battling franchise in featurette form. Read More >>

Somehow, Avengers: Endgame Has Even More Footage to Tempt You With in Its Home Release

You may be packing your cushions to sit through Avengers: Endgame in cinemas for an extra few minutes of content but how about hours of additional footage? Marvel has just released info on what you can expect once you get the cinematic monster at home. Read More >>

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Everyone Be Quiet, Lion Beyoncé Is Talking!

We’ve seen a lot of impressive imagery from Disney’s remake of The Lion King but fans were wondering what it would all look like once those animals got to talking. Now we finally know. As they say, be prepared. Read More >>

Black Mirror Just Dropped Three New Trailers for Season 5

Netflix already gave us a trailer for its next instalment of Black Mirror but I guess they were feeling generous because they just gave us three more. Read More >>

Westworld’s Teaser for Season 3 Reminds Us There’s More to Life Than Fantasy

HBO decided to drop its first look at Westworld season three (or Westworld III, as they’re calling it) just before the big Game of Thrones series finale aired in the US. And it was...different. Read More >>

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Watch Our Totally Spoiler-Free Avengers: Endgame Video Review

The stakes have never been higher. The Endgame is here. Here we have a spoiler-free video review of Avengers: Endgame, a cinematic experience 11 years and 22 films in the making. No spoilers but... I’ll be seeing it again... and bringing more tissues. Read More >>

The Next Walking Dead Spin-Off Will Star 2 Women as First Generation Zombie Slayers

We knew AMC was planning more spin-offs of its hit zombie series, The Walking Dead, but considering the main show is still chugging along, and the first spin-off Fear the Walking Dead is as well, we weren’t sure when we’d find out more. Guess what? We're in luck! Read More >>

Wonder Woman 1984 Is a Sequel, How Is This Even a Question?

We haven’t heard much about Wonder Woman 1984 since it wrapped production last December. To be fair, the release date was pushed back from November 1, 2019 to June 5, 2020, so we’ve got a lot of time to go still. What we do know about the project is it will feature Gal Gadot once again as Diana/Wonder Woman, a returning Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva (aka Cheetah), and Pedro Pascal as a yet-to-be-revealed character (my best guesses are Maxwell Lord or Glorious Godfrey). Read More >>

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Matt Smith Says He’s Not in Star Wars: Episode IX, as Far as He Knows

Though Matt Smith was recently spending time playing royalty in Netflix’s The Crown, he’s headed back to genre territory soon. Just maybe not in the project you were hoping to see him in. Read More >>