The Spice Girls Wannabe Your New Animated Superheroes

Never, and I mean never, give up on the good times, folks. Variety is reporting the Spice Girls are working on a new movie—an animated superhero movie, to be exact. Read More >>

Jessica Jones’ New Season Starts Out With a Slog, But It’s a Slog With Potential

Marvel’s Jessica Jones returned to Netflix for its second season today but the high expectations that come along with it were met with an unfortunate whimper. Netflix provided the first five episodes of season two as a preview, and while Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is back to business at Alias Investigations after the events of season one, she’s not back to form. Read More >>

Legion’s Aubrey Plaza Tries to Get in Your Head in This Meta Teaser Trailer

Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley is getting ready to debut season two of his X-Men series Legion. While we’re anticipating picking David Haller’s story back up, the first teaser trailer goes in a very different direction. Yup, we’re going meta. Read More >>