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The Experimental Hypersonic Rocket Plane That Ushered in the Space Age

Chuck Yeager's historic supersonic flight in 1947 set off a firestorm of research into flight beyond the speed of sound. The most ambitious of these projects was the X-15 program, a top secret USAF program that aimed to test the limits of Mach 7. In X-15: The World's Fastest Rocket Plane and the Pilots Who Ushered in the Space Age, John Anderson and Richard Passman recount the death-defying flights of a steel-nerved team of test pilots at the controls of the world's first rocket plane. Read More >>

Which Lab Alcohols Can You Safely Consume Without Going Blind?

Ever found yourself eyeing stock lab alcohols and wondering if any of them would be good for a quick buzz without, you know, potentially killing you? Josh Velson, a chemical engineering consultant who works with bio and petrochemicals, has your answer. Read More >>

Instagram’s New Terms of Use, Translated into Plain English

As you probably know, Instagram's new Terms of Use, which stirred up quite an Internet tizzy, kick in tomorrow. Terms of Use for websites, are for the most part are full of the same impenetrable legalese. Instagram's Terms are no exception. We asked our intrepid Associate Counsel, Jesse Ma, Esq., to translate it into English, so you can actually understand it. Here it is: Read More >>

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What Is CES?

It's January. You read Twitter and The Blogs and have a vague recollection of every major news outlet in the country sending some poor reporter to Las Vegas this month, every year, to stand in a convention center and talk about technology. This is CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. But it's more than just a collection of gadgets. Read More >>

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If I Ever Get Rich, I’m Gonna Buy One of These Barbecues

My friend Russ designs barbecues for Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, where the starting price is around £6,000. He just sent me this video, a glimpse at their manufacturing process. Man, these are sweet pieces of kit—all hand-made in an adorable town in Michigan, USA, able to burn wood, gas, or charcoal. *drool* Read More >>

Amazon Is Selling Stolen iPhones. Merry Christmas!

Gizmodo Twitter friend Ben Dreyfuss bought his mum an iPhone for Christmas. Ben is a good son! Christmas morning: Mama D. tears open the package, finds a shiny aluminium bundle of joy, and then decides to set it up. One problem: When she called her network to activate the thing, they told her that her new iPhone was stolen. Whaaat? Read More >>

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Gifts for the BBQ Fanatic

BBQ devotees come in all forms: those who meticulously craft the most delectable fire-cooked treats, and those who just want to live the life. Fortunately, this means that grill-masters are, overall, pretty easy to shop for. Read More >>

What Are Your Most Powerful Memories of Technology?

I've got some family shit going on right now, and it's making me nostalgic. The memories floating to the surface are overwhelmingly of my sister and my parents. But right there along with my family are the times I spent with technology—a surprisingly prominent cast member in the movie inside my mind. Read More >>

Got a Favourite Android SMS App?

I don't really like Android's SMS at all. (I'm on HTC's Sense-flavored Jellybean, btw.) In particular, the lock-screen notifications really bug me—there's no way to see if you've gotten more than one message. And group messages don't really work right. Got one you like? Read More >>

Anyone Else Having iOS Buyer’s Remorse?

Despite the problems I had with the HTC One X, I find myself missing it. More specifically—and I never thought I'd hear myself saying this—I find myself missing Android. The widgets, specifically. I just had that thing so damn dialed in. Anyone else? Read More >>

lightning review
Bowers & Wilkins P3 Review: The Sound Is There, but the Luxury Is Spare

That Bowers & Wilkins makes excellent audio products is not up for discussion. The company's product history speaks for itself, ranging from outstanding iProduct docks to speakers made from diamonds. Even the Queen weighed in. A few years ago, B&W started making headphones, releasing the sensational P5s. The P3s are that product's little brother: £80 cheaper, with an additional trick up their cables. Read More >>

HTC One X After 4 Months: Weird Batteries and Wimpy Gorillas

We've been using the One X for three solid months, and this is a truly awesome phone. But we've got a few gripes: Read More >>

Sweet-Looking Cycling Shoes: More Power, Less Ugly

Bicycle commuters like me face a conundrum: Use regular platform pedals and get about half the power out of our strokes (pulling up is just as important as pushing down), or use "clipless" pedals and deal with the accompanying annoying/ugly special shoes. Read More >>

lightning review
Sonos SUB Lightning Review: Lots of Bang, Lots of £££

Sonos is bad-ass: Brainless setup, a seamless backend that affords easy access to all of your music (be it streaming or locally-stored), and good sound from its standalone networked jukeboxey Zone Players. Notice the term "good sound." Not "great sound." While the self-contained S3 and S5 sound very nice, they're simply too compact to deliver rump-shaking beats. Read More >>

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Could There Be a Cooler Maurice Sendak Tribute Than This Awesome Axe?

Maurice Sendak was important to us here at Gizmodo: His stories inspired us to follow our own internal compasses when our parents told us to stop wasting our time skateboarding or making movies or playing with gadgets. In an unhappy coincidence, we visited Best Made Co.'s New York City workshop on the day of Sendak's death. They were pretty broken up about it. Read More >>