A Beginner’s Guide to Suicide Squad

With DC Comics’ Suicide Squad is heading to the big screen later this year, here’s Gizmodo’s handy guide to the runners and riders on modern comic book’s most popular set of anti-heroes, pulled out of prison and assembled as deniable assets by US government spy Amanda Waller… Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Mad Max (A Fury Road Refresher)

In these days of sequels being greenlit before the first movie in a series even comes out, fans of post-apocalyptic hellraiser Mad Max have had to wait an obscene amount of time to see the fourth film in the franchise. It's been thirty years, to be precise, with Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome coming out back in 1985 and the brand new sequel Fury Road out this year. Read More >>

Five Comic Book Titans You Have to See At London Super Comic Con

It's almost time to dust off the Lycra and first editions, as this weekend sees the fourth London Super Comic Con celebrate all things comics all over the capital's sprawling Excel Centre down Docklands. Read More >>

Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man? How Marvel Should Fix its Most Troubled Movie Franchise

You would have thought that Spider-Man, arguably Marvel’s most iconic superhero, would be a no-brainer to translate well to the big screen. And back in 2000, Evil Dead director Sam Raimi managed two pretty good stabs at evoking the comic book's canon, web-slinging radioactive everyman Peter Parker played by Tobey Maguire and bringing the fun of the panels to the silver screen (although the less said about Raimi and Maguire’s Batman & Robin moment in the third one). Read More >>

The Nine Comics You Must Read Before Watching Another Marvel Film

Comic king turned multiplex overlord Marvel has announced a slew of new big-screen big-hitters recently as part of the rather terrifyingly titled "Phase 3" of its world-cinema takeover. And while the nine-strong film roster gives a host of characters their own standalone adventures, this being Marvel, they're all likely to pop up in each other's when you least expect it. Read More >>