Indoor Virtual Skydiving Is Cool – But It Just Made Me Want to Jump Out of a Plane for Real

I rarely turn down the chance to try something new or strange. Reptile expo with live demos? Sounds great. Monster truck rally? Yea, why the hell not. Vape show in town? Sure, I’ll check it out. Indoor virtual reality skydiving? I AM THERE. Who cares that “indoor virtual reality skydiving” as a concept doesn’t make a lick of sense??? Let’s give it a rip!!! Read More >>

 Group FaceTime Is Finally a Thing

In a move that will surely please parents and grandparents around the world, Apple has finally announced group FaceTime functionality for iOS. In iOS 12, you’ll finally be able to FaceTime with up to 31 of your closest friends. Read More >>

AirDrop Is Your iPhone’s Most Underrated Tool

For all the complaints you can levy against Apple—user-hostile repair and upgrade practices, The Great Slowdown, removing the headphone jack—there remains an undeniable truth: Overall, the user experience you get from using Apple’s devices is simply better than anything else. And this is doubly true if you stay within Apple’s walled garden. Things just work. And work well together. iMessage, Siri, iCloud—they’re all built in, and require minimal effort to get up and running. Read More >>

What’s the Most Desperate Thing You’ve Done to Get Online?

Beast from the East-ravaged days like this are a good reminder that when the power goes out and you’re at home in the dark, the loneliness creeps in fast. And when you’re lonely, nothing makes you feel better (and worse) than Logging On. Read More >>

What Are the Best Hidden Features You Love?

Technology—the breaker of chains, the breaker of backs. It is everything both right and wrong with humanity today. But today, I want to focus on the good side of things, specifically the small things developers might have put into a product that, if you dig around long enough, turn out to be surprisingly useful. Read More >>

consumer tech
Robovacs Are Terrible, and a Bad Gift Idea

Listen to me, no one needs a robovac of any kind. Whether it’s a Roomba, an EcoVac, or a cheap Anker like what I’ve got—they’re nothing more than infant-sized metal-and plastic turds that push small piles of dirt around and scream when they cannot figure out what “rugs” are. They are inefficient, wasteful annoyances that enable laziness and poor cleaning habits. Read More >>

star wars
How Did You Get Into Star Wars?

At some point or another, we were all bitten by the Star Wars bug—er—sandflea. We were dragged to a cinema by a cool uncle, handed an N64 controller to play Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer (let’s be kind to those whose first exposure may not have been the original trilogy), or just caught a marathon over the Christmas break. Read More >>