I Rode a Bike on Water, and it Was Incredible

Walking on water? Pssh. I rode a bike on water. Read More >>

Why a Superstar Designer Wanted to Make a Better Gene-Testing Machine

Odds are good you know industrial designer Yves Behar's work, even if you don't know his name. Behar's studo, fuseproject, has designed everything from fitness trackers to vibrators. His latest project won't be used by everyone — but that doesn't mean we won't benefit from it. Read More >>

This Tiny Prefab Hut on Wheels is Adorably Quaint

Tiny lodging is a big deal in dense cities where space is minimal, demand is maximal, and rent is astronomical. If, however, you want to keep the "let's get small" vibe in the great wide open, these teensy prefab Shepherd Huts just might be the mini getaway of your dreams. Read More >>

Redesigning the Xbox One for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty fans are well-familiar with the slick look and feel of the Xbox One, but the console and controller are getting a custom look for the debut of Advanced Warfare. But can the exo-suited experience of blowing shit up in a near future war-zone really translate to a console? Read More >>

Fish Look Crazy With X-Ray Vision

In a perfect world, anyone who sent in money for the novelty x-ray specs advertised in the back of comics would be gifted with the actual ability to see through solid stuff. In reality, we have to rely on the kindness of folks with real tech for a peek. So: Thanks, Smithsonian! Read More >>

A Poster-Sized Family Tree of Every Apple Product Made

Step right up, fanboys and girls: the relentless data designers at Pop Chart Lab have updated their Insanely Great History of Apple print, and it is a doozy featuring over 500 items from the Cupertino fruit slinger. Read More >>

Seth Rogen is Woz

Variety is reporting that Seth Rogen has got the part as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in Jobs, the upcoming Danny Boyle-directed take on the Apple icon. Christian Bale had already been cast in the title role, and this new addition...well, it's surprising, but kind of great. Read More >>

Unlucky Kids Lost Their School Projects in the Antares Rocket Explosion

Watching the unmanned Antares rocket explode after lift-off was devastating, but the loss was especially tough for a handful of school-kids across the US and Canada. In addition to the masses of supplies onboard were projects they designed for the space journey. Read More >>

NASA’s Unmanned Antares Rocket Exploded Immediately After Lift-Off

We originally touched on this earlier, but the story has escalated quite a bit in the time since. Last night an Antares rocket carrying over 5,000 lbs (about 2,268) of supplies to the International Space Station exploded right after launch at the Orbital Sciences Corp.'s launch complex on Wallops Island. All ground personnel is safe. NASA says that none of the supplies were urgently needed at the ISS. Read More >>

A Symphony of Independent Buskers Perform Together Online

This is wonderful: a symphony of Wi-Fi-enabled, independent buskers on New York's subway system were united by a composer named Ljova, who streamed their performances from different stations onto individual laptops set up in the middle of New York City's Bryant Park. The result? Signal Strength, a marvellous collaborative performance. Read More >>

This Motion-Activated Band Turns Your Arm Into a Sound Effect Machine

Pew Pew! Vroom vroom! Chugga chugga! Time was when playtime special effects were whatever weird sounds you could make with your mouth. Not anymore! Moff is an app-powered snap bracelet designed to get kids up and active by turning arm motions into all kinds of cool audio snippets. Read More >>

This New Ikea Desk Goes From Sit to Stand With the Push of a Button

Sitting is comfy, but hours (and hours and hours) on your rear-end isn't great for your bod (even though it probably won't kill you). Standing is good, but tiresome after a while. Hybrid desks can be pricey but Ikea is betting on Bekant, a workspace that raises and lowers on two telescopic legs with a button push. Read More >>

A German U-Boat From WWII Has Been Found Off the Coast of North Carolina

On July 15th, 1942—in the midst of World War II's long-running Battle of the Atlantic—a German U-boat and a Nicaraguan freighter were wrecked a mere 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina's Cape Hatteras. Now, over seven decades later, their watery resting places have been (re)discovered. Read More >>

This Water-Resistant Goldfish Pouch Looks Wet but Keeps Your Things Dry

As a kid, winning a goldfish in a plastic baggie at the fair was the best possible prize, until they inevitably passed on within a week to that great big glass bowl in the sky. This handy little Tyvek pouch has all the fond memories, none of the deceased aquatic pet. Read More >>

Unearthing 91-Year-Old Sphinxes From the Buried The Ten Commandments Set

Hollywood lore and biblical history have been buried together for almost a century under the coastal sands of California, but archaeologists recently unearthed a massive 15-foot-tall Sphinx built for Cecil B. DeMille's 1923 black-and-white epic The Ten Commandments. Read More >>