Apple Admits it’s Storing Users’ Data on Servers Based in China

Apple has begun keeping some of its Chinese users' personal data in China, Reuters has revealed. That's significant because it is the first tech company to store information in the notoriously snoop-happy country, thus raising concerns that the data might be looked at by authorities. Read More >>

Sorry, But the US FAA Has Decided an ‘Uber for Planes’ Idea Can’t Fly

The US Federal Aviation Authority has shoved your Uber for planes idea back into the hangar. Yesterday, it ruled that it has banned pilots from "publicly offering seats on their planes in exchange for gas money," reports TechCrunch. That puts startups like AirPooler and FlyteNow in a legal bind since they were offering ride-sharing services. Read More >>

‘Text Neck’ is the Latest Health Craze That’s Going to Injure You

At this point, it seems like our electronics are out to kill us because a doctor is warning rabid texters of a new condition called "text neck." Read More >>

Daimler’s Self-Driving Lorry Isn’t Good for Nervous Motorway Drivers

Attention Google: Your self-driving car looks wimpy compared to this self-driving beast-turned-lorry. On Thursday, German automaker Daimler demonstrated the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 (that's when it hopes the vehicle will hit the marketplace) to spectators. Read More >>

US Hospitals are Using Credit Card Data to Predict People’s Health

So, this sounds creepy: Some hospitals in the US are identifying high-risk patients by buying loads of consumer data (i.e. credit card purchases, store loyalty programs, etc.) and plugging it into algorithms so they can step in before the customer gets sick. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, it's currently being used by Carolinas HealthCare System, which is using that type of data to survey the health of its two million members. Read More >>

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Watch This Incredible “Transformers” Stop-Motion Movie Right Now

Save yourself the £12 (or whatever it costs these days) it takes to see the new Transformers movie and watch this instead. A clever YouTube user named Harris Loureiro created an awesome video that blends computer effects and stop-motion features to depict a fight between Optimus Prime and an army of Constructicons. Read More >>