The 20-Year Quest to Track Down Every Bird-of-Paradise Species Before They Vanish

Edwin Scholes has taken dozens of bush plane flights, helicopters and boat trips, and spent countless hours hauling gear up muddy mountains in New Guinea, for nothing more than a song and dance. Sometimes, he only manages to capture a few seconds of footage of the rainforest performances he seeks before his subjects become spooked, vanishing amongst the trees. Read More >>

The Biologists Using Toy Guns to Thwart a Pacific Snake Invasion

Adam Knox was a week into learning how to capture brown tree snakes on the Pacific island of Guam when the first one slithered out of his grasp. He was training for a seek-and-destroy task force capable of deploying to isolated islands and removing any invasive brown tree snakes before they had a chance to wreak the type of havoc on wildlife, humans and even infrastructure they already had on Guam. Read More >>