This Star Wars Concept Art Shows Off the Complex Stylings of Enfys Nest’s Gang

When it comes to character designs, Star Wars gets criminals right. Read More >>

Mike Flanagan’s Version of Stephen King’s Revival is Going to Be Bleak

Mike Flanagan’s version of Doctor Sleep was a fairly hopeful film. It had closure, the overcoming of trauma, the tying up of loose ends. Revival, Flanagan’s next tackling of a Stephen King property, looks like it’s going to have none of that. Misery it is! (Not Misery, though.) Read More >>

New Zealand Authorises Several Film and TV Productions to Start Up, Including Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop

New Zealand is handling Covid-19 better than most, with ongoing cases in the country down to a handful. That makes it a promising place to resume production on all those TV shows and movies we love, and the country has recently authorised a handful of productions to resume or begin inside the country’s borders. Read More >>

Watch the Musical New Teaser for Pixar’s Soul

Art, music, the joys of sound and expression. These things are a meaningful part of what makes being human wonderful. That joy seems to be key to what makes Soul, Pixar’s latest, tick. Read More >>

This Star-Studded The Princess Bride Quarantine Adaptation Is Quibi’s Latest Bid for Attention

If this won’t get you to download Quibi, ain’t nothing going to get you to download Quibi. Read More >>

Kids See Ghosts Is a New Animated Series Starring Kid Cudi and Kanye West

At least, that seems to be the case? It’s all a little unclear. But it does look real nice. Read More >>

The Simpsons and Family Guy Will Also Recast Their Black Characters With Black Actors

The animation industry is currently going through a small reckoning as it finally, finally, really, finally seems to realise that its characters of colour could be voiced by actors of colour just as easily as white ones. Read More >>

Jaws Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb Reflects on the Suddenly Relevant Legacy of the Mayor From Jaws

I feel like I’ve thought more about the mayor from Jaws more in the past three months than I have in the entire rest of my life, multiplied several times over. Out of all the major pop culture figures people have referenced as they’ve struggled to deal with the ongoing global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, he’s the one who feels most resonant: a seemingly humble politician who will always toe the party line, even if it means getting a lot of people killed. Even if it means denying the reality of the world right in front of him. Read More >>

doctor who
Watch David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker Judge a Doctor Who Cosplay Contest

Only one catch: the cosplays were made in a day, with only household items. I guess that’s two catches. Read More >>

This Trailer for The King’s Man Takes Super Spy Action to the Early 20th Century

When shadowy masterminds threaten to descend the world into chaos, the Kingsman steps in. Even if his agency was only just created. It’s prequel time. Read More >>

Marvel’s Cancelled New Warriors Series Would Have Featured M.O.D.O.K., of All People

Imagine, if you will, a world where M.O.D.O.K., the Marvel Universe’s most cylindrical villain, was mainstream. Such a strange, beautiful dream may be coming, what with him actually having an animated series on the way. But it could have happened much sooner. Read More >>

star wars
Adam Driver’s Version of Kylo Ren’s Backstory is Realistic and Depressing

Kylo Ren has an official backstory, which involves him being shipped off to Luke’s Jedi Academy, his angst and frustration at trying to live up to his large legacy, and more than a little bit of big Dark Side intervention from the baddies of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. In Adam Driver’s mind, that story was a bit more simple and grounded. Read More >>

Kenneth Branagh Had a Stressful Time Making the Original Thor

When Kenneth Branagh directed Thor and brought the most electrifying Avenger to the big screen, he changed the face of the modern Blockbuster. Not because Thor was that great or groundbreaking – it was pretty solid! – but because doing so provided the connective tissue that allowed the Marvel Cinematic Universe to begin dominating Hollywood. It proved that the mishmash of aesthetics that make up the shared Marvel universe could work on film. That burden was, as it turns out, a lot of pressure. Read More >>

Patrick Wilson Signs On to Fight the Moon in Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall

Roland Emmerich has, in his time, made a lot of ridiculous disaster movies. He had mankind take on aliens. Godzilla. Giant spiders. The Mayan apocalypse. And now, he’s preparing to guide humanity through a trial with its greatest foe yet: the moon. Read More >>