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Saturday Night Live Gives Oscar the Grouch the Joker Treatment, and It’s Perfectly Ridiculous

>Joker is a lot of things to a lot of people. But at its core, it’s also a movie that takes a cartoonish clown villain incredibly, incredibly seriously. Saturday Night Live decided last night to give that treatment to another absurd bad guy. Read More >>

Millie Bobby Brown Didn’t Initially Like the Stranger Things Season 3 Ending

Being an actor on television can be challenging when you don’t know what’s going to happen to the character you’ve poured your heart and soul into for years. Which means that, like Millie Bobby Brown upon learning about the ending of the last season of Stranger Things, one’s initial reaction to a surprise might not be a happy one. Read More >>

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This Video Explores the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Obsession With Father Figures

Iron Man, Thanos, Ant-Man, Star-Lord’s weird planet dad. The Marvel Studios movies love, love, love fathers. Read More >>

Watch the Trailer for Robert Downey, Jr.’s Next Big Role, Which for Some Reason is Doolittle

There are a few inevitables in life. Death will come for us all. Everyone has to pay taxes unless they’re rich. And Hollywood is never going to stop rebooting that film series about the doctor who can talk to animals. Read More >>

The Newest Marvel Rising Special Introduces Shuri to the Secret Warriors’ Girl Gang

Shuri, the smartest person in the world, and absolutely one of the coolest. Now’s a great time to be a Shuri fan; after Black Panther made her a household name, she’s been appearing all over the place, and it’s been fantastic. Read More >>

Carnival Row Now Has Daredevil’s Old Showrunner

We were disappointed by Carnival Row, a show which had a lot of potential but fell a bit flat. Turns out, the ongoing show has had some ongoing creative disagreements – enough so that it’s seeing a significant set of backstage changes. Read More >>

A Troubled Student Is Haunted By His Old Imaginary Friend in Daniel Isn’t Real

The producers of Mandy are working on what looks to be a psychedelic, unnerving take on the traditional doppelganger story. Daniel Isn’t Real is the story of what happens when you rekindle your relationship with your childhood imaginary friend, only he’s an edgelord now and he maybe also wants to murder you. Read More >>

G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles Will Take the Reins of The Dreaming Next Year

As announced this weekend during New York Comic Con, G. Willow Wilson, the comics writer who first brought Kamala Khan to the page, will be taking up as the writer of The Dreaming, DC’s ongoing set in the Dreaming, the seat of power for Dream of the Endless. Joining her will be artist Nick Robles (Doctor Mirage). Read More >>

Joker Has Menaced Its Way Into an October Box Office Record

The eminently controversial clown movie (what a thing to say) Joker, directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, has made its theatrical debut in a month not known for big openings or high budget extravaganzas. With that said, its opening weekend did exceedingly well. Read More >>

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Christina Aguilera’s Song For Morticia Addams in the New Addams Family is Actually Good

Everything about The Addams Family beyond the (admittedly great) casting has confused me. A new animated adaptation of the creepy family? Okay, I get it, but the art style… seems a little off? The plot involves them, uh, going to New Jersey? And there’s been almost no marketing? Every bit of new information that trickles out about this film, I become more wary. Surely the Addams Family, inspiration to goth nerds everywhere, deserves better. Read More >>

Celebrate a Pivotal Moment in Comics History With This Animated Recap

Never mess with Scarlet Witch. If things go bad, and she gets upset enough, she could always, y’know, erase you from reality. Read More >>

Rob Garrison, the Man Who Said Karate Kid’s Best Line, Has Died

We’re fans of Karate Kid and its surprisingly interesting YouTube revival around these parts, so it’s particularly saddening to report that Rob Garrison, who played a role in the original Karate Kid and also returned for a short arc on Cobra Kai, has died. Read More >>