Stephen King’s Proposed New Ending For Pet Sematary Is Surprisingly Hopeful

Stephen King is not exactly known for things turning out all right. But the ending he suggested for the new film adaptation for Pet Sematary is actually kind of, dare I say, nice? Read More >>

This Overlook Hotel Welcome Mat Is the Best, Least Inviting Way to Greet Your Friends

The idea of a welcome mat, generally, is to make someone feel invited into your home. It’s a form of greeting for your friends and their (presumably dirty) feet. This welcome mat, inspired by The Shining, won’t do that. But if you’re looking to make your home feel more supernaturally unsettling, you’re in luck. Read More >>

Lucifer’s First Netflix Promo is Playful and a Little Racy

Lucifer, like many shows before it, is finding a second life in streaming, and the first promo for the Satan-starring TV show is eager to seize the moment Netflix has provided it. Read More >>

Netflix Has Hired a New Screenwriter to Write an Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz Crossover

The public domain produces some wild crossovers—one of its many virtues—and Netflix is hoping to capitalise on that madcap joy by bringing two of classic literature’s heroines together. Read More >>

Australia Might Be the Next Major Marvel Movie Shooting Destination

Those of us not well versed in the movie business might wonder, why do movies shoot where they do? Sometimes it’s due to needing a certain look, or wanting a certain real-life location to appear in the film. But, often, there’s a much more simple reason: taxes. Read More >>

Like a Boomerang, Jai Courtney Is Coming Back Around for The Suicide Squad

One of DC’s most delightful D-List villains is coming right back round the bend for The Suicide Squad. Read More >>

Emily Bett Rickards Will Not Return to Arrow For Its Final Season

For nearly the entirety of Arrow, Emily Bett Rickards has portrayed Felicity Smoak, one of the show’s primary leads. But after its seventh season, Arrow will be losing Rickards and, presumably, Smoak along with her. Read More >>

Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy Will Star In Superhero Movie Thunder Force

The superhero film train never ends. Now, Netflix is getting on board with a new superhero film that seems very close to having its stars: Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer. Read More >>

Shazam’s Director Got a Delightful Memento of the Production

I’m always interested to see what objects from a film’s production get a second life in the real world, becoming personal mementos, auctionable collectibles, or being re-used in some other way. For Shazam, director David F. Sandberg got a costume – but not in the way you might expect. Read More >>

Child’s Play Nabs Mark Hamill to Voice Chucky

Chucky is a chaotic legend, and to really sell the new Child’s Play, the film’s creators had better shell out for a great voice a—Oh, they got Mark Hamill? They got Mark Hamill. Read More >>

Jonathan Hickman Returns to Marvel Comics With Two X-Men Books

Jonathan Hickman has had some legendary Marvel runs. His Fantastic Four saga is still shaping depictions of the first family of Marvel, and his Avengers run is almost equally as beloved. Now, after a couple years away, Hickman is back, writing not one, but two X-Men books. Read More >>

The Animators Behind Into the Spider-Verse Got Together To Create Their Own Fantastic Audio Commentary

The real star of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse wasn’t any incarnation of Spider-Man: it was the art. The distinctive art style earned Spider-Verse justified mountains of praise, and now the animators of the film have banded together to create a real treat for fans. Read More >>

A High School in America Turned Alien into a Gigerific Stage Play

Generally speaking, creating unlicensed adaptations of film properties is frowned upon in local theater scenes. But sometimes, you get away with it by creating something super rad, which is what happened in the case of Alien: The Play, a full-length adaptation of Ridley Scott’s Alien helmed by Perfecto Cuervo, an English teacher at North Bergen High School in New Jersey USA alongside his student players. Read More >>

Idris Elba in Talks to Join Mouse Guard, Too

Is it just me, or is Idris Elba in everything lately? His prospective genre film list is blowing up – from Hobbs and Shaw, to The Suicide Squad, and now Mouse Guard. He’s even in Cats! Elba is going all-in on being our rugged genre fiction hero, and I’m here for it. Read More >>