Jeff Goldblum Has Now Been Memorialised in the Immortal Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle 

In defiance of chaos theory, these jigsaw puzzles bring some order to the world. Some Goldblum-y order. Read More >>

The Live-Action Kim Possible Movie Will Have One Important Tie to the Original

Among the people I know who grew up watching Kim Possible, news of Disney making a live-action movie has been somewhat controversial. The original, after all, so effectively alchemised so many elements that made it work way better than it had any right to. Read More >>

Ant-Man & The Wasp Could Have Had Laurence Fishburne Show Off as Goliath

Laurence Fishburne is, by all accounts, a welcome addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s a great actor, and my only complaint with his appearance in Ant-Man & The Wasp is that there wasn’t more of it. Read More >>

These Avatar: The Last Airbender Posters Have Mastered All Four Elements

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The forces that hold all benders together also bind together these excellent posters. Read More >>

Sideshow’s Imposing Doomsday Statue is Ready to Kill Every Superman on Your Toy Shelf

Superman lives, but maybe not for long if this incredible Doomsday statue has anything to say about it. Read More >>

Barry Allen is Getting a New Suit in The Flash’s Fifth Season, Here’s Our First Look

Barry Allen’s look in the fifth season of The Flash is maybe the most comic-book faithful yet. Read More >>

That Special Effect at the End of Avengers: Infinity War Was Based on One Specific Infinity Stone

The power of the whole Infinity Gauntlet was needed to fulfil Thanos’s master plan, but if the special effects are any indication, it was one stone in particular that did the job. Read More >>

The Y: The Last Man TV Show Will Use CGI for Ampersand the Monkey

I have two vivid memories of my time reading Y: The Last Man, the epochal comics series by Brian K Vaughn and artist Pia Guerra. The first is the basic premise. The second is that monkey, Ampersand. Read More >>

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Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Director Dissects One of the Movie’s Huge Fights

Making a fight scene for a big superhero movie is complicated. Making a fight scene where the heroes are constantly shrinking and growing is even more complicated. Read More >>

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The Newest Gen:Lock Teaser Offers an Early Look at the Show’s Mecha Action

Gen:Lock, the newest series from Rooster Teeth, is a bit shrouded in mystery. We know there are giant robots and some big names, but we’ve seen scant little of the intriguing series in action. This new teaser gives us a bit more to go on. Read More >>

The Minecraft Movie Has Lost Its Writer and Director

The adaptation of the juggernaut videogame is having some problems. Read More >>

The Producers of Lost Have Apologised to Evangeline Lilly for “Cornered” Nude Scenes

It’s a well known fact at this point that Evangeline Lilly considered quitting acting after her tenure on the ABC scifi drama Lost, only deciding not to quit after her experience on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films. Read More >>

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Donnie Yen Has Some Insight Into Why Star Wars Doesn’t Do Well in China

China is an increasingly essential part of the global film market, and cracking into success there is a venture that any Hollywood film franchise needs to take seriously. Star Wars has not done exceptionally well, and Donnie Yen, who was in Star Wars himself, has some thoughts as to why. Read More >>