Kevin Hart and Paramount Are Developing a Remake of Scrooged, Which We Can All Agree is Very Necessary

When I think of movies I need to see again, with new actors and a slightly refreshed script, of course I think of the moderately charming late-’80s Bill Murray vehicle Scrooged. Do you – do you not? Read More >>

Tom Holland Has No Idea How Americans Say the Word ‘Multiverse’

Recently, Tom Holland gave a promotional interview with the outlet Pinkvilla, which was, in large part, an extremely normal interview about Spider-Man: Far From Home. Holland talked about Tony Stark, Peter Parker’s growing maturity, and his own surprising ability to keep Avengers: Endgame spoilers under wraps. Then we start talking about the multiverse. Read More >>

Daredevil’s Incredible Prison Fight Scene Isn’t Eligible for a Stunt Emmy for a Silly Reason

Time is everything, and it happens to be Daredevil’s worst enemy where the Emmys are concerned. Read More >>

star wars
A Crew of VFX Artists Take on the CGI of the Star Wars Prequels

The people at the Corridor Crew production studio run a series of YouTube videos called “VFX Artists React,” where their artists dissect, respond to, and try to understand the effects work in TV and film. This weekend, they tackled the harbinger of modern VFX: the Star Wars prequels, which pioneered and heavily used many techniques and styles that would define visual effects work in the 21st century. Read More >>

The Tick’s Creator Has Given Up on Finding the Show a New Home

Our hearts were broken recently when Amazon’s The Tick, a well-deserved revival of a classic franchise, was cancelled after only two seasons. Read More >>

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Stranger Things Now Has Its Own ’80s-Style Coca Cola Ad

The Coca Cola ad is a strange but everlasting tradition of American pop culture. Coke has advertised in so many different styles and eras that its ads are a bellwether for what pop media was like in any given era of Americana. Which means, of course, it’s about time that Stranger Things got in the game. Read More >>

Disney Is Moving Forward With Construction on Its Marvel Theme Park Expansion

With Galaxy’s Edge a success, it’s time for Disney to move forward on its next franchise-incorporating theme park project: a Marvel park. Read More >>

Apparently, Replicating the Star Wars Wipe in Jedi: Fallen Order Was a Nightmare

Developing a complicated, high-tech action game with robust physics, stunning graphics, and a lore-accurate Star Wars story? Oh, that’s tricky, but doable. Getting those wipe transitions correct? Dear Lord. Read More >>

This Interactive Timeline Helps Make Sense of Avengers: Endgame’s Time Travel Logic

Time travel is complicated, which means it’s time for some charts. Read More >>

Jason Reitman Continues to Tease the Return of Classic Ghostbusters Stars in the Upcoming Reboot

Recently, actress Sigourney Weaver, who played Dana Barrett in the original Ghostbusters, suggested to Parade Magazine that she might be returning for the new film, helmed by Jason Reitman. Read More >>

Teen Titans: Raven, the Next DC Ink Graphic Novel, is Due Out 2nd July, and Here’s a Trailer

DC Ink is DC’s latest attempt to break into the YA direct market, and its next release, written by YA author Kami Garcia and drawn by Gabriel Picolo (who rose to viral fame with his illustrations of casual Teen Titans), is Teen Titans: Raven, coming out this summer. Read More >>