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The First Trailer For James Gunn’s Brightburn Offers a Horrifying Take On a Familiar Superheroic Myth

You know the story: the loving parents desperate for a child. The space ship, careening from some far-off planet. A special child. Only this time, the kid doesn’t grow up to be Superman. Read More >>

The Creators of Into the Spider-Verse Talk the Importance of Miles Morales

Miles isn’t Peter Parker. And that simple fact is really, really essential. Read More >>

These Villainous Character Art Mashups Will Bring Terror to Every Fictional Universe

What’s better than a good bad guy? Two good bad guys rolled into one. Two great tastes that taste evil together. Read More >>

Guillermo del Toro Fought For Years to Get Ron Perlman as Hellboy

Guillermo del Toro will fight hard for what he believes in. Freaky monster sex, Harry Potter, and, apparently, Ron Perlman. Read More >>

star trek
This Video Explores Why the Star Trek Movie’s Enterprise Design is So Clever

I usually don’t give a lot of thought to ship designs in science fiction movies. My general assumption is that they exist to look cool, with function considered as a secondary problem if at all. Read More >>

Charlie Brooker Was Worried That San Junipero’s Twist Was Too Obvious

A few days ago, Vulture published a wide-ranging, exhaustive oral history of the excellent Black Mirror episode “San Junipero,” a stunning fable about queerness, love, and second chances. Read More >>

star wars
The Producer of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Talks Being ‘Playful’ With Classic Canon

Yesterday, Lucasfilm released the first batch of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures shorts, a series of animated shorts that pair new visuals with audio from the films, creating bite-sized reinterpretations of the Star Wars universe perfect for kids (except for the Darth Vader one, which is… kinda brutal). They’re playful, odd interpretations of their source material, and that’s the point. Read More >>

Looks Like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Will Be Back April 2019

Hail magic Satan! Looks like we know when Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming back, and it’s a lot sooner than expected. Read More >>

Thanos Narrated an Early Draft of Avengers: Infinity War

*record scratch* “Yeah, that’s me, Thanos. I bet you’re wondering how I ended up in this crazy situation. Well...” Read More >>

This He-Man Action Figure Is Ready for Christmas

Seasonal action figures are a really fun idea. And who’s more suited for Christmas than the Master of the Universe himself, He-Man? After all, he’s taken his turn as Santa before, in a wonderfully bizarre Christmas special. Why not take that power to plastic? Read More >>

The Walking Dead Executive Producer Greg Nicotero Reminisces About Working With George Romero

Before he was a formative presence on The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero worked as an assistant for Tom Savini on George Romero’s 1985 classic Day of the Dead. Recently, he reminisced on working with the late director, and he’s got some great stories to tell from the experience. Read More >>

Rebellion, Owner of Judge Dredd, is Opening a New TV and Film Studio

Rebellion, the video game studio that owns 2000 AD and related properties like Judge Dredd, has purchased space to set up a £78 million film and TV studio. Read More >>

Ralph Breaks the Internet Had An Amazing Cut Cameo Planned Featuring the Golden Girls

In an interview with Yahoo! EntertainmentRalph Breaks the Internet co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston revealed what might be the best, and most tragically lost, cut cameo in the history of cameo-heavy-but-still-delightful films. Read More >>

It’s 2018, and Somehow Woody Woodpecker is Getting a Reboot

Not that Woody Woodpecker, the beloved cartoon creature whose largest personality traits are 1) being a cartoon character and 2) being a woodpecker, and 3) being David Lynch’s mortal enemy was necessarily sacred. But he’s not exactly who I’d guess would be getting a reboot, y’know? Read More >>

The Man Who Fell to Earth Director Nicolas Roeg Dies at Age 90

Nicolas Roeg, director and cinematographer for such lauded genre films as The Witches and the Gizmodo favourite The Man Who Fell to Earth, has passed away at age 90, Variety reports. Read More >>