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This Fan Film Reimagines Avatar: the Last Airbender’s Final Agni Kai

The final confrontation between Zuko and Azula is one of the most compelling moments of the original Avatar series. The final agni kai, fought in the tradition of the Fire Nation: just one on one, no holds barred, all fire and fury. It’s an incredible moment, and it’s incredible in this fan film, too. Read More >>

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Rick and Morty Just Released a Short Samurai Film and it’s Awesome

Really? Oh. Uh. Yeah, okay, that’s definitely what they did. Read More >>

Ryan Gosling is in Talks to Produce and Star in the Adaptation of Andy Weir’s Project Hail Mary

When you wrote the book behind the hit The Martian, it turns out you become pretty popular with Hollywood. This might explain why there’s been a hot bidding war for Andy Weir’s newest novel, Project Hail Mary, before it’s even out. Read More >>

Into the Night is an Upcoming Netflix Series About the Sun’s Final Revenge

As Charles Montgomery Burns once explained it, the sun is the greatest enemy of the modern man. Giver of heat, but tyrant of time and, frankly, a real pain to people wanting to run power companies. All that free light! Please. But, finally, the sun is going to have its vengeance for mankind’s impetuous ire. That vengeance is Into the Night. Read More >>

Liven Up Social Isolation With a G.I. Joe Marathon, Courtesy of Hasbro

G.I Joe (Action Force innit) is both one of the cheesiest and one of the most fondly remembered of the ‘80s wave of toyetic action cartoons. Does it hold up to your nostalgia? Well, now, during this period of widespread social distancing amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, is certainly the time to find out. Read More >>

See the Messy Dry-Erase Board That Guided the Storytelling of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Storytelling is hard. Crafting a strong narrative can require complex planning and a lot of adaptational skills. Also, it helps to have giant whiteboards full of notes. Read More >>

Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton Talk the Growth of Their Characters in Westworld Season 3

The third season of Westworld is forcing everyone to change, to grow, and to explore what power they have and how best to use it. As the outside world joins the equation, everything just gets much more complicated. Read More >>

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Patton Oswalt Is the Greatest Kaiju in This Goofy Short Film

Kaiju. Japanese game shows. Patton Oswalt getting beat up. Really, this short film has it all. Read More >>

The Walking Dead’s Youth-Oriented Spinoff World Beyond Has Been Delayed

The second generation of The Walking Dead’s world is going to have to wait a bit longer for their journey, as The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been delayed. Read More >>

Sonic the Hedgehog Is Racing to a Digital Release Earlier Than Expected

As the novel coronavirus continues to shake up, well, everything, media companies have started to adapt. One big change is that digital releases are suddenly much more likely to come sooner rather than later, what with the box office pretty much non-existent. Read More >>

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These Children Ask Tom Holland Some Intense Questions About Spider-Man and His Career

Children, due to our perceiving them as innocent, can get away with some things adults can’t. They can be curious, for instance, in ways that would be perceived as rude or downright offensive if us grownups tried it. Which makes them fantastic celebrity interviewers. Read More >>

Westworld’s Creators Talk About What to Expect in the Third Season

The third season of Westworld is upon us, to offer mysteries, insights into the danger of big technology, and stuff to argue about on Reddit. Read More >>

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The Writers Behind The Walking Dead Are Well Prepared to Work Safely During a Pandemic

Perhaps appropriately, the team writing The Walking Dead already has all the infrastructure in place to work safely during a quarantine situation. Read More >>

Disney Has Released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Digital Platforms Several Days Early

Do you need something to do while you’re staying home, which is easily the best thing you can do to stem the tide of Covid-19, the sickness caused by the novel coronavirus that's currently spreading widely throughout a large swathe of the world? Well, Disney has some help. Well, depending on how you feel about The Rise of Skywalker. Read More >>