The Internet Loves the Love Between Eddie Brock and the Symbiote

We’ve written about Venom’s, uh, for lack of a better term, highkey sexy subtext. But maybe we’re being closed-minded, and it’s actually incredibly romantic. The internet seems to think so. Read More >>

One of the Screenwriters of the Original Aladdin Has a Big Complaint About the Remake

Recently, we got the first teaser of Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin. It was just a mood piece – though not exactly cryptic, come on, it’s Aladdin – but it revealed the style of the new film and included a couple iconic lines of dialogue. For certain viewers of the teaser, though, like screenwriter Terry Rossio, who has a writing credit on the film, that’s the source of a lot of frustration. Read More >>

Chris Evans’ Last Day on the Avengers 4 Set Was Apparently Not All That Exciting

Finishing a film, and especially finishing a film that might be (if very plausible rumours are to be believed) your last outing in a long film franchise, sounds exciting, right? Doing one last big scene, putting a capper on an incredible experience. Read More >>

Report: There Might be an Alias Reboot in the Works

Sydney Bristow is back from her time in deep cover. Maybe. Read More >>

The Expanse Is Back With a Quick, Tantalising Look at Its Fourth Season

All good dogs go to heaven, and all good shows get hot streaming revivals. Or, well, it worked out for The Expanse, anyway. Read More >>

Deadly Class Is Coming in January to Say Yes to Ultraviolence

The ‘80s were a turbulent time. The Drug War, the Cold War, the plague of teen assassins roaming the land. That sounds about right, yeah? Right? Read More >>

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These Fans Take Their Stormbreaker Replica Very Seriously

Thor’s lightning-wielding, Thanos-threatening axe is quite a weapon. And these fans take the process of making it reality very seriously. Read More >>

High-Quality Jurassic Park Stills Are the Ideal Decoration For the Serious Dinosaur Lover

A single frame from a film can often be a work of art. They should be displayed as such. Read More >>

According to the Director, Venom Was Always Intended to Be a PG-13

Much has been made about the fact that Venom, for all its vague horror aesthetics, has a PG-13 rating in America, which suggests a basic limit to how horrific things will get. But according to director Ruben Fleischer, that was always planned to be the case. Read More >>