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Shatner Wasn’t Initially too Keen on Khan in Star Trek II

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was a success on the strength of its villain. But William Shatner wasn’t sure a returning series villain was such a good idea. Read More >>

This Silence of the Lambs Action Figure Is Too Realistic

Anyone who’s ever wanted the cold, hard eyes of a murderous Anthony Hopkins staring at them is in luck, because this Hannibal action figure is so accurate it’s uncanny. Read More >>

Twin Peaks Actor Takes on the Immortal Question: Is James Hurley Cool?

James Marshall, who plays wannabe bad boy James Hurley on Twin Peaks, finally had a chance to share his opinion on a debate that has consumed the show’s fandom for decades. Is Laura Palmer’s former beau cool? Read More >>

Netflix’s Death Note Creators Don’t Really Understand The Whitewashing Criticism

Last night, Netflix’s Death Note adaptation premiered in New York City, and the screening gave its creators a chance to respond to the widespread criticism of the film’s whitewashing of Japanese characters and context. Their responses aren’t exactly encouraging, but at least they’re talking? Read More >>

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This Star Wars Timeline Brings Back a Legendary Style

There are a lot of things I miss from the old Star Wars Legends timeline. Kyle Katarn. Synthetic lightsaber crystals. Mara Jade. But what I really pine for are the timelines. Read More >>

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Best Poster Was Born When Tom Holland Took a Nap

The best promotional image for Spider-Man: Homecoming was the result of a happy accident. In fact, Tom Holland didn’t even know he was being photographed for it. Because he was asleep. Read More >>

Video Shows How Alien: Covenant Is Simply Dripping With Classic Art

Alien: Covenant may not have met our expectations, but it was undoubtedly visually compelling. The dark sci-fi tableaus sketched out by director Ridley Scott and cinematographer Dariusz Wolski are lush and vivid, regardless of anything that does or doesn't happen in them. Read More >>

Chris Hemsworth Felt Liberated By Thor’s Ragnarok Haircut

When Thor faces the fall of Asgard and a trip into outer space in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, he’s going to do it with a new, shorter hairdo and a full-on Sadness Beard. It’s a look that has at least one major fan in Chris Hemsworth himself. Read More >>

James Cameron Made Only One Change When Bringing Terminator 2 Back To Theatres

James Cameron, perfectionist that he is, seems pretty happy with Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And who can blame him? It's a stunning action film. So for the 3D theatrical re-release, Cameron left the film alone. Mostly. Read More >>

Wonder Woman Could Be Coming to the Flash Movie

When Barry Allen traverses the time stream at high speeds in the upcoming Flash movie, Diana of Themyscira might be coming along for the ride. Read More >>

Indira Varma Spills The Fate Of Her Game Of Thrones Character, Ellaria Sand

Indira Varma, who plays Ellaria Sand on HBO's Game of Thrones, revealed in a recent interview the likely future for her character on the popular fantasy show. Be warned, potential spoilers follow, even for those who are up-to-date! Read More >>

Thanks To Japan We Finally Have A Spectacular Spider-Man: Homecoming Poster

We have a complicated relationship with the posters for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Some of them have been pretty cool, while others have been a little bit of a disaster. Finally, though, we have one that we can all agree on, unambiguously, 100% without a doubt: this is awesome. Read More >>

Next DC Animated Movie Looks to Be Batman’s Gotham By Gaslight

Batman’s next animated flick could be going full Victorian. Read More >>