Serial Recap, Episode One: “Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown”

Rejoice, for Serial has returned. The second season of the popular podcast is here, with a new case to try in the court of public opinion. Focused on the disappearance of Private Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan, this time around Serial is going big. Buckle up, kids. Read More >>

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This is How the Ocean Makes Earth Liveable

Seventy percent of Earth’s surface is ocean, and without it, the other 30 per cent would barely be inhabitable. The ocean absorbs and distributes heat around the globe, and it acts as a planet-sized CO2 scrubber, saving us all from a runaway greenhouse effect like the one that turned Venus into a hell-world. But the ocean, like the rest of Earth’s climate system, is changing — and not for the better. Read More >>

Everyone is Too Busy Watching Netflix to Pirate Content

Streaming video services now comprise 70 per cent of Americans’ internet use at night, which means that hardly anyone is using BitTorrent anymore. RIP, piracy. Arise, Sir Netflix. Read More >>

Travel Back in Time to the Ancient Internet With oldweb.today

Remember the internet of yore? Oldweb.today renders websites in creaky browsers and load times, and will induce nostalgia, flashbacks and cold sweats. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic Announces New “Cosmic Girl” Mothership That Could Help It Compete With SpaceX

Space cowboy Richard Branson and his company, Virgin Galactic, has showed off a 747-400 airplane that could launch rocket payloads from the air, straight into orbit. Read More >>

Is Studying Computer Science Worth the Bother?

A uni student told me he was debating whether to specialise in computer science (CS) or not. How would you settle that debate? Read More >>

Researchers Say Google’s Nest Cam Never Turns Off

A team of researchers did a teardown of Google’s Nest Cam and discovered that even when the user turns it off, the camera continues to function. Read More >>

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Video of Father Explaining the Paris Attacks to His Son Goes Hugely Viral

Angel Le and his six-year-old son Brandon were visiting a memorial in Paris when a reporter for Le Petit Journal stopped to ask a few questions. The resulting clip was shared more than 11 million times on Facebook, generated a tearful stream of tweets, and millions of views from around the world. Read More >>

SpaceX Close to Winning its First-Ever Military Mission

It looks like SpaceX is set to win its first US military contract. Elon Musk’s company sued for the right to be considered, and now it is the last one standing after United Launch Alliance’s Russian-made engines have become an issue. Read More >>

Learning the Building Blocks of Coding With Minecraft

A computer-coding organisation recently launched a Star Wars-themed “Hour of Code” tutorial, and now it is geeking it up a notch: a brand-new program is based in the world of world-building game Minecraft. Read More >>

These Classic Macintosh Peripherals are Absolutely Bonkers

Vintage Computing has put together a collection of the most delightfully wacky peripherals from the classic Mac era. Here are our favourites. Read More >>

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Watch Astronaut Kjell Lindgren Play “Amazing Grace” in Space—With Bagpipes! 

Bagpipes. IN SPACE. And the touching reason why they’re being played. Read More >>

Watch Alanis Morissette Sing An Updated “Ironic” for the Internet Age

It’s a traffic jam, when you tried to use Waze. A no smoking sign, when you brought your vape. It’s like swiping left on your future soul mate. Read More >>