Handmaid’s Tale Cleans Up at the Emmys

The nominations for the 69th Emmy Awards were full of buzzy genre hits which all deserved attention for various reasons. But the undisputed winner of all them tonight was Handmaid’s Tale which took home five awards, including one for star Elisabeth Moss and for Best Drama. Read More >>

Patty Jenkins Has Finally Closed a Deal to Direct Wonder Woman 2

It has taken a surprisingly long time for Warner Bros. to finalise a deal for Patty Jenkins to come back and direct a second Wonder Woman movie. While that means Warner Bros. didn’t lock her down for a sequel beforehand, it hopefully means Jenkins was able to get a better deal. Read More >>

Try to Contain Your Surprise That Jared Leto Went Way Over the Top on the Blade Runner 2049 Set

By his own admission, nothing Jared Leto did on set for Blade Runner 2049 was anywhere near as extreme as stuff he has done in the past. However, did Leto have special contacts made so that he wouldn’t have the use of his eyes for the duration of filming? Yes. Yes, he did. Of course he did. Read More >>

star trek
Relive Star Trek: The Next Generation With Posters for Every Single Episode

As he did for The Original Series, Juan Ortiz has undertaken the task of creating art for every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. And we have eight of them here for your perusal. Read More >>

game of thrones
The Characters Most Likely to Die in the Game of Thrones Season Finale

Season seven of Game of Thrones, short as it is, has been surprisingly light on major deaths. Sure, there have been people who have died, but nothing on the level that we’ve come to expect from a show that, last year, had us deeply mourning the death of Hodor. So chances are this Monday's finale will have at last one big death coming—and based on where the show seems to be heading and some clues from the book, we have some guesses. Read More >>

The Excellent Defenders is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

It sounds like an insult to say that The Defenders is exactly what you thought it would be, but it isn’t. It’s a show that’s very aware of the expectations put upon it and the problems encountered by the other Marvel Netflix shows, and it knows how to best utilise its cast and its time. In other words, it’s great. Read More >>

Our Spoiler-Free Review of The Defenders’ First Episode

As is their tradition, Marvel and Netflix didn’t just bring a clip of their latest show to their panel. They brought the whole first episode, and we have a spoiler-free review. Short version: It’s awesome. Read More >>

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Shrek Footage Perfectly Synced With the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Will Break Your Mind

Full disclosure: I’ve had a fair amount of cold medication today. But this mashup a) works far better than it has any right to; and b) Donkey as Loki may have actually caused me to get sicker when the shock destroyed my immune system. Read More >>

star wars
Benicio Del Toro Is Just The Latest In A Long Line Of Star Wars Hacker Characters

Yesterday, EW broke the news that Benicio Del Toro's Last Jedi character is a "slicer" that Finn (John Boyega) and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) are tracking down. Despite the fact that you may never have heard the word slicer in a Star Wars movie, they have a long and important history in that universe. Read More >>

The Magnificent Zune Steals This Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Deleted Scene

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, James Gunn gave himself a way to keep making soundtracks filled with classic hits without having Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) somehow find a new mix tape over and over. All thanks to... the Zune. Read More >>

James Gunn’s Got Ideas for a Guardians of the Galaxy Spin-Off

In the MCU, the Ravagers are a band of criminals with a specific code. In the comics, those characters were also the original Guardians of the Galaxy. And while there’s been some speculation that the movies could switch the order around and have the Ravagers pick up the mantle, James Gunn recently talked about the spinoff potential of these characters. Read More >>

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Okay, So Now Star Trek: Discovery Can Say ‘God’

The USS Discovery has got to be a ship stuck in one location, based on the number of weird u-turns and backpedals it has done. Contrary to the article in which Entertainment Weekly previewed its cover story on Star Trek: Discovery, apparently “God” is a perfectly fine word for a Terran to say. Read More >>

Dark Tower’s Production Was Plagued by Too Many Vetos: Report

Well, this might be the answer we’ve been looking for. Variety has a story detailing the issues that The Dark Tower movie has run into. It’s an interesting read, but the detail that sticks out the most is that three separate entities apparently had some form of veto power over the film. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek: Discovery Will Include Tribbles Because, At This Point, Sure, Why Not?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Star Trek: Discovery, a weird conglomeration of good impulses and bad choices. What is it about Tribbles that everyone feels the need to include them in their prequels? Read More >>

star trek
Hey, Remember the Last Time Spock Had a Secret Sibling on Star Trek?

It was recently revealed that the main character of Star Trek: Discovery, Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), was raised by Spock’s parents and is, therefore, Spock’s adopted sister. And my reaction was, “How many secret siblings does Spock have?” Because we’ve gone down this road before. It’s been a long road getting from there to here. Read More >>