Logan Paul ‘Suicide Forest’ Game Appears on Xbox Creator’s Collection

Xbox Creator's Collection is a fairly new initiative that allows independent game creators to publish their games to the Xbox Store with "no concept approval required". It sounds like a great idea in principle, sure, but as the latest game to appear on the store shows, it's an absolute disaster waiting to happen. Read More >>

Children’s Magnetic Putty Removed From Amazon For Dangerously High Arsenic Levels

Arsenic isn't something that you should have to worry about being included in children's toys in any amount, really. But a magnetic putty that was listed on Amazon from a third party was found to contain seven times the legal amount of the poisonous chemical. Read More >>

top gear
BBC Two Give Us Our First Look at the New Series of Top Gear

A brand new series of Top Gear is just around the corner! Hooray/Groan [delete as appropriate]. Read More >>

London Might Be Getting a Concert Venue Shaped Like a Giant Golf Ball

American company Madison Square Garden Company (MSGC) has revealed plans to create its first venue outside of the United States: a massive concert arena near to the Olympic park in Newham. Read More >>

Could This Be The Most Suspicious Looking Lego Set Ever?

This Lego set from 1996 is called 'Gator Landing', but it looks much more suspicious to us than that. Dodgy-looking geezers walking around with wads of cash and an unmarked vehicles? There's a Lego cocaine smuggle going down! Read More >>

smart speakers
Sonos’ Special Offer Lets You Buy Two Sonos One Speakers for Almost The Same Price as One HomePod

From today, Apple's HomePod will be available to pre-order. A speaker and a home assistant, it's a little on the pricier side of the scale for £320. For an extra measly £30, you can buy two Sonos Ones. Read More >>

Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle) Visits Michelangelo (the Artist) at the Met

New York's Met - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - is currently housing an exhibition of Michelangelo's work. Running until 12th February, what better way to celebrate one of the greatest artists of the western world than by having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle namesake pop along to take a visit? Read More >>

Online School Offers ‘Nanodegree’ in Flying Cars

There are already a lot of degrees out there that sound a bit made up. But Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight? Get outta town! Read More >>

New Scheme Wants Free Water For Everyone by 2021

In a bid to cut down on plastic waste, industry body Water UK wants to see free water refill points in all major towns and cities across the UK by 2021. If you're thirsty while you're out and about, forget popping into Tesco Express to pick up a plastic bottle filled with cola; instead, fill up your own reusable bottle with some free water. Read More >>

Instagram Makes Your Stories More Garish Than Ever With GIF Stickers

Just in case the endless feed of other people's photos of themselves trying to be interesting wasn't annoying enough, Instagram's latest update add GIF stickers — little animations that can overlay your uploads to make them more "creative"... or "tacky". Read More >>

David Attenborough is Heading to Yorkshire to Open Jurassic Exhibition

It's not quite the same one as in the movies, but Yorkshire is getting its own Jurassic World — and nature documentary legend David Attenborough is heading up to officially open it. Read More >>

Apple Lays Out the Changes Coming to iOS 11.3

Apple's getting ready to roll out the latest update to iPhone and iPad operating systems — iOS 11.3 — and has just laid out details of all the changes that users can expect to their devices. Read More >>

Iceland (The Shop) Promises Free Pancakes For All

Iceland (the supermarket, not the country) has grand plans to celebrate Shrove Tuesday — pancake day — this year: by giving its customers free pancake ingredients. Read More >>

Netflix Has 55 Million US Subscribers, But CEO Says “There’s Still a Ways To Go”

Netflix, the TV and movie streaming giant, is celebrating its most successful quarter so far in terms of subscriber count — in just three months, it's gathered 8.3 million new subscribers globally. Read More >>

game of thrones
Royal Mail’s Game of Thrones Stamp Collection Has Been Unveiled

Winter is coming for Royal Mail, who have finally unveiled the designs of their 15 Game of Thrones stamps which were announced earlier this month. Why send a letter with the face of the Queen of England on it when you can send one with the Queen of Westeros? Read More >>