Labour Tries to Win Us Over By Flaunting Extra Bank Holidays

If there's one thing that we have in common as a nation, it's that we love a free day off work. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is trying to score votes by taking advantage of our love for bank holidays by promising an extra four every year. Read More >>

The World Needs LEGO Tape More Than We Realised

Earlier in the week, an IndieGoGo campaign for a product called Nimuno Loops launched. Basically LEGO tape – an adhesive strip you can stick anywhere and attach LEGO to – it seems like a marvellous idea for fans of the colourful blocks. With a modest IndieGoGo budget of $8,000 (around £6,400), the team behind Nimuno Loops obviously weren't expecting a massive amount of interest. Read More >>

After One Month of President Trump, NASA has Literally Discovered a Back-Up Earth

If you're fearing for the safety of the planet over the next four years, you can now rest a little easier: NASA's just discovered a cluster of seven planets – all a similar size to Earth – orbiting around their own star. And at least three of them are deemed to be habitable. Read More >>

star wars
Filming Begins on Han Solo’s Star Wars Story

It's currently untitled, but it's official: filming of the Han Solo Star Wars Story officially began this week at London's Pinewood Studios. Read More >>

Sky TV Customers Are About To Lose 13 Channels

If you're a Sky or NowTV customer, you might want to get your phone ready to make some disgruntled calls: come 1st February, it's very likely that all channels owned by Discovery Communications are going to be axed from your package. Read More >>

Here Are All The Games Announced For Switch, So Far

It's officially Nintendo Switch day! The long-awaited reveal of price and lineup has finally materialised. £280 will buy you Ninty's newest console/portable hybrid, but what about the games you can get with it? Well, here's what we know so far. Read More >>

Wait, £60 For a Nintendo Switch Game?

I pre-ordered myself a Nintendo Switch this morning, because, as someone pretty big into gaming, it seemed like something I should do. A while after pre-ordering it, I realised, "actually, I could do with some games to go with this." Read More >>

More Post-Christmas Tech Deals from Amazon

Cheer up – Christmas isn't quite over yet. There are still all the sales to dig into! Yesterday we listed Amazon's best Boxing Day deals, and today there's plenty more. So don't feel too bad about the 14 pairs of socks you received on the Big Day – treat yourself to what you really want. Read More >>

The Best Boxing Day Tech Deals on Amazon – TV, Audio, Photography and More

Merry Christmas, folks! So, the big day is over, and after you've overdosed on Turkey and mulled wine, there's only one thing left to worry about: January Sales. Except, of course, you don't need to wait until January anymore. It's Boxing Day, and that means the best deals are already in the stores and online. Read More >>

how to
How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

I know, I know. It sounds horribly ungrateful that anybody would even consider selling the Christmas presents that their friends and family painstakingly picked out for them, (probably) went through the effort of queuing in a crowded shop for, and spent their hard-earned money on. But the fact is most of us have already got enough crap in our lives. We don't need even more useless stuff cluttering our homes. We really appreciate cousin Fred's thoughts, but that Abba LP is never going to get played, and sorry Aunt Gertrude, those bright pink Crocs are never going to see light of day. Read More >>

gift guide
The Best Gifts for Your Cycle-Riding Friends

"Cycling?", you scoff as you sit in the driving seat of your new, petrol-guzzling 4x4. "To hell with that!" You're driving to work, shaking your fist angrily at all those damn cyclists hogging the roads, dodging road taxes, and whatnot. But upon reaching the office, you realise the company bike rack outside is actually full, and reception is filled with sweaty lycra-clad sporty types who all insist on cycling to work. Read More >>

year in review
The Flagship Phones of 2016: iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and More

Buying a phone today can be a bit of a minefield. There are literally hundreds of handsets from dozens of manufacturers all vying for your attention. Often, your budget will dictate your choice for you; with the leading phones now generally asking for £600 or more to buy a handset outright, most of us have no choice but to choose a cheaper or older model (unless buying into a monthly contract, of course). Read More >>

Best UK Christmas Markets 2016

There are only so many gifts you can buy from trawling around your local shopping centre, or from online retail giants like Amazon. Sometimes, you want something a little more homely, unique or handmade. While your local town centre may have some niche and independent shops where you can buy something a little different, often your best bet is at a Christmas market. Read More >>

gift guide
Ideal Christmas Gifts for Music Lovers

Aside from the obvious – CDs of their favourite artists – just what do you buy a music lover? Because, let's face it, they already own every damn song ever released by whatever-band-they're-into, and if you're ever in proximity to them, you've been subjected to it too. What else is left to buy – apart from a decent pair of headphones so they can keep their songs to themselves? Read More >>

gift guide
Get Your Geek on This Christmas With These Awesomely Nerdy Christmas Jumpers

Nerds and geeks, rejoice. It's nearly Christmas, and that can only mean one thing: time to don that Christmas Jumper! Once that might have meant wearing the most awful woolly number with a reindeer on that your Aunt Mildred gifted to you and you just have to wear, god forbid you hurt her feelings over Christmas dinner, but not any more. The rise of the geek means that whatever it is you're into, there's a festive knit just for you. Read More >>