black friday
GAME’s Black Friday Offers Include a Reduced Xbox One X

If you want Microsoft's latest piece of hardware, GAME is currently the best place to pick one up: the Xbox One X has been reduced to £430, and also includes a two-month Now TV entertainment pass (worth £16). That makes the console itself technically £414. Still a lot of money of course, but if you're wanting to take the leap, it's the cheapest you're going to get it right now. Read More >>

Black Friday
Here Are Our Picks of Amazon’s Best Black Friday Deals

Today is actual Black Friday, the day we all become consumerist nightmares. Well, providing any of us actually have any money left, considering a lot of retailers have been running their deals all week. Read More >>

Amazon’s Best Games Console Offers Are Live Right Now

Fancy grabbing yourself a new PS4 or Xbox One in time for Christmas? Go on, you've worked hard all year. You deserve a treat. Or at least that's what you can tell yourself — Amazon has just rolled out its suite of Black Friday games console offers a little early, and there are some major bargains to be had. Read More >>

Flares Pro Earphones Review: Fancy, But Pricey

I should probably preface this by saying I’m not in any way an audiophile. While I truly appreciate good quality sound, I don’t know a thing about stereo width, audio frequencies or what ‘warm’* is meant to sound like. I listen to music as much as the next person though, and since I much prefer in-ear buds over a pair of big, bulky outer ear headphones, I was very intrigued to see exactly how good something from the top end of the market could possibly be. Read More >>

Apocalypse Now: The Best Views of Today’s Orange Sky

Storm Ophelia has raged in on Ireland from the Atlantic, and while England is mostly unaware of the devastation it's brought with it, it has left us one reminder of its presence: a sensational orange sky. Read More >>

500 Million Pound Coins Need Spending in a Week

If you've got old pound coins rattling around in your purse, wallet or trouser pocket, now's the time to dig them out and get them spent. There's a week left until they're no longer legal tender, and the Treasury reckons around £500 million worth of them are still out in the wild. Read More >>

Keanu Reeves’ Family is All Clones in the First Trailer for Replicas

Keanu Reeves has done a bunch of science fiction movies in his career. Some are all-timers, like The Matrix and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Others really stink, like Johnny Mnemonic and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Now he’s back in that familiar genre with Replicas, and it feels like he might just have another one for the good column. Read More >>

Fast and Furious Live is Coming to an Arena Near You and It’s Just as Crazy as It Sounds

After eight Fast & Furious films, you're understandably a little bored of them. You enjoy the high-octane thrills, sure, but simply watching the action unfold on a flat TV screen isn't enough. You want to be there. You want the action to be real, right in front of your face. You want your eyebrows to get singed as a car's nitrous oxide spurts out of its exhaust into your general direction. Read More >>

The Ultimate Lego Experience Opens in Denmark Next Week

If you're as much a fan of the interlocking plastic brick as we are here at Gizmodo, you may want to consider booking yourself a flight to Denmark sometime very soon. The Lego House opens in Billund, the birthplace of Lego, on 28th September, and it looks awesome. Read More >>

Five Alternative Taxi Apps to Uber in London

If you're a regular Uber user, you're undoubtedly panicking after hearing the news that Uber can no longer operate in London. All is not lost though, as there are a number of alternative taxi services for you to use, and we've got them all listed right here. Read More >>

Five Banksy Murals Sell For Over £3 Million

A Middle Eastern buyer who wishes to remain anonymous has purchased five pieces of Banksy art totalling a whopping £3.2 million. Read More >>

Lyft UK Search Surge Following London Uber Ban

TfL has just ruled that Uber can no longer operate in London, stating that the company "is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence." That's obviously grave news for Uber, but rival company Lyft may reap the benefits. Or, they would if they actually operated in the UK. Lyft is currently only available in the US. Read More >>

EE Rolls Out Enhanced HD Voice Calling to iPhone 8 Users, With Others to Follow

EE, the phone network that likes to be first with new stuff, has today announced "Enhanced HD Voice", which, as the name suggests, is voice calling enhanced with HD. Read More >>

According to PornHub, We Do More Than Talk Like Pirates on Talk Like a Pirate Day

19th September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so on Tuesday all across the globe people were talking like pirates. Turns out though, it's not just talking like the scurvy seadogs that people enjoy, oh no. They also enjoy "other" pirate activities. Like pirate porn. Read More >>

Argos Sends Star Wars’ BB8 Back to Space

Argos doesn't just sell toys. It also send them into orbit. Quite literally. Read More >>