Stadia Will Need “Approximately 25 Mbps” Internet Speeds, According to Google Boss

Last night, Google lifted the lid on its big, secret video game project: Stadia, a streaming service designed to bring the biggest games to anyone, regardless of the device they're using – as long as it has a Chrome browser or it supports Chromecast Read More >>

Get a Free Speed Champions Set When You Spend More Than £65 At Lego

Ah, one of the most pure and joyful things in life: free Lego! It's commonplace for the Lego Store to offer free gifts when you reach a minimum spend allowance, but the current offer is particularly interesting: spending over £65 will bag you a free Lego Speed Champions Ford Mustang Fastback (75884). That's a £12.99 set. For free, it's a pretty sweet deal. Read More >>

The Latest Lego Movie 2 Set to Be Revealed is Amazing

With The Lego Movie 2 releasing next month, Lego has already released a slew of sets that tie in with the film. Shame on you if you thought that was all that was coming, though: the 19 that released on Boxing Day were just the beginning. More are to come, and today the biggest (and best) one yet has been revealed: Welcome to Apocalypseburg, which is launching in Lego Stores and online on 16th January. Read More >>

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How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

I know, I know. It sounds horribly ungrateful that anybody would even consider selling the Christmas presents that their friends and family painstakingly picked out for them, (probably) went through the effort of queuing in a crowded shop for, and spent their hard-earned money on. But the fact is most of us have already got enough crap in our lives. We don't need even more useless stuff cluttering our homes. We really appreciate cousin Fred's thoughts, but that Abba LP is never going to get played, and sorry Aunt Gertrude, those bright pink Crocs are never going to see light of day. Read More >>

What NOT To Buy A Lego Lover For Christmas

Got a Lego-loving friend or family member that you need to buy a Christmas present for? Struggling to know exactly what to buy them? Well, don’t! Your AFOL loved one – that’s “adult fan of Lego” – is super easy to please. As long as you follow these easy dos and don’ts, that is. Read More >>

11 Advent Calendars Featuring Something Better Than Chocolate

Chocolate in an advent calendar? Pah! How uncool are you? Nah mate, daily chocolate on the run up to Christmas is so 2016. It's all about the gin now. Or the beer. Or the candles. Or the pens. Or the Lego. Read More >>

Lego’s Christmas Countdown Offers Kick Off Today With 20% Off Technic Sets

Between today and Christmas Eve, the Lego shop is running a series of exclusive Christmas countdown offers both in-store and online. Exactly what those offers will be over the course of December we don't know, but it has kicked off today by offering 20 per cent off all Technic sets. Read More >>

Lego Knocks 30% Off Two More Sets For Cyber Monday

Today's the last deal of Lego's Black Friday/Cyber Monday shenanigans, and it's added a couple of bonus daily deals to try and last-minute tempt us. Read More >>

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Amazon’s Latest Post-Black Friday Black Friday Deals, New For Sunday 25th November

Oh you thought Black Friday was over? Hahahaha, afraid not! Not at Amazon at least, who continues to churn them out. And even on a Sunday, the day of rest and all that, those folks at Amazon still work hard to give us discounts on stuff we probably don't need. Aww. Read More >>

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Get Half Price off a Year of Xbox Game Pass on Amazon

A whole year's worth of games for just £47.99? Sign us up! Read More >>

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Amazon’s Just Released Some Great Xbox One and PS4 Console Bundles

Finally: some Amazon deals I can get excited about. Forget your mops and your lightbulbs: the website has just released a whole pile of video game and console deals. There are Xbox One bundles for £180, PS4s for £220 and even Pros and Xs cheap as chips. Well not quite chips. But there's some good reductions, so if you're in the market for a new console, have a browse below. Read More >>

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Smyths Toys’ Black Friday Offerings Just Got a Bit Better Thanks to a Voucher

We've been pretty impressed with Smyths' Black Friday offerings, including some sweet reductions on Lego. But the toy shop has just made things even better by adding a couple of vouchers into the mix. Read More >>