Never Accept a Ride From a 2 Star-Rated Uber Driver Abroad: A Cautionary Tale

Ahh, Uber rides – the only time it’s acceptable to get in the back of a stranger’s car and pay them for the privilege. It’s weird how normal it’s become for someone you’ve never met to take you somewhere you’re too lazy to walk to and then happily accept peanuts for it. I guess that’s how taxis were once, before cabbies realised how much they could get from ripping off tourists. Read More >>

Acer Unveils ‘First Cycling Computer’ That Automatically Uploads Video Based on Heart Rate

Acer unveiled a fresh bit of kit for avid cyclers at its annual bash in New York yesterday, dubbed “the first cycling computer”. Read More >>

virtual reality
The Photo-Real Future of Virtual Reality is Nvidia Iray VR

As of yet, VR is little more than shits and giggles. It’s not really taken seriously beyond early-adopter gamers, probably due to the lack of realism involved. Even with the most immersive virtual reality experience, your mind is still very aware what your eyes are seeing is merely a mirage, and isn’t convinced of what is unfolding in front of you. Read More >>