Amazon Fire TV Stick Review: A Lot Less Money for a Little Less Speed

The Amazon Fire TV Stick, the bargain version of Amazon's super-fast voice search-enabled Fire TV, launches in the UK on April 15 and starts taking pre-orders today. But we've been trialling it in the US since it launched there last autumn. We'll add some UK-centric thoughts here once the service is live in April, but for now here's the skinny. Read More >>

‘Big Hero 6’ Review: An Underdog Adventure Where Robots Have Hearts Too

Big Hero 6 is Disney and Marvel's new robot adventure that takes place against the backdrop of the fictional San Fransokyo. It's a huge and beautiful new world, and although the plot isn't perfect, the movie is worth seeing for the robots, the city, and the jokes. Read More >>

What Blackhat Gets Right: A Chat With Former Hacker Kevin Poulsen  

Back in Kevin Poulsen's hacker days, before he became writer and Wired editor, he pulled stunts like taking over the phone lines in a radio contest to win himself a Porsche, or breaking into the FBI's computer system when he ended up on the agency's Most Wanted list to change his physical description. He served a five-year sentence for his crimes. Now he's consulting for Hollywood hacker films. Read More >>

The Weekend Wikipedia Went “Brainfuck” Crazy

Quartz has put together a neat interactive chart that shows the most popular Wikipedia entry on each day of 2014. Read More >>

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How to Wrap Any Gift

Some people wake up spewing Pinterest out their fingertips. For the rest of us, thank god for YouTube. Wrapping presents doesn't exactly come easy, so we dug up a couple of solid tutorials for how to wrap your Christmas gifts like you're Martha Read More >>

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Taiwanese Animators Have the Most Insane Take on the Sony Hack

"Sony exposed its nuts to the world this week, and it's been confirmed, they're real small." Your friendly neighbourhood Taiwanese Animators have the best, most insane Hot Take on the Sony hack and the ensuing parade of idiocy. Read More >>

The Best-Selling Music on Amazon This Year Was Somehow Not Taylor Swift

Amazon just released its list of top-selling MP3 songs and albums of the year, and surprisingly Taylor Swift was not at the top slot of either. Shake it off, girl. Read More >>

The Tiny Model Town Where the US Military Trains for Cyber Warfare

In an undisclosed location in New Jersey, there's a tiny little town that's used as a training grounds to prepare the US military for cyber warfare. No, tinier than that. Think more like model train sized. It's called CyberCity, and WNYC's New Tech City recently paid a visit. Read More >>

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Watch People Get Slow-Mo Smacked in the Face With Snowballs 

There's nothing more satisfying than watching someone take a snowball right square in the jaw. Unless of course, it's a whole crew of folks getting smacked with snow right in the face, like in this seasonal supercut. 'Tis the season! Read More >>

Watch the Latest Trailer for New Hacker Thriller Blackhat

1995 had Hackers, and 2015 will have Blackhat: An upcoming cyber thriller in which actor Chris Hemsworth trades brawn for brains to save the world. In the latest trailer, we learn a little bit more about his character (which thankfully hasn't actually fully shed the brawn of the hammer of Thor). Read More >>

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Get Ready to Watch Joseph Gordon Levitt Tightrope Walk Over New York City

Here's the first trailer for The Walk, the 2015 film about Philippe Petit, the man who tightrope walked between the two World Trade Center towers in 1974. My stomach just dropped a little bit. Read More >>