The Giz UK Tech Policy Guide to the 2015 General Election

By now you’re probably sick of the 24/7 general election coverage. You might even be considering being put under a medically induced coma until May 8th. Couldn’t blame you. Read More >>

Thanks to Us, the Leaders’ Debates Will be a Complete Waste of Time

Jesus. This election’s going to be a slog, isn’t it? I’ve never seen so much debate about a debate. There’s been more twists, turns, and utter banality than you’d expect on a guided tour of Swindon’s Magic Roundabout. Read More >>

The Blind Leading the Blind

I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it would be like to lose my eyesight. Read More >>

To be Fair, Apple Could’ve Picked a Worse Font Than Helvetica Neue…

Earlier this week, Apple revealed that its new version of OS X would use a new font. Some didn't think this was the best idea. Though Helvetica Neue might not be so readable on smaller displays, Apple could have picked worse... Read More >>

Remembering What Email Was Like 10 Years Ago When Gmail Was Born

To celebrate ten years of Gmail, let's stroll down the cul-de-sac of nostalgia and recall what webmail was like before Google stepped on the scene. Read More >>

My Strategy for Saving Microsoft: Windows 98-Style Desktop Themes

At this year's Build conference in April, Microsoft is expected to reveal Windows 9. After dividing its audience with Windows 8, I have one suggestion for the new OS: bring back the Windows 98 desktop themes. Seriously. Just look how amazing they were... Read More >>

Are 1995’s Internet Etiquette Rules Still Even Remotely Relevant?

Like most people, I enjoy spending my evenings reading twenty-year-old articles about the internet. One of my favourites is about 'netiquette'-- a list of internet politeness rules. They just didn't see Twitter coming. Read More >>

The Big Trends of 2014

It seems that everyone on the internet is trying to predict what will be the big trends of 2014. Here are some things which will definitely (probably) happen. Seriously. Promise. Read More >>