Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemous Facebook Comments in Pakistan

According to the BBC, the prosecutor in the case said he “believed it was the first time the death penalty had been awarded in a case related to social media.” A tally kept by Al Jazeera records 68 killings in Pakistan related to blasphemy allegations since 1990. Read More >>

elon musk
What Should Elon Musk Name His Tunnelling Machine?

Elon Musk, best known for running Tesla and SpaceX, has recently turned his attention back to Earth. Specifically, under the earth: His Boring Company wants to build a tunnel under Los Angeles to alleviate its traffic problem. It’s a bold plan, and details are still relatively scarce. Read More >>

Uber Faces Criminal Probe For “Greyball” Program

Reuters is reporting that Uber faces a criminal investigation by the  US Department of Justice for using software to avoid scrutiny by government regulators. Read More >>

Even the World’s Largest Internet Companies Get Phished, Just Like Your Grandma

If you’ve ever been duped by a phishing scam, you can feel a little less stupid about it today, because you’ve been joined in that sad club by Google and Facebook. Read More >>

Unroll.Me CEO So Sorry You Found Out His Company Sold Your Data

The classic non-apology goes something like this: “I’m sorry if you were upset.” It’s a sneaky way of expressing regret for how one’s shitty actions made another person feel, rather than the shitty actions themselves. But the CEO of Unroll.Me — whose parent company was revealed this weekend to have sold Unroll.Me’s anonymised customer data to Uber — has invented a whole new level of terrible, borderline sociopathic non-apology. He’s not sorry that you were upset about your data being sold. He’s sorry he got caught. Read More >>

YouTube Makes 12 Million Videos Accessible in Restricted Mode

In March, LGBT YouTube creators criticised Google for hiding some of their videos in “Restricted Mode,” which filters potentially “mature” content. After initially downplaying the extent of the problem, Google issued a non-apology, then a slightly more apologetic non-apology, and finally posted a fuller actual apology on its blog. In that post, Google acknowledged “this feature isn’t working the way it should” and promised it was “going to fix” the issue. Read More >>

Rad as Hell Uber Employees Tag Wall With Badass #Undelete Message

If you follow news about Uber at all, you’ll know it’s been a difficult year for the company. From revelations about a culture of sexual harassment, to a creepy program to track government regulators and leaked footage of CEO Travis Kalanick cussing out a driver, it can’t have been a fun few months in the Uber office. But difficult times don’t mean you can’t be a #CoolDude. Read More >>

The Saddest Facebook Live Video Is 20 People Kissing a Car

People will do weird things for free stuff. People will also do weird things on public streaming platforms. And sometimes they’ll do both, such as voluntarily kissing a car for hours on end, in hopes of winning it, on Facebook Live. Read More >>

Is Snapchat’s CEO Awful Enough to Have Said This Awful Thing?

Here’s a Tuesday morning riddle for you. A lawsuit filed by an ex-Snapchat employee alleges that CEO Evan Spiegel once told him the app is “only for rich people,” and that he therefore didn’t want to expand into “poor countries like India and Spain.” At first glance, that comment might strike a reasonable reader as absurd, so explicitly awful as to be impossible to believe. Given that the company’s notorious fratty co-founder allegedly made it, however, we are faced with a familiar conundrum: Is there a limit to the sociopathic, bro-y, dumb-as-shit tendencies of Silicon Valley executives? Or am I a dummy for thinking there could be? Read More >>

No, Google Hire Won’t Share Your Search History With Employers

The perfect fake viral news story has two crucial elements: something outrageous that makes you real mad and something you could basically believe. Not like, “Donald Trump Decrees ‘All Dogs Are Boys,’” but like, “Donald Trump Nominates Steven Seagal as Secretary of Defense.” Read More >>

15 Idiotic Internet of Things Devices Nobody Asked For

Humans contain multitudes. We have a demonstrated ability to work hard, sweat and toil for our daily bread, and, as a society, achieve magnificent feats of science and technology. We’ve literally reached the stars! Read More >>

I Stared Into the Political Heart of the Hyperloop

Yesterday, in the United States of America's glorious capital, I spent two hours in a beautiful fantasy. A world where the usual constraints of time and space don’t apply, where almost everyone in this fractured nation is connected, closer than ever, united by technology. No, I wasn’t smoking weed, though it’s legal here: I was at the Hyperloop Showcase, where staff at Hyperloop One and those competing to work with the startup came together to sell the company’s Vision for America. Read More >>

Google: Please Don’t Look at Our Very Tiny Ad Problem

It’s been a tough few weeks for Google. Several companies have pulled their ads from its network after various news outlets revealed that those ads have appeared on extremist, racist, or otherwise offensive videos. But never fear. A Google executive says the problem is, actually, small. And not just very small, in fact. Not even very, very small. But very, very, very small. Read More >>

Report: David Cameron Encouraged Boris to Drop London’s Uber Regulations

Remember David Cameron, the failed PM who slunk away from public life last year amid the chaos of Brexit? The man who will be remembered for being, among other things, the utter git who reportedly decided to hold the Brexit vote in a Chicago airport pizza restaurant? Well, he’s in the news again: The Financial Times reports that he encouraged the Boris to drop proposed regulations against Uber while the latter was still mayor of London. Read More >>

A Bunch of Companies Just Pulled Their Google Ads Over Racist Videos

Yet more companies are pulling their ads from Google and YouTube because of fears the ads would appear alongside offensive content, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>