Are Family Photos Still a Thing?

Family photos can happen any time, but all clan snaps seem like an imperative around the holidays. Does your family still do them? Is it a last minute smartphone camera affair or do you have an aunt who busts out a DSLR? Read More >>

2013 As Told By Top BitTorrent Searches

There isn't one central BitTorrent search engine to release top searches queries of the year, but Kickass Torrents is pretty close. It's definitely a go to for standard stuff. And the most searched terms in 2013 were all over the place. Let's dig in. Read More >>

A Maximally Simple Breathalyser Makes Sense for Drunk People

There are a lot of smartphone breathalysers out there, but they don't tend to prioritise design aesthetic. It's more of an 'am I too drunk, yes or no,' kind of thing. But the Lapka Bam Breathalyser is all about bringing form and function together. Read More >>

More Than Half of Internet Traffic Is Just Bots

People attribute a lot of annoying internet stuff to bots. Twitterbot followers, bots that sneak past spam filters, bots that send weird gibberish on messaging services. It sounds kind of tired, but maybe the situation is exactly as bad as everyone thinks. Read More >>

A New York City Mugger Declined to Steal a Flip Phone

There have been 13 robberies reported in New York's Central Park so far in 2013. But in most of them the robber presumably takes stuff. That's how that works, right? Read More >>

Reddit Is Trying to Actually Make Some Money

90 million unique visitors a month has to be good for something. But so far Reddit hasn't been able to stay consistently profitable even with all those people banging at the door. Read More >>

A Wall Made of 300 Chairs Takes Repurposing a Step Further

Screens and curtains are alright, but sometimes you want a real wall. Solid, substantial and offering some privacy. If bricks and cement blocks are too boring, you can always turn to re-purposed household items. Right? Read More >>

The NSA Actually Intercepted Packages to Put Backdoors in Electronics

The NSA revelations keep on coming, and if you're feeling desensitised to the whole thing it's time to refocus and get your game face on for 2014. Because shit continues to get real. Read More >>

This Tricycle is Headed Across the South Pole

Right now three people are competing in a bike race from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole. The winner will be the first person to bike there ever. And 35-year-old Maria Leijerstam is attempting to trike there on a really weird/badass-looking tricycle. Read More >>

The Year in Amazing Photos From Reuters

Of course the year's best photos can't all come from the same place, but with photographers all over the world Reuters certainly gets some amazing stuff. And it's kind of cool to watch three minutes that visually sum up 2013. Read More >>

This Bewildering Samsung Ad Shows How Cool Galaxy Gear Isn’t

Do not take dating advice from this 2.5-minute Samsung ad for Galaxy Gear. It's a hot mess of social interactions and it inadvertently proves the exact myth it's trying to dispel: smartwatches are still in their early, awkward years. Read More >>

Knives Aren’t Generally For Klutzes, But This One Kinda Is

It's always better to have control of a knife you're using, sure, but everyone makes mistakes. And you shouldn't lose a perfectly good knife just because it sinks to the bottom of a lake or the shaft cracks on your tile floor. Is the solution bouncy knives? Sort of. Read More >>

Scientific Data Is Disappearing All the Time

When a study gets published and its results enter our collective body of scientific knowledge it feels like it's there to stay. But without the raw data behind the study, it's hard to revisit the research and use it to take new ideas to the next level. Which is why it's such a problem that old data is disappearing. Read More >>

A Professional Short Film Shot on a Barbie

When Video Girl Barbie came out in 2010 it seemed like a pretty weird idea to jam a camera into a doll's décolletage. And at 1.2 MP and 240p, the specs didn't exactly make it worthwhile. Read More >>

Survey Shows Hacking Is a Bigger Concern For People than Tracking

According to a November survey of 1,000 voters, people are more creeped out by the possibility of a person or group ascertaining their personal information, than the idea that someone might be following their online movements and habits. Read More >>