Wait, Skyrim: Very Special Edition For Amazon’s Alexa is Kinda Real?

During Bethesda’s E3 show early this morning, there was a cute video starring Keegan-Michael Key about Skyrim coming to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. We all chuckled and got on with our lives, because Key is a comedian and that would be a stupid game. And yet here we are, a few hours later, and you can actually play Skyrim: Very Special Edition. Read More >>

New Nintendo Switch Accessory Makes it Easier to Play on a Table

Nintendo just announced a new official charging stand for the Switch that “makes playing in tabletop mode easier than ever”. Read More >>

Kylo Ren’s SNL Gag is Now a Battlefront II Mod

This story originally appeared on Kotaku.

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The Last Jedi’s Porgs are Just Puffins, Which The Film Crew Couldn’t Get Rid Of

Everyone thought the Porgs, those cute lil’ animals from The Last Jedi, were basically space penguins. Turns out they’re actually space puffins, because Skellig Michael (aka Luke’s Island) is so covered with the birds that it was easier for the VFX team to just work with them than try and cut them out of the movie. Read More >>