Video Game Stamps Pay Tribute to the Classics, in Case You Ever Actually Need to Send a Letter

Royal Mail is about to launch a series of stamps paying tribute to Britain’s biggest and best video game creations from days of old, from Tomb Raider to Elite to Wipeout to Sensible Soccer. Read More >>

Nintendo’s New Fitness Game Puts Joy-Cons in Strange Places

Nintendo is heading back into the fitness business with Ring Fit Adventure, a new game where you strap a Joy-Con onto your leg, put another in a big squeezy new peripheral and flail about like nobody’s watching. Read More >>

Android is Now Unofficially on Nintendo Switch, and it Looks Great

Back in 2018, an exploit was found in the Nintendo Switch that would allow users to run outside code. While that’s of course led to some piracy, it’s also let modders and coders have some fun with the console, up to and including getting Android running on the system, with all the features and tricks that brings along with it. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk Doesn’t Learn, Posts Uncredited Artwork, Deletes Tweet

We’re not even a year on from Tesla founder Elon Musk’s settlement in a case about using an aritst’s work without credit and we’re back here again, this time over some fan art of Nier Automata’s star 2B. Read More >>

There’s No End in Sight to Our Robocall Hell

There was a time when you could safely answer your phone without already knowing who’s on the other end of the line. But those days are long over. Robocalls are not only annoying, but they also make it hard to function. Hell, they make elements of my job damn near impossible – seriously, I made around 100 calls this week for a story, not a single person answered. Sure, there are other bigger and more sinister machines to rage against, but this one – this one is mine. Read More >>

Anyone For Sonic The Hedgehog LEGO?

LEGO Ideas – the community program where fans can get their dream sets made – currently has a Sonic submission up for voting, and it looks great. Read More >>

game of thrones
Here are All of Adidas’ Game of Thrones Trainers

First teased late last year, Adidas has now released images of their entire collaboration with HBO’s Game of Thrones, a line that’s going to include six pairs in all, each of them based on a house or faction from George R. R. Martin’s universe. Read More >>

Wait, Skyrim: Very Special Edition For Amazon’s Alexa is Kinda Real?

During Bethesda’s E3 show early this morning, there was a cute video starring Keegan-Michael Key about Skyrim coming to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. We all chuckled and got on with our lives, because Key is a comedian and that would be a stupid game. And yet here we are, a few hours later, and you can actually play Skyrim: Very Special Edition. Read More >>

New Nintendo Switch Accessory Makes it Easier to Play on a Table

Nintendo just announced a new official charging stand for the Switch that “makes playing in tabletop mode easier than ever”. Read More >>

Kylo Ren’s SNL Gag is Now a Battlefront II Mod

This story originally appeared on Kotaku.

star wars
The Last Jedi’s Porgs are Just Puffins, Which The Film Crew Couldn’t Get Rid Of

Everyone thought the Porgs, those cute lil’ animals from The Last Jedi, were basically space penguins. Turns out they’re actually space puffins, because Skellig Michael (aka Luke’s Island) is so covered with the birds that it was easier for the VFX team to just work with them than try and cut them out of the movie. Read More >>