Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Prettiest Phone Wins

With the exploding Note 7 battery fiasco, Samsung inadvertently did something that’s increasingly difficult these days: It made smartphones interesting for a flickering moment. Super interesting in fact. Besides the intrigue of the mournful saga of Note 7, whose embarrassing recall cost the company billions, Samsung also set up a dramatic release narrative for the Galaxy S8. This wasn’t just another smartphone — this was a make-or-break device charged with saving a company in the throes of an existential crisis. A smartphone that screams at the void — yikes! Read More >>

How to Take the Best Bonfire Night Fireworks Photos With Your Phone

It just wouldn't be Bonfire Night without the climactic boom of fireworks. If you want to keep that memory all year — or at least share it with all of your friends on Instagram — these tips will help you get lovely photos with your phone, even if you're not a pro. Read More >>

Google’s New 4K Chromecast Ultra Is Incredibly Fast

Google has sold more than 30 million Chromecasts for the simple reason that it’s a super easy, super cheap way to get the stuff yon your computer beamed across to your TV. Now it’s getting an upgrade for the TVs of tomorrow. Read More >>

Nikon’s Action Cameras Are Late to the Party, But Very Well Dressed

Thanks to the popularity of GoPro’s tiny, versatile action cameras, pretty much every manufacturer out there has waded into the rocky waters of adventure video shooters. Nikon’s just the latest, and while its offerings look a little familiar, they’ve got some weirdness about them as well. Read More >>

Samsung Confirms Note 7 Recall After 35 Reports of Dangerous Battery Problems

In an email to Gizmodo, Samsung confirmed reports that it would recall its new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, following several reports that the phone was overheating and exploding. Read More >>

Microsoft Made the Easiest Photo App in the Universe

If you’re willing to sit around poking at your phone settings, there are a million photo apps that’ll help you get professional-looking results. For the rest of us who are far too lazy to do this, Microsoft just made a slick new photo app that does all of the tinkering for you. Read More >>

These Bionic Earbuds are Nearly a Smartphone You Can Leave in Your Ears Forever

Doppler Labs, the company that wants to stick a Jarvis-like computer in every ear, will go live with it first bionic buds that anyone can buy later this year. This is some futuristic shit. Read More >>

Five Things Apple Tried to Destroy at WWDC 2016

Apple, the perpetual copycat, introduced loads of new ideas at its WWDC talk last night that weren’t really new at all. Many companies have made the products and features Apple showed off — and now Apple aims to kill them with its own version. Read More >>

I Don’t Want an All-Glass iPhone

This report about an all-glass iPhone is giving me palpitations. Apple do you want me to die? What would be the point of this mindless gimmick? Read More >>

Android Instant Apps Sounds Insanely Useful

Installing apps is a time consuming pain in the arse sometimes. I don’t want to download a whole app just to watch one video! Google just announced it’s brilliant solution to this problem: Instant Apps. Read More >>

Daydream Is Google’s Plan to Conquer Virtual Reality With Android

After years of dabbling, Google is getting serious about VR. Meet Daydream, Google’ three-part plan to take the world of VR by storm with Android. Read More >>

The New Amazon Echos Prove That Alexa Is Still a Big Dummy

The Amazon Echo was a clumsy implementation for what ended up being an idea with legs. People have an appetite for a seamless voice-controlled assistant. The Star Trek Computer! Jarvis! Hal! Except not evil! It’s legitimately cool how easy it is to ask this gadget something and get answers. Yet the Echo didn’t do much, and the unvarnished tubular design that required outlet power didn’t seamlessly slide into your life like a voice assistant ought to. Read More >>

B&O’s Beoplay A1 is the First Interesting Bluetooth Speaker in Ages

It’s been at least a year since I’ve seen a new portable Bluetooth speaker that wasn’t some half-hearted rehash of the millions that came before. But this little B&O number? It’s something. Read More >>

virtual reality
Facebook Designed a Wacky 360 Camera Because Obviously It Did

With Oculus Rift out in the wild at long last, Facebook is giving us our first look at its design for a 360 video camera. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Bunk Event Just Broke My Damn Heart 

Why, Microsoft? Why are you doing this to me? You just stuck a fork in my eye and a knife through my heart. Read More >>