Razer Blade Review: Sharp, But…

There's something fundamentally broken in the world of PC laptops: Machines designed nearly four years ago still provide the basic model for how to build one correctly today. The Razer Blade is, in some ways, one of the best Windows laptops I've used in a long time. But I can't decide if it's merely ironic or outright depressing that a PC designed to reinvigorate PCs is ultimately most interesting because it steals something from Apple that most PC makers only wish they could grasp: How to steal like Apple. Read More >>

lightning review
Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive Lightning Review: A Taste of SSD, for Cheap

My computer takes too long to boot up. Around a minute and 18 seconds, to be precise(r). Which is why I want a solid state drive. But I don't want to pay ~£400 for 256 gigs of storage. Enter Seagate's Momentus X Hybrid drives, which promise near-SSD speeds, but with giant HDD storage—and not-so-giant prices. Read More >>

Where Microsoft Prints Out Prototype Xbox Controllers—and Then Tortures Them

I took a trip to Seattle a little while ago. Actually a long while ago. And I shot a bunch of video of cool stuff. Then it got lost, because I am terrible person. But I found them, so here they are. Read More >>

lightning review
Braun BNC400 Alarm Clock Lightning Review: How to Ruin Good Design

I have something of a sleep problem. Or I guess, more accurately, a waking up problem. And my alarm clock died. So I bought this re-issue of Braun's Dietrich Labs and Dieter Rams-designed BNC004 travel alarm clock. You should not. Read More >>

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Designing Windows 8, or: How to Redesign a Religion

There are lot of hard jobs at Microsoft. Like the guy who collects Steve Ballmer's dry cleaning. But Sam Moreau just might have the hardest gig in Redmond. Or at least the most harrowing. Over the past five years, he's taken on the tiny task of redesigning the operating system used by like a billion people all over the world. You know, NBD. Read More >>

Chemistry and Sugar: The Secrets of a Great Pastry Chef

Cooking is science, as Momofuku's David Chang says. But perhaps no branch more so than the arcane practices of pastry chefs—it's all chemistry and physics. Read More >>

A Story About Apple and Textbooks

It was almost definitely not the first time Apple thought about how to revolutionise textbooks and education, but Joe Peters and a couple of Apple interns won its annual iContest, "sort of an American Idol for great ideas that gives interns a chance to present their best thoughts to executives," by presenting a plan for cheap digital textbooks to enthusiastic Apple execs back in 2008, two years before the iPad was loosed on the world. Read More >>

Mass Effect 3 Kinect Voice On: You’re About to Start Yelling at Your TV for a Good Reason

Kinect launched a little over a year ago. I'll bet you can't name very many games for it, and if you can, they probably fall in one of two or three categories: sports/exercise and dance, and they're prooooobably not exactly AAA titles. Read More >>

Bodum’s Automatic Pourover Coffee Machine Isn’t Just Prettier Than Yours—It’s Better

Okay, it's official: Pourover coffee is over, thanks to Bodum's new pourover machine. Just kidding. Sort of. But Bodum's new Bistro Pourover is one supremely interesting home coffee device. Read More >>

How to Cover a Ginormous Show With a Million Gadgets in the Middle of the Desert and Not Die

Covering something as massive and amazing and crushing and utterly divorced from reality as CES is half art, half science, and if you want to do it well, all heart. Read More >>

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The New Windows 8 First Touch: This Is Windows?

It doesn't sound like particularly shimmery compliment, but the best thing that I can say about Microsoft's Metro UI is that after over a year of using it in various iterations, it still feels new. Not like never-breached-my-eyeballs-before new, but new as in the promise of something better, something from the future. But it's here, and I'm touching it with Windows 8. And it's going to redefine how like a bajillion people are going to use their computer over the next couple of years. Read More >>

I Just Held the Future of PC Gaming in My Hands and It’s Called Project Fiona

Just stop me when this sounds ridiculous: A tablet. Built for gaming. Like, really built for gaming. With twin analogue joysticks. That are permanently built into it. That's Razer's Project Fiona. And it's more amazing than you think. Read More >>

The Best of CES: Day 0

CES didn't officially kick off until today, but by the end of the day yesterday, we'd seen so many amazing giant TVs and little-giant phones and little-little ultrabooks that our eyes are ready to explode. With joy. And sequins. Missed all the action? Just catch the highlights. Read More >>

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HTC Titan II: Your Favourite Gargantuan Windows Phone, But With a Titanic 16-Megapixel Camera

It just came out. The Titan, I mean. But here's the Titan II. Which is more titanic than before, with a gigantic 16-megapixel camera. Holy god. Read More >>

The Nerdiest Thing I’ve Ever Wanted

Wi-Fi sucks. Well, it sucks if your router is lurking in a subterranean realm of your flat and your gaming rig is located aboveground with an iron staircase in between the two and you don't want to run 100 metres of cable or wire the apartment with ethernet because you don't own the building. Read More >>