Here’s What the CIA Thought of Australia’s Anti-Communist Prime Minister, Robert Menzies

Sir Robert Menzies was Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, first holding office at the beginning of World War II from 1939 until 1941, and then again from 1949 until 1966. And thanks to a recent US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, we now know a bit about how the CIA viewed this legend of Australian politics. Read More >>

Apple Criticised for Not Investigating App Developer Who Faked Her Cancer

When the Apple Watch launched in 2015, Belle Gibson was touted by Apple as a star. Not only had Gibson supposedly cured her own cancer through healthy eating, she now had an app for both the iPhone and Apple Watch that could help others do the same. But now that her own cancer and “cure” have been exposed as fake, people are asking what responsibility Apple had to the public. Read More >>

Russian ‘Proof’ That the US Is Helping ISIS Is Actually From a Video Game

Russia’s Ministry of Defence released startling visual proof this morning that the United States military is assisting ISIS. The only problem with Russia’s claims? The photographic “evidence” actually came from a video game. Read More >>

time capsules
Hawaiian Airlines Seals New Time Capsule With Over 100 Items for the Year 2079

We’ve looked at a lot of different time capsules over the years. And quite frankly, most are incredibly boring. But they don’t have to be. Read More >>

Twitter Halts All Verifications After Verifying Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Rally Organizer

Yesterday, Twitter decided to verify Jason Kessler, an organiser of the August neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville that left one woman dead. Shortly after her death, Kessler even tweeted that the woman was a “fat disgusting Communist” and characterised her murder as “payback time.” But Twitter refuses to explain why it verified Kessler—and users are so angry that Twitter is now suspending its verification procedures while the company figures out what to do. Read More >>

Rare Photos From Atmospheric Nuclear Tests of the 1960s

The last American nuclear weapons test conducted in the atmosphere was on 4 November 1962. And the website Topic got its hands on some newly declassified photos from that period, which look like exquisitely macabre art. Read More >>

That Viral Photo of President Trump Dumping Fish Food is Very Misleading

Did you see that photo from yesterday of President Trump with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the koi pond? It purportedly shows Trump crudely dumping fish food into the pond as Abe looks on in horror. The photo went viral last night as people ridiculed Trump for being such a buffoon. But the photo is actually misleading. Read More >>

This Twitter Account is Tweeting Images Found on Osama bin Laden’s Computer

Osama bin Laden had a lot of weird stuff on his computer when he was killed by US forces in 2011. The terrorist mastermind had NSFW anime, Hollywood movies, and even a 9-11 truther movie called Loose Change. And yes, that screenshot above from the video game X-Men vs Street Fighter is really from bin Laden’s computer. Read More >>

Experts Question Details From the Story of Two Women Stranded at Sea for 5 Months

The story of two women who were stranded at sea for 5 months in shark-infested waters seemed almost too cinematic to be true. And now some experts are questions the veracity of some of their claims. Read More >>

The 42 Weirdest Movies on Osama bin Laden’s Computer

Today, the CIA released a trove of files obtained from Osama bin Laden’s compound when he was killed by US forces in 2011. We knew that bin Laden had some unexpected things on his computer, but we now have a better look at some of the files. Read More >>

I Don’t Believe in Ghosts But I Want to Believe in the Haunted Toaster

Don’t you hate when you’re just trying to make breakfast and your toaster burns the words “Satan lives” into your bread? June O’Brien, who appeared on the Today Show in the US in May of 1984, wanted the world to believe. And even if you’re a sceptic, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that not only is this haunted toaster the perfect spooky gadget, the woman who owned it is very convincing. Read More >>

FBI Says Remaining JFK Assassination Files Will Be Released (With Redactions) in Coming Weeks

After a couple of false starts, the FBI claims that the remaining JFK assassination files that were scheduled to be released last week will finally be made public. But historians and researchers still might be somewhat disappointed. After further vetting by intelligence agencies, the FBI says that some sensitive names in the files will be withheld. Read More >>

RIP Robert Blakeley, Designer of the Fallout Shelter Sign

Designer Robert W. Blakeley isn’t a household name, but every American has seen his work. No, he wasn’t employed by Coca-Cola or Ford or Disney, but instead worked for the US government. Blakeley’s most famous design? He came up with the yellow and black fallout shelter sign. Sadly, he died last week at the age of 95. Read More >>

What Movie Is This Robot Chorus Line From?

It’s a fascinating picture of robots and dancing women, all performing for a movie. The photo is supposedly from around 1927. And while I love old movies and I love robots, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what this photo was from when I saw it. Read More >>

Women and Their Dogs Rescued After Being Stranded at Sea for Five Months Surrounded By Sharks

Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava set off for Tahiti on May 3rd, but suffered engine failure and even a broken mast. To make matters worse, their phone fell overboard on the first day. Read More >>