Back To University: Five Bits of Productivity Software Every Student Needs

So, you’re off to university and you want some tips and hints on how exactly you can improve your workflow. Given there will likely be a lot of distractions from serious work — especially in the earlier years, shall we say — working smarter, alongside harder, will help you enormously. Read More >>

Baby Turtles Getting Hypnotised For Science Is So Cute It Hurts

Baby sea turtles don’t really need our help being adorable, but remarkably, scientists have figured out a way to make the tiny shelled reptiles even more mind-numbingly cute: by hypnotising them. Read More >>

Heroic Scientists Want to Clean Up Cow Farts to Save the Planet

Most of us consider farts to be little more than a mild embarrassment. But cow farts (and burps) are a scourge upon the Earth, releasing heat-trapping methane that wreaks havoc on our climate. Now, heroic scientists want to put an end to global warming-by-flatulence once and for all. Read More >>

Police Scanned the Faces of 100,000 People at a UK Music Festival

Police used facial recognition technology to scan the faces of thousands of attendees at the Download music festival at Donington Park, Leicestershire, without their knowledge. Because this is the world we live in. Read More >>

The Boy Who Built a 500-Million-Degree Nuclear Fusion Reactor

The following excerpt is from The Boy Who Played with Fusion by Tom Clynes. The book, released today, tells the story of science prodigy Taylor Wilson, who by age 14 had built a 500-million-degree nuclear fusion reactor. Read More >>

Here’s a Sneak Peak at XKCD Creator Randall Munroe’s New Book

We’re big fans of xkcd here at Gizmodo (who isn’t?), and also of learning about things, so we’re pretty excited for Randall Munroe’s upcoming book of explainer drawings, THING EXPLAINER: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words. We’ve got a sneak peek for you, below. Read More >>

10 Tricks to Make Yourself an iTunes Master

Apple’s venerable media suite isn’t everyone’s favourite bit of software, but there are more functions and features available here than you might have realised; from desktop shortcuts to hidden columns to Android support, we’ve picked out 10 noteworthy tricks you can make use of in the latest versions for Mac and Windows. Read More >>

Meet the Humanoid Robot Greeting Retail Customers in Japan Today

The future is on display today in Japan, where retail workers will work alongside a talking humanoid robot to welcome customers at a major department store. Read More >>

The First Photo Was Faked 150 Years Before Photoshop Existed

Not gonna lie, I rejoice in demonising Photoshop for its role in spreading visual lies and viral fakery. But pinning the blame solely on Photoshop is misplaced: manipulating photos didn’t start with the digital era, as the first faked photo dates back to the mid-1800s. Read More >>

Tell Us About Your Cross-Platform Emoji Miscommunication

Half the time I send an emoticon I have no idea what the person on the other end is actually seeing. Which may seem pretty trivial, but is not entirely trivial! A lot of care goes into crafting a chat or text so as to relay tone and intention without body language. The emoji is real. And out of control. Read More >>

A Health-Tracking App Analysed My Blood and Told Me I’m 31 Going on 54

It sounds like a pretty damn good deal: Pay a hundred quid for a blood test and get five simple personalised nutrition tips that promise to shave years off your life. Sold! I tried it. I found, as with any data-based health app, its claims need to be taken with a hulking heap of salt. Read More >>

What is a Heat-Not-Burn Cigarette and Can it Help You Quit?

The Next Big Trend in vaping is actually a very old idea: cigarettes that heat tobacco to produce an inhalable aerosol, but never reach the point of combustion, thus avoiding that sketchy part of smoking where you light something on fire and suck the smoke into your lungs. Read More >>