What’s Up With That Story About Secret Face-Scanning Tech at a Taylor Swift Show?

At a Taylor Swift concert earlier this year, fans were reportedly treated to something they might not expect: a kiosk displaying clips of the pop star that served as a covert surveillance system. It’s a tale of creeping 21st-century surveillance as unnerving as it is predictable. But the whole ordeal has left us wondering what the hell is going on. Read More >>

The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2018 Will Make You Feel Like a Security Genius

For the last seven years, SplashData has revealed its annual list of the most commonly used passwords of the year. This time around, the results reveal that, uh, we still have work to do. Read More >>

Dystopian Company Wants Parents to Tag ‘Problem Teens’ With Ankle Bracelet Monitors

It’s hardly a novel concept for parents to spy on their kids, but a new device is troubling for just how big, ugly, and shitty it is: an ankle monitoring service that tracks troublesome teens. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Police Are Building an AI That Flags People for Crimes That Haven’t Happened Yet

Police in the UK are piloting a project that uses artificial intelligence to determine how likely someone is to commit or be a victim of a serious crime. These include crimes involving a gun or knife, as well as modern slavery, New Scientist reported on Monday. The hope is to use this information to detect potential criminals or victims and intervene with counsellors or social services before crimes take place. Read More >>

Edinburgh Looks to Silence Obnoxious ‘Silent’ Discos: ‘There Is a Lot of Whooping’

Edinburgh City Council is considering a crack down on “silent discos,” which residents have complained are too loud—making them just regular discos, I guess. Read More >>

Facial Recognition Flags Woman on Bus Ad for ‘Jaywalking’ in China

China’s surveillance system is becoming increasingly omnipresent, with an estimated 200 million cameras and counting. While this state of existence alone is unsettling, it’s even more troubling that the machines are screwing up even the simplest task. Read More >>

How Should I Clean My Filthy Laptop?

I consider myself a pretty clean and tidy person. You would not believe this to be true, however, if you looked at my laptop. It is disgusting. There’s that saying that goes something like, the floor is so clean you can eat off of it. Well, my laptop is so filthy it looks like I did eat off of it. Read More >>

Hackers Hit Adult Furry Website, Exposing Hundreds of Thousands of Users

The website for an adult furry game was hacked, with 411,000 unique email addresses and other personal information leaked, according to Have I Been Pwned’s Troy Hunt. The website hosted High Tail Hall, an interactive puzzle game “where you can have erotic encounters with the surrounding characters.” Read More >>

After Google’s Historic Walkout, One of Tech’s Big Problems Is Still Being Ignored

Last month, thousands of staffers walked out of Google offices around the world calling for a more inclusive company culture built around “equity, dignity, and respect.” Among the walkout organisers’ five demands was for the company to end forced arbitration for both harassment and discrimination claims. The company only eliminated the former. Read More >>

Facebook Took Two Weeks to Delete a Post Selling a Child Bride in South Sudan: Report

A 16-year-old girl in South Sudan was recently auctioned on Facebook for marriage, according to CNN. The social network reportedly didn’t remove the post until 15 days after it was up and nearly a week after she was already married. Read More >>

Report: Even Facebook Employees Are Sad About Facebook

The societal, psychological, and sometimes violent consequences of social media are now reverberating from the inside: A recent survey of Facebook employees reportedly found that their opinion of the company has begun to tank. Read More >>

eBay and Airbnb Join Tech Giants in Banning Forced Arbitration for Sexual Harassment Cases

Just over a week after the massive Google walkout, some tech companies are taking strides toward ending a commonly used practice in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to keep disputes out of the limelight. And on Monday, it was revealed that two more companies followed suit. Read More >>

You’re Totally Going to Bone in Self-Driving Cars, Scientists Predict

If humans are dependable for anything, it’s discovering new ways to get horny over new tech. And according to a new report, self-driving will really get people riled up. Read More >>

Google Contractors Say Reporting Process for Sexual Misconduct Remains Flawed

Last week, thousands of Google staffers walked out of their offices and into the streets in what is perhaps the largest collective protest of tech workers in history. The demonstration, which included Google offices across several continents, was sparked by reports that the company offered lucrative exit packages to multiple top executives accused of sexual misconduct. The impressive solidarity among Google’s workforce marked the industry’s big Time’s Up moment. Read More >>

Google Vows to Overhaul Its Handling of Sexual Harassment Claims After Thousands Protest

Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to all Google employees on Thursday outlining some of the changes being made in response to the massive walkout last week. Many of these changes addressed the demands made by the walkout organisers, including optional arbitration for sexual harassment and assault claims and an improved reporting process for sexual misconduct. Read More >>