Hong Kong Hospitals Accused of Leaking Protestors’ Patient Data to Cops

A lawmaker and doctor in Hong Kong claimed on Monday that he received tips that the statutory body that runs all the hospitals in the region was leaking the patient information of protesters. Several protesters have been arrested after being treated at Hong Kong hospitals as authorities in mainland China crackdown on dissent. Read More >>

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An Algorithm Generated Eerily Accurate Portraits Based Only On Someone’s Voice

Technology can learn a lot about us, whether we like it or not. It can figure out what we like, where we’ve been, how we feel. It can even make us say or do things we’ve never said or done. And according to new research, it can start to figure out what you look like based simply on the sound of your voice. Read More >>

Look Upon What Amazon Hath Designed, for It Soon Will Blanket the Sky

If you’ve ever gazed upon the sky and thought, look at all the space for more shit up there, then you are not alone. Amazon too sees our beautiful blue airspace as prime real estate for getting junk to you even faster. Read More >>

Tesla Is Blocking Its Employees From Accessing an Anonymous Social Network for Workplace Complaints

Blind is an anonymous social network that has been used by tech workers to speak freely about grievances related to the workplace, among other concerns. Thousands of Tesla employees have signed up for the service, but now the company is reportedly trying to suppress its workers from joining the network. Read More >>

In Troubling Experiment, University To Monitor Students’ Social Media To Prevent Suicide

Northumbria University has announced that it will surveil student social media posts, among other data, to try and determine whether they are suicidal. The project is part of a pilot programme and will reportedly be deployed across all British institutions if it works as intended. Read More >>

Apple’s Voice Control Feature Lets You Use Your Mac or iPhone With Only Your Voice

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote is a time for company execs to stand on a big stage and shout a bunch of new features and changes to a bunch of clapping geeks. While many of these changes are expected refreshes of Apple operating systems, one announcement is a major milestone for the company in terms of making its products much more accessible. Read More >>

The Russian Government Now Requires Tinder to Hand Over People’s Sexts

Tinder users in Russia may now have to decide whether the perks of dating apps outweigh a disconcerting invasion of privacy. Russian authorities are now requiring that the dating app hand over a wealth of intimate user data, including private messages, if and when it asks for them. Read More >>

Facebook Screws Up a Critical Piece of Its Anti-Revenge Porn Tech

At the end of 2017, Facebook announced a pilot program that lets users send the company their intimate photos and videos that they don’t want to be shared on its main platform as well as Instagram. Facebook said in March that it is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect that content, and in the event that someone nonconsensually tries to post it, they will be reviewed and removed. But the company isn’t informing users when someone attempts to upload revenge porn of them, a threat they should have the option of knowing about. Read More >>

Alexa’s Sneaky Fine Print Could Prevent Millions From Suing Amazon for Anything

Let’s say you purchased a pencil case for your kid on But it turns out it contains lead that’s way over the federal legal limit, and your kid gets sick as a result. You liked Amazon, used it frequently to buy products and even own an Amazon Echo. But now you want to sue the company. There’s just one problem. Read More >>

Researchers Want to Build Fake Photo Detection Tools Right Into Our Cameras

There are ways in which digital forensics experts can identify if an image has been manipulated, but there’s certainly room for improvement, especially at a time when faking images is only getting easier, more realistic, and, most insidiously, more coordinated. And researchers see the very technology being weaponised to create a fake image as a way to detect it. Read More >>

China Has Arrested 20 People For Running an Erotic Livestreaming Site

Porn is hard to come by in China, as the country’s dedicated anti-porn task force continues to push for a more sanitised web, free from even ASMR videos. There are still those taking the risk to maintain horny corners of the web, but Chinese authorities have arrested the last two main suspects who were running a porn livestreaming platform, totalling at 20 arrests. Read More >>

Snapchat Employees Allegedly Misused Internal Tools to Snoop on Users: Report

Existing online today means giving over a wealth of data. The hope is that the companies safeguarding it are doing so securely, but thousands of people work for these companies, and all it takes is a few bad actors with the right access to peep at some of your most intimate personal details. And, according to two former Snap employees who spoke with Motherboard, that’s exactly what happened at Snapchat. Read More >>

Samsung Now Has a Way to Make Ultrarealistic Fake Videos With Just One Photo

Fake videos are getting really damn good, and now they’re getting even easier to make. For innocuous purposes like, say, a moving avatar, it’s a pretty cool development. But for more insidious use cases, like exploiting the technology to harass someone online, it’s unsettling. Read More >>

This Week, Amazon Has a Chance to Prove It Can Do the Right Thing on Its Own

Today, during an Amazon shareholder meeting, investors will vote on proposals pushing for more oversight on the tech giant’s facial recognition efforts. But there are a number of caveats. Read More >>

Google Researchers Trained an Algorithm to Detect Lung Cancer Better Than Radiologists

Algorithms have screwed up in horrifying, hilarious, and unfortunate ways, so it’s nice when one with the potential to save lives nearly nails it. On Monday, Google AI researchers along with healthcare researchers published research showing that they’ve successfully trained a deep learning algorithm to detect lung cancer with a 94.4 per cent success rate. Read More >>