Why We Should Listen to Flat Earth Believers (Even Though They’re Completely Wrong)

It’s easy to attribute the recent resurgence in belief that the world is flat to stupidity or gullibility – indeed, physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson writes Flat Earthers off as proof that the educational system has failed. But while it might rightly be labelled ridiculous, belief in the Flat Earth does not exist in a vacuum. People who believe that the Earth is flat almost universally accept other conspiracy theories too, and while Flat Earth belief can be harmless, its bedfellows may not be quite so benign. Read More >>

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David Icke Live: What I Learned From Spending Four Hours With The World’s Most Famous Conspiracy Theorist

David Icke wants you to know that he is not a racist. He may be arguably the world’s most recognisable conspiracy theorist, and yes, he has ideas that he’s happy to share about how the world’s leaders are controlled by an unseen force connected and identified through their bloodline, but he is not a racist. Even though, as Icke outlines at length, he isn’t one to care at all what anyone thinks of him and, as he explicitly states, he is intends to offend as many people as possible, he does need you to be quite clear that he definitely isn’t a racist. Read More >>