Scientists Aren’t Sure What Triggered Indonesia’s Deadly Tsunami

Late on Friday, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck near Sulawesi, Indonesia, quickly followed by a highly localised, intense, and devastating tsunami. Waves up to 18 feet high inundated Palu Bay, drowning a beach festival, destroying buildings, and claiming over 800 lives. Read More >>

Infuriating Fog and Exhilarating Geophysics: Behind the Scenes of NASA’s InSight Launch to Mars

On Saturday, for the first time, a rocket blasted off from the US West Coast to fling its payload on an interplanetary trajectory. Despite being at Vandenberg Air Force Base for Mars InSight’s historic launch atop an Atlas V rocket, I never saw the spacecraft before it tore free from Earth’s greedy grasp. Read More >>

How Engineers Tested the Super-Sensitive Seismometer That Will Detect Quakes on Mars

If all goes according to plan, NASA’s Mars InSight mission will launch this weekend from California. Onboard the Atlas V-401 rocket is the InSight lander, a nearly 800-pound machine loaded up with cameras, a robotic arm, a heat probe, and a seismometer that, for the first time, will allow us to examine the inner structure of the Red Planet. Read More >>

Cassini Took One Last Look at a Mysterious Glitch in Saturn’s Rings Before It Died

Peggy is something along the edge of Saturn’s ring, a glitch whose source we’ve never seen. Cassini took a last peek at Peggy during its Grand Finale destructive plunge, adding a final piece to the puzzle for future researchers to pour over when trying to understand this mysterious disturbance. Read More >>

The Cassini Team Reflects on How it Feels to Say Goodbye to Their Spacecraft

Yesterday morning, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft slammed into the day side of Saturn, the brief flash of its vaporisation marking the end of a 13-year mission. But it took people to turn this hunk of aluminum and silicon into an extension of our curiosity. Read More >>

50 Years On: The Tragedy of Apollo 1 Reshaped the Future of NASA

January 27, 1967 was supposed to mark the first day of human flights for the Apollo programme. Instead, flames exploded inside the capsule during a pre-flight test. The fatal accident changed the nature of America’s space programme. Read More >>

This Startup is Creating Stories That Adapt, Learn, Evolve, and Breed

Why do stories need to be linear and repeatable? What if instead of finishing a film, you could keep exploring it? What if your favourite side-character could become central to the plot? Why can’t we harness technology to explore our creativity in a new hybrid of full-interactive, immersive animation? A new startup is determined to do just that. Read More >>

Cygnus is the Cutest of the Space Station Cargo Craft

The new Cygnus spacecraft is the cheeriest of the cargo tugs hauling gear to the International Space Station. Those new round solar panels are effective, efficient, and adorable! Read More >>

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Savour the Snow from Far, Far Away

The beauty of winter can be lost when constantly scraping ice off cars, and tromping through freezing slush. That’s why it’s nice to get a view from above, far away from the chilly realities of the winter. Read More >>

A Timeline of the Tragic Shuttle Launch That Changed NASA Forever

Thirty years ago, the space shuttle Challenger exploded. The tragedy shocked a nation caught in launch fever, and reshaped how NASA thought about risk. Read More >>

Wanted: Reusable Rockets for NASA Research

Reusable rockets just went from a party trick to a research necessity. Have a rocket you can launch, land safely, and launch again? NASA wants you, now. Read More >>