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The Surprising and Spectacular Joy of Accordions

Paul Ramunni had been doing people’s taxes for 40 years and he knew it wasn’t something that made them happy. So when one day, he woke up with a strong urge to play the accordion again — an instrument that had embarrassed him as a 10-year-old — he didn’t fight it. Music would probably make people happier than a tax bill. He quickly began collecting more and more of them, and with each accordion, he also collected a special story about the person it had once belonged to. Read More >>

Yes, You Really Can Collect View-Masters, and Yes, This Woman Has Nearly All of Them

Before smartphones or mobile VR there were precious few ways for your eyes to feast on a far off land. The View-Master was one of the best ones. It could transport a person anywhere—provided they had the imagination and the patience to thumb through the dozens of slides on a View-Master wheel. Rebecca Kilbreath had that patience, and has amassed one of the larger collections of View-Masters and View-master reels. Read More >>

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This Swordsmith Hacks Ancient Weapons to Unlock the Secrets of Viking Metallurgy

Jeff Pringle is a US-based swordsmith, so it’s no surprise he has has hundreds of pre-industrial and Viking-era swords, axes, knives and other sharp, wonderful artefacts in his collection. But Pringle describes his collection as almost “accidental” and he the way he uses his collection has put the blades he makes himself in high demand amongst living history fans eager to use a weapon as close to historically accurate as possible. Read More >>

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This Engineer Obsessively Restores His Gigantic Collection of Vintage Computers

Marc Verdiell is obsessed with clunky, vintage computers. He has over a hundred pieces in his collection, mostly early HP and IBM computers and test equipment, which he cleans, repairs, and displays in his extremely tidy basement. The standout, of course, is the Xerox Alto from the 1970s. Read More >>