Stop What You’re Doing and Watch The Insane Kung Fury Action Movie Parody

So how's your weekend going? Bored? Fancy watching a kung fu film with amazing fights, eye-popping explosions and dinosaurs in it? How about one where the villain is Hitler and the hero hacks himself back through time to stop the Fuehrer from killing all his co-workers by shooting them through a phone line? And all of this is set in Miami in the 1980s - eat your heart out, Devolver. Read More >>

Satisfy Your Spliff-Fuelled Hunger at the Cannabistro Pop-Up Restaurant

Have you ever smoked a spliff? Did you inhale? Did you then become consumed with the idea that a truckload of popcorn would satiate the hunger cravings you had? Did you then sally forth into the night to find said popcorn only to find that your local corner shop had only Doritos? And no popcorn? Read More >>

MegaUpload’s Seized Domains are Now Linking To Malware

It hasn't been a superb week for the US authorities. Oh sure, there was the FIFA bust on Wednesday, but that occurred around about the same time that news emerged that the Pentagon inadvertently sent Anthrax spores to several labs. Now it turns out that the Feds may be somewhat responsible for slinging out porn and malware. Sound weird? You have no idea... Read More >>

What Do You Think of the New TFL Uniform?

Yesterday we saw artist's impressions of what the The London Underground could look like in the future - here's a clue: it's blue! As if you didn't have enough TFL news to fill your quotient for this week, news has emerged that Transport For London is unveiling its first uniform update in over a decade. Yes, sir, the excitement never stops. Read More >>

Woman Meets Man With The Face of Her Dead Brother

The last person any one of us ever expects to come face to face with is someone who has the face of a dead relative. But that's precisely the experience that Rebekah Aversano went through recently, when she met Richard Norris, the man who received the face of Rebekah's deceased brother in a ground-breaking face transplant. Read More >>

Apple Buys Itself an Augmented Reality Company

Microsoft has HoloLens. Oculus has the Rift. Google has Google Glass - possible even a 2.0 version. And Apple? Apple has... well... a bunch of augmented reality apps you can download but nothing home brewed and it's not really announced any intentions to jump on the Virtual Reality bandwagon. Well, that may be about to change... Read More >>

Here’s Apple’s Temporary Fix For That iPhone Messages Bug

If you're an iPhone user, you may have noticed a bug emerged this week, which caused Messages on iOS to crash when a specific string of text was received. It could apparently be sent from any device - a Windows, iOS and Android - and while it may have amused some, it was generally annoying to most of us. Read More >>

How’s This for a Look at the London Underground Tube of the Future

You know what London Underground platforms need? More blue! Blue all over the place. Blue on the roof. Blue on the tracks. Blue on the walls. Blue! Read More >>

London Set for Influx of Satanists as Super Evil-Looking Statue Unveiled

The epitome of evil has been unveiled at Marble Arch. Read More >>

British Museum to Give Livestreamed Tours Over Periscope

If you fancy taking in some culture this evening but you don't want to get your backside off the sofa, The British Museum has you covered. This evening at 6:30pm local time, the British Museum will be broadcasting a virtual tour of its exhibit Defining Beauty: The Body In Ancient Greek Art. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Magic View Smartwatch Offers Privacy With Dual Screens

Lenovo has just unveiled a prototype smartwatch, which it seems convinced will clear up that 'issue' facing devices of this type. You know: the niggle about how big to make the display? Make it too big and the watch looks unwieldy. Make it too small and you're having to squint at the myriad apps you want to access. That? Yeah, we hate that too! Read More >>

Pentagon Cock-Up Results in Unexpected Anthrax Special Delivery

We all make mistakes at work. We've all overloaded the printer, lost the stapler or spilled coffee over our PCs. Oh...just me then? Well to the best of my knowledge I have yet to send an acute disease to any of my colleagues. Yet. Read More >>

Access to Simple Mobile Services Could Help Millions of Indian Farmers

Vodafone is has conducted a report identifying six mobile services that could help improve the output and income of small-scale farmers in India. Read More >>

A New Xbox One Controller With a Proper Headphone Jack is on the Way

With E3 around the corner, players and pundits alike are speculating about what the games industry's major players will be revealing - we know we've been doing just that - and monitoring the many leaks and non-announcements ahead of the expo. Read More >>

EA Adds Women’s Teams to FIFA 16

In news that some might argue should have happened years ago, Electronic Arts has announced that it's adding women's international football teams to FIFA 16. Read More >>