Terrifying Car Bomb Shockwave Caught on Video

According to the Popular Mobilization Forces—an army formed to fight ISIS in Iraq—a car bomb exploded this week in the north of Samarra, Iraq. Someone was recording with a cellphone and captured the explosion in the distance with pristine quality. Read More >>

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This Adorable Short Film Has R2-D2 Falling in Love With a Postbox

I can’t imagine anything cuter than R2-D2 trying to seduce someone—or in this case, something: A blue postbox. He brings her flowers, performs the sweetest mating dance, watches movies with her, or even zaps away people who try to mail things. Read More >>

The Top 10 Monologues in Movie History

Whether they make us laugh, cry, be inspired, or turn us angry, great monologues stick to our brains long after we leave the cinema, sometimes for years, and often become part of our popular culture. The guys at Cinefix put together this neat video ranking their favourites in movie history. Read More >>

Cute Penguins Get Angry Too

If you thought penguins were just cute and adorable, this amazing photo of an Adélie penguin angrily confronting the camera may make you think otherwise. It was captured by Gordon Tait near Casey Station, Antarctica, while shooting a series of time-lapses. [Nat Geo Your Shot] Read More >>

Stunning Hyperrealistic Oil Paintings of Women Floating in Zero Gravity

Patrick Kramer is a human camera. But instead of lens, film, or CCD he uses brushes and oil paints. This series called Gravity shows stunning hyperrealistic paintings of women floating in zero gravity. That's right, these are paintings and not photographs. Read More >>

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The Science Behind the Perfect Espresso

This interesting video by the guys at ChefSteps explains in detail the process of making the perfect espresso and what happens inside the espresso machine that gives the drink such a creamy and unique taste. Read More >>

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A Clever Cup Trick That Will Make You Want to Play Dress-Up Again

I've never been too keen on playing dress-up but this clever cup trick made me change my mind. It's very easy to make, works like a charm, and you can create your own characters—which is what makes it exciting. You just need a few transparent plastic cups, a permanent marker, and some basic drawing skills. Read More >>

Perfect Looping GIF of Machines That Don’t Actually Exist

Canadian graphic designer and 3D artist Gareth Fowler makes these neat and perfect infinite loops of unreal machines. If you ask him what he does to figure out how these machines actually work he would say "seek out a mechanical engineering student/graduate, buy them beer, and have them explain stuff to you." Read More >>

This Life-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Was Made With 500 Bars of Chocolate

Telly channel Drama made a life-size chocolate model of Benedict Cumberbatch to celebrate its launch on UKTV's on demand service. Chocolate Cumberbatch weighs 40 kilos and was made using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The likeness is truly impressive. Read More >>

How to Cook Blood

Yes, I know it sounds utterly gross and something people only do in satanic ceremonies but blood is a pretty common ingredient in gastronomy. If you've ever tried blood sausages or black pudding you already know that blood, properly cooked, tastes delicious. This video from our friends at Malackaraj shows how to prepare it. Read More >>

‘Best Film’ Trophies From Around the World

Although we don't normally hear about it, most countries celebrate their own versions of ceremonies like the Oscars and BAFTAs every year. And their trophies are crazier than what we're familiar with. Illustrator Robert Shaw made this neat infographic showing the 'Best Film' awards from around the world. Read More >>

The Paintings of Star Wars Matte Painter Frank Ordaz

Frank Ordaz worked with George Lucas in The Return of the Jedi—among other films—making some of its awesome background matte paintings. When he left the film industry he combined his freelance work with some personal projects involving oil painting. This is a selection of his latest work: Read More >>

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This Short Film Follows a Couple Who Find a Strange, Life-Duplicating Hole in the Ground

This great short film—written and directed by Ray Wong—tells the story of a young couple that one day finds out there is a hole in their backyard with awesome powers: It duplicates any organic life that falls into it. That uncanny discovery ends up affecting their life and, of course, their relationship. Read More >>

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This Clever Animation is Filled With Idioms Brought to Life

This short animation by Amanda Koh and Mollie Helms is fun to watch because it bring idioms and other common sayings to life. Featuring the elephant in the room and the skeleton in the cupboard, sayings like a clean slate and shooting fish in a barrel and others are shown off literally (and sillily). Read More >>

This Chameleon is Actually an Amazing Bodypainting

Yep. Believe it or not, this is not a stunning picture of a chameleon. It is the latest bodypaintng piece by the Italian artist Johannes Stötter. I had to wait until the end of the video to realise there were actually two women. Read More >>