This 3D-Printed Brain is a Squishy Playground for Newbie Neurosurgeons

Brain surgery is intricate, high-stakes work. So mastering it on a real, live patient, with an attending physician breathing down your neck and watching your every move, certainly can't be easy. Enter the 3D printing industry, which has already played a major role in medicine, from churning out noses and eyeballs and blood vessels to developing a pen that could potentially draw bone in real-time. Read More >>

Reason for Conspiracy? Five Mysterious Details From JFK’s Autopsy

It goes without saying that, for the past 50 years, there's been a bevy of confusion surrounding the events of JFK's assassination. Much of it has stemmed from inconsistencies in his medical records, which have long been employed to justify errant conspiracy theories putting responsibility for the fatal shot in the hands of everyone from Fidel Castro to Lyndon B. Johnson. Read More >>

RIP Winamp, We Once Knew Ye So Well

After celebrating its 15th birthday last year, AOL-owned Winamp announced today that it will be shutting its doors on December 20. Pour one out for everybody's favourite forgotten MP3 player. [Ars] Read More >>