The Lucrative Government Spyware Industry Has a New ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for Hacking Everything

How do you build the next billion-dollar unicorn start-up in the hacking industry? One group of spy technology entrepreneurs says it’s found the answer. Read More >>

Facebook is Negotiating a Record Multi-Billion Fine for Its Privacy Problems: Report

Facebook is in active negotiations to resolve the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into the company’s privacy failures, according to a new Washington Post report, talks that could result in a multi-billion dollar fine or a heavyweight court battle. The report didn’t include an exact figure and said that landing on an amount is the focus of the talks. Read More >>

Fired Apple Executive Charged With Crime He Was Supposed to Prevent

Gene Levoff, a former Vice President of Corporate Law at Apple, was charged with insider trading on Wednesday by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More >>

Reddit Lands £116 Million From Chinese Censorship Giant Tencent as Users Call BS

Reddit has raised a $300 million (£233 million) investment round led by a $150 million (£116 million) cash injection from the Chinese tech titan Tencent. Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based social media site, valued at $3 billion (£2.3 billion) and ranked as the sixth most popular website in the United States, is still banned in China. Read More >>

Reddit, Banned in China, Is Reportedly Set to Land £116 Million Investment From a Chinese Censorship Powerhouse

Who really thinks about where the money is coming from as long as you get the money? Read More >>

Google Should Make Two-Factor Authentication the Default on Nest Cameras

It took a growing mountain of home hacking horror stories going viral, but Google on Wednesday finally took action by telling their customers to stop messing everything up. Read More >>

Facebook Bans Armed Rebel Groups in Myanmar

As violent ethnic clashes and a labyrinth of civil wars continue to plague Myanmar, Facebook banned four armed groups based in the country from using the platform. The Tuesday announcement came as part of an ongoing effort to oust “dangerous organisations” promoting violence on the social network. Read More >>

Gig Workers Unknowingly Helped Google and the Pentagon Build AI for Drones: Report

The future of artificial intelligence and war sounds dizzyingly high-tech, but that’s not always the case. Read More >>