Silicon Valley’s Hottest Email App Raises Ethical Questions About the Future of Email

Silicon Valley app gets hype, money, attention and then gets exposed for privacy violations packaged as killer features. It’s a movie we’ve seen before, this time played at rapid speed. Read More >>

New US Law Would Require Big Tech to Tell Users How Much Their Data is Worth

Two American lawmakers introduced a bill last week that would force tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook to tell users how much their data is worth. In an age where data is exploited as one of the world’s most valuable resources, the law would put a spotlight on what’s otherwise been a hidden side to the tech economy. Read More >>

Internet Shutdowns Are Now Just Another Weapon in the Dictator’s Arsenal

Last month, two high-ranking Ethiopian officials were murdered in an attempted coup. The consequences of the murders quickly rippled out into cyberspace, a bloody illustration of the diverging lines between the internet and the physical world. Read More >>

Wait, What the Hell is Going on With Huawei Now?

What exactly is happening with Huawei right now? Read More >>

American Companies Are Reportedly Finding Ways to Sell to Huawei Again

The Trump administration banned the sale of American technology to the Chinese tech giant Huawei in May but U.S. companies including Intel and Micron are selling computers chips to Huawei once again, according to a report in the New York Times. Read More >>

Computer Science’s Gender Gap Will Take More Than A Century To Fix

The gender gap in computer science research won’t reach equality for more than a century, according to new research released on Friday that showed computer science isn’t just lagging behind, it’s also going in the wrong direction. Read More >>

Facebook Co-Founder Says Libra Will Empower Corporations and Weaken Developing Countries

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes sure is an interesting person to talk to about Facebook. Read More >>

Apple Launches Recall Programme Because Some MacBook Pros ‘May Pose A Fire Safety Risk’

Facing overheating batteries that “may pose a fire safety risk,” Apple launched a voluntary recall and replacement programme today for the 15-inch 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Read More >>

How the Cryptocurrency World Is Responding to Facebook’s Libra

Facebook succeeded in at least one part of its new digital currency grand plan: get a spotlight. Read More >>

All the Big Questions We Have About Facebook’s New Digital Currency

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is big news — and there are still a lot of big questions to be answered. Read More >>

Twitch Sues to Identify People Who Uploaded Christchurch Shooting Video

The popular livestream website Twitch is suing anonymous users to find out the identities of 100 people who recently violated its terms of service by uploading content including the deadly Christchurch terrorist shooting and hardcore pornography. Read More >>

Facing Antitrust Pressure, Google Starts Spinning Its Own Too Big to Fail Argument

While billboards go up in Silicon Valley calling for the break-up of big tech, executives at Google and Facebook continue to argue that the massive scale of their companies is a key asset in the emerging tech cold war between the United States and China. Read More >>

Who Knew Signs of the Apocalypse Would Be So Adorable

Imagine for a moment that you’re having a boring Tuesday evening at work watching the radar in the state of California for the US National Weather Service. Read More >>

Google Walkout Organiser Quits Following Alleged Workplace Retaliation

A Google employee who helped organise last year’s 20,000 worker walkout left the company last week and said she’s faced professional retaliation as a result of her speaking out. Read More >>