Uber Launches New Safety Features as It’s Being Sued by Assault Victims

It’s one of those horrors that most men don’t think about but women regularly have to. Read More >>

Mozilla Calls Out Apple’s iOS Tracking Tech

Apple’s ads and over the last year have been centred around one idea: privacy. The message is that the rest of the tech industry is screwing up while Apple is not. Read More >>

Facebook Picked a Great Day to Reveal That It Exposed ‘Millions’ of Instagram Passwords

Today, at just about the same time as the most highly anticipated government document of the decade was released in Washington DC, Facebook updated a month-old blog post to note that actually a security incident impacted “millions” of Instagram users and not “tens of thousands” as they said at first. Read More >>

Apple and Qualcomm End Global Court Battle and Are Best Buds Again

The tech giants Apple and Qualcomm avoided extending an already gruelling three-continent legal battle by settling their years-long disputes on Tuesday. The agreement includes an undisclosed payment from Apple to Qualcomm, a six-year licensing deal, and a chip supply agreement. Read More >>

The Internet Is Fascinated by the Black Hole News, so Naturally, YouTube Is Recommending Space Conspiracy Theory Videos

The most popular thing on the Internet on Wednesday was the first-ever image of a black hole. It was everywhere and for good reason: this is a historic moment, it reinforces Einstein’s theories and it’s something that’s difficult to wrap your head around. Read More >>

It’s Quite Easy to Find a Cybercriminal Group to Join on Facebook, Researchers Find

You might have a certain idea of where cybercriminals congregate. Maybe you imagine a black hoodie operator working at night on the dark net or something out of Mr. Robot. In fact, these things are often much more simple and mundane than they seem. Read More >>

Researchers Demonstrate Malware That Can Trick Doctors Into Misdiagnosing Cancer

Hospitals, like the rest of us, are extremely online. The equipment we use, the data it discovers and the critical medical information it deciphers can all be connected to the internet — and if it’s connected, it needs to be carefully secured. Read More >>

Elon Musk Lives to Tweet Another Day

Elon Musk’s prolonged battle with America's SEC over his tweets reached a tentative conclusion on Thursday. For now, he’s still allowed to post and you better believe he will exercise that right. Read More >>

When Will Facebook Do More in Genocide-Torn Myanmar?

It’s been nearly two years since the bloody peak of a social media-fuelled genocide in Southeast Asia, but Facebook is still not doing enough to prevent the ongoing promotion of violence and hate in Myanmar on its social network, according to a member of the United Nations team that found the Silicon Valley company for years failed to stop its platform from being used to incite genocide in the Asian nation. Read More >>

The Annoying Posts in Your Facebook News Feed Will Soon Come With an Explanation Box

One of the enduring criticisms of Facebook is that the News Feed is a black box. Starting this week, however, the box will suddenly take on a shade of dark gray. Read More >>

RSS is Better Than Twitter

There is a good reason people call Twitter the hell website. Read More >>

Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charger Is Officially Dead

Apple has completely canceled its much-hyped AirPower project. The wireless charging mat would have charged an iPhone, a pair of AirPods and an Apple Watch simultaneously but now it will charge nothing. On Friday, Apple made the embarrassing decision to admit defeat. Read More >>

Hacking Lawyers or Journalists Is A-OK, Says Notorious Cyber Weapons Firm

The founder and CEO of NSO Group, the notorious Israeli hacking company with customers around the world, appeared on the US current affairs programme 60 Minutes on Sunday night to defend the use of his company’s tools in hacking and spying on lawyers, journalists, and minors when the country’s customers determine the ends justify the means. Read More >>

Top US General Plans to Meet With Google Execs to Scold Them for Doing Business in China

The relationship between Silicon Valley and the Pentagon is one of the most high-stakes, high-tension, and high-dollar links in the world. Desperate to lead the globe’s militaries in artificial intelligence, the US Defense Department is trying to navigate a maze of tech employee protests and political minefields with the hope of getting cosier with American technology giants. Read More >>