These Mirrors Could Give Satellites Their Own Dust-Busting Space Lasers

Anyone who's watched Gravity knows debris is always worse in space. Even dust, which can meddle with satellite sensors and cause all kinds of trouble—until now. Thanks to science, lasers are coming to the rescue. Read More >>

This Farmer Reinvented the Wheel to Build a Better Wheelchair

It's one of the most stale idioms in the book: don't reinvent the wheel. But that didn't stop Gilad Wolf, the Israeli inventor who found that comfortably getting around in a conventional wheelchair was nearly impossible. Instead, Wolf set out to reinvent his wheelchair wheels. Read More >>

Watch as This Map Tracks the Whales Swimming Around Hawaii

Would you rather be swimming off the coast of Hawaii right now? You aren't alone, and I can't get you there—but your imagination and the Smartmine Whale Tracking map can! Read More >>

Appliances Chiselled From Marble are Surprisingly Elegant

Marble isn't the first material you think of when it comes to home appliances. But the Milan-based design house Clique, which presented their its collection at its hometown's design week last month, have turned the staid material into something surprisingly pleasant. Read More >>

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Watch This Super Annoying Drone Harass Geese Like a Pro

The Goosebuster drone is one small Canadian town's solution to a stinking problem - keeping hundreds of geese from leaving thousands of kilos of poop off the shores of their beach. Read More >>

Brutalism on Full Show With New Building at Granada University

The ghost of Brutalism is alive and well in Granada, where Mediomundo Arquitectos have drawn on the past without without sacrificing modern technology, since it houses the schools of physiotherapy, nursing, podiatry, and geriatric care at Granada University. Despite its foreboding exterior, the entire building is ventilated naturally—one detail you won't find in most Brutalist buildings of yore. [Frameweb] Read More >>

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Facebook Messenger Version 5.0 Will Have Some Fancy Improvements

There are a whole host of improvements coming to Facebook Messenger version 5.0: photo sharing has a new, streamlined design, improving accessibility; there are new shortcuts for downloading sticker packs; and the kicker, recording and sharing video. Read More >>

Build Your Favourite Space Gadgets With LittleBits’ Awesome NASA Kit

The Mars Rover. The ISS grappling arm. An infrared light metre. You can build working models of all of those and more with LittleBits' new space-themed electronics kit, which is NASA scientist-approved and here to let kids experience simpler versions of the challenges that space scientists and engineers face every day. Read More >>

Sony Announces Repair Programme for Exploding Vaio Fits

If your Sony Vaio Fit 11A spontaneously combusted in the past week, you're in luck: Sony just announced a repair program to replace your battery. Click here to check and see if your product is at risk. [Sony] Read More >>

The Starship Enterprise Looks Great Decked Out in Mid-Century Design

Subterranean captains' chairs, rounded counters for flight-monitoring, perfectly-pastels in the crew's uniforms: Midcentury Herman Miller and Eames furnishings look perfect on the Starship Enterprise. Take a minute to check out these throwback posters and you'll be daydreaming a Captain Kirk shaking you an out-of-this-world gin martini. [MattWileyArt via Retroist] Read More >>

Google’s Auto Backup Has an Even More Compelling Reason for You to Sign Up

If you've been waiting for a compelling reason to start backing up your mobile photos with Google's Auto Backup, it's finally here: Gmail now has an "insert photo" button, giving emails one step access to your photo gallery. Sharing photos privately just got a lot easier. [gmailblog] Read More >>

Explore the Moon’s North Pole With This Gargantuan Photo Mosaic

Over the past four years the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was busy collecting photographs… 10,581 to be exact. And it was all for you! So you could explore the moon at a dazzling resolution of two metres per pixel. Read More >>

Microsoft OneNote is Free on the Mac App Store

Mac Users can hop over to the App Store today and download a free copy of Microsoft OneNote. Read More >>