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Jeff Bezos in Instagram Debut: ‘I Am Fun’

Commercial space tourism company Blue Origin, and its overlord Jeff Bezos, have been pretty quiet over the last few months. But last week, the Amazon founder made his first Instagram post, which appears to show the billionaire stranded on the roof of his own rocket facility in Florida. Because he is Fun. Haha. Read More >>

A Mysterious Emu Gene Could Help Humans With Health Abnormalities

Emus are big, fluffy, flightless birds indigenous only to Australia. They are also the biggest dufuses in the animal kingdom, and are constantly getting themselves caught up in all sorts of tomfoolery, which is documented in obscure subreddits. Now, Australian researchers at Monash University might have found another reason to love these giant goofballs — a gene that appears to control their wing development may one day help humans born with limb abnormalities. Read More >>

Rogue Planets May Be Even Lonelier Than We Thought

Rogue planets sound adventurous, like pirates of the final frontier minus the scurvy. The reality is much more depressing: these bodies are untethered to a star, so they’re doomed to dance around the void solo. To make things even sadder, new research suggests certain rogue planets, namely the Jupiter-sized ones, are far lonelier than previously suggested. Read More >>

This Real World ‘Space Opera’ Lets You Become the Hubble Telescope

It’s easy to feel small and insignificant in the grandiose scope of the universe, because we are. At the same time, as Carl Sagan once reminded us, we’re made of the same “star stuff” as the cosmos. All too often, we forget how random, ridiculous, and resplendent it is to part of the stellar sorority of the universe. That’s why art, specifically movies like Eliza McNitt’s Fistful of Stars, is important—it reacquaints us with humanity’s small and stupid and somehow very special place in the cosmos. Read More >>

Boeing Starliner Astronauts Are Going to Have the Most Space Punk Boots

Astronauts are golden retrievers of human beings. The rest of us have to live vicariously through their resplendent existences while we sit back and watch hours of cats reacting to fidget spinners. Now, Reebok has decided to make our astronaut envy even worse—it’s finally revealed the space boots for Boeing Starliner astronauts and goddamn are they fly. Read More >>

Geologists Have Encouraging News For Folks Hoping to Mine the Moon

Most people (incorrectly) assume the moon is barren and boring. Sure, our satellite might be a little clingy, but it also has moonquakes, orange soil, and could be hiding abundant water resources. New research from satellite data offers more evidence that the Moon does indeed have water trapped in its mantle, which could be huge for companies looking to mine the Moon for resources. Still no word about where the cheese is, though. Read More >>

Mars’ Small, Stressed Out Moon Is Painfully Relatable In New Photo

Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos, are like the bay leafs of the solar system: they’re fine I guess but what are they trying to do? The larger satellite, Phobos, is interesting because its existence is almost poetic: it’s small, falling apart due to stress, and apparently, desperately in need of validation. Read More >>

Elephant Seals Know When Their Opponents Are Talking Shit

Yelling at each other online is a beloved human tradition. Other animals like to shout at each other too, they just don’t have the luxury of a screen separating them. But of all the petty creatures in the animal kingdom, it turns out elephant seals might be most like humans when it comes to talking shit. Read More >>

‘It’s a Miracle’: Embalmer Says Salvador Dali’s Moustache ‘Still Intact’ After 28 Years in Grave

Decades after his death in 1989, painter Salvador Dalí is continuing to make art, or at the very least, something surreal. Last month, a Spanish judge ordered the artist’s body to be exhumed for a paternity suit filed by a television psychic. The fortune teller, Pilar Abel, claims she is Dalí’s daughter and has been fighting to get the artist’s DNA since at least 2007. Now that Dalí’s corpse has finally been exhumed, his embalmer is happy to report the artist’s signature moustache has remained perfectly coiffed. Read More >>

Priceless NASA Artefact Sold Against NASA’s Wishes

48 years ago yesterday, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, an unsurpassed milestone in the history of human exploration. To celebrate, luxury auction house Sotheby’s launched a mission of its own: to sell the shit out of some priceless artefacts from the American and Soviet space programmes, including one that, uh, NASA didn’t really want to see sold. Read More >>

good boys
DNA Testing Suggests Dogs Needed No Convincing to Befriend Humans

Dogs have loved us for thousands of years, despite humanity’s many flaws and foibles. New research suggests dogs were domesticated from wolves just once—that’s all it might have taken for puppers and people to form an everlasting alliance. Read More >>

More Evidence Mars’ Moons Might Have Formed After Giant Asteroid

Mars’ two moons, Phobos and Deimos, are not so good. They are quite small and abundantly unremarkable. In fact, Mars’ bigger moon, Phobos, is slowly crumbling apart due to stress, which is perhaps its only relatable quality. So how did Mars—a nice, round planet—give rise to such garbage moons? The answer may lie in its turbulent youth, when it was possibly pelted with a large asteroid. Read More >>

What Would Happen If You Actually Walked on the Sun?

We just realised it’s the 20th anniversary of Smash Mouth’s “Walkin’ on the Sun,” a song about not being a normie or giving into ephemeral fads like soul patches. Smash Mouth never did that. “Walkin’ on the Sun” is also the title of the official Smash Mouth biography, which is very good according to the 10 reviews it got on Amazon. Read More >>

We Don’t Deserve Capybaras

In a world seemingly intent on destroying itself, the humble capybara is a wholesome good. The oversized friendship guinea pig is a reminder of what humanity could achieve if we stopped yelling at each other on the internet. That’s why this week on Animals Are Good, we’re celebrating the world’s largest—and chillest—rodent, the capybara. Read More >>

Space-Grown Crystals Could Help Us Counteract Deadly Nerve Agents

The International Space Station (ISS) might be the perfect laboratory for developing antidotes to gases used in chemical warfare. Nerve agents such as sarin and VX are incredibly toxic, and yet, one way to combat them could come from crystals grown in microgravity. Read More >>