Amazon Apparently Wants to Destroy TiVo Now

Poor TiVo. The pioneer of live TV recording was just minding its own business, muddling along in a world it doesn’t recognise when news broke that Amazon is looking to start a fight. That’s all it takes to send investors fleeing. But why does reportedly Amazon want in on this antiquated market? Read More >>

Tesla Shares Tank After Tearful Elon Musk Interview Freaks People Out

Tesla shares fell by more than 8 per cent on Friday morning as worries about an SEC investigation increased and CEO Elon Musk gave the New York Times an interview in which he discussed his mounting problems at the company. Despite everything, Musk says he’s just going to keep tweeting. Read More >>

This Online AI Tool Takes Your Words And Turns Them Into Nightmares

We’ve seen lots of machine learning systems create strange new phrases and dreamlike images after being trained on large amounts of data. But a new website lets you do the generating, and the results are just as bizarre as you’d expect: Read More >>

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Blogs Start Disappearing From WordPress Sites

Alex Jones has been hit with bans and suspensions by platforms ranging from Apple’s Podcasts app to YouTube to Google+ in recent weeks. There are few companies that want to be associated with dangerous claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. One consequential company that’s been overlooked is owner Automattic, which is now bringing down its own banhammer on conspiracy theorists. Read More >>

Twitter Promptly Suspends Tesla Whistleblower Following Tweets About His Former Employer

Martin Tripp is currently embroiled in a nasty legal dispute over claims he’s made about his former employer, Tesla. On Wednesday evening, Tripp began tweeting out details and photos about his time at Tesla and found himself suspended faster than you can say, “Infowars was an inside job.” Read More >>

Google Stores Location Data Even With ‘Location History’ Turned Off—Here’s How to Stop That

When a user chooses to pause Google’s collection of location data with the “Location History” option, the search giant continues to collect and store that information. It’s a sleight of hand that’s enough to make someone shut off everything just to be safe. Read More >>

Sunken Warship Said to Have Billions in Gold Looks Like It Was a Cryptocurrency Scam

Last month, a sunken Russian warship believed to have been carrying billions of pounds worth of gold was “discovered” by a South Korean company that immediately started making claims of how it was going to distribute its found treasure. Now, police are investigating leaders of the company and have reason to believe it was all a cockamamy scheme to boost a new cryptocurrency company. Read More >>

Broadcom’s Billionaire Co-Founder Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Trafficking

Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas was arrested in Las Vegas on suspicion of trafficking narcotics, police told reporters on Thursday. Authorities say the billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist was found with heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy in his hotel suite. Read More >>

Facebook Starts Forcing Popular Page Admins to Prove Who They Are

Today, in the latest round of Facebook’s whack-a-mole attempts to fix itself, the company launched new requirements for admins of Pages. Read More >>

Medical Records of 90 Million People Left Vulnerable to Critical Security Flaws

Security researchers have found more than 20 bugs in the world’s most popular open source software for managing medical records. Many of the vulnerabilities were classified as severe, leaving the personal information of an estimated 90 million patients exposed to bad actors. Read More >>

Airbnb Ditches Plan to Offer Luxury Night on China’s Great Wall After Backlash

Airbnb, a company that considers everyone’s home to be part of one big hotel, recently decided it might be a good idea to bring cultural heritage sites into its real estate portfolio. But a special offer to spend a night on the Great Wall of China has been cancelled after complaints on social media. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk’s ‘420’ Tesla Tweet Sparks a Total Shitshow

Investors may be wondering what Elon is smoking this afternoon following a tweet in which he claimed he’s considering taking Tesla private at $420 (£325) per share. What seemed like a joke at first may be serious and as the company’s stock price went crazy, trading has been halted. Read More >>

Apple Kills App Affiliate Programme In Pointless Dick Move

Apple is just one little bump away from being the world’s first trillion-dollar public company and following another solid earnings report, it’s announced that it will punish some of the people who helped build its success. Affiliates who’ve promoted apps and taken a small cut of the purchase price are being pushed out because they’re apparently no longer useful. Read More >>

Why Facebook’s Latest Takedown of a Political Influence Campaign Matters

Facebook wants to prove to lawmakers and the public that it’s working diligently to combat political disinformation and foreign election meddling, and on Tuesday, the company revealed it recently shut down a network that appears to be mirroring the kind of activity Russia is accused of orchestrating in the run-up to the 2016 election. Read More >>