Vine’s Co-Founder Is Very Concerned About Salad

Vine was an app that offered something new and only lived long enough to leave people with mostly good feelings about it. Now, Vine’s co-creator Rus Yusupov has a new trivia app that people like a lot, and he seems to be doing his best to tank it by acting like a raving maniac. Read More >>

DJI Rewarded Bug Bounty Discovery With Legal Threats, Developer Claims

Bug bounty programs are indispensable tools for finding security vulnerabilities and are used by major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. Following an order from the US Army for personnel to stop using DJI drones due to security issues, the company launched its own bug bounty program. Now, one researcher says he found an incredible screw-up, worth $30,000 (£22,674), but then received extortionate threats from DJI. Read More >>

Does Uber’s Fired Self-Driving Car Guru Really Believe This Shit?

Anthony Levandowski is the artificial intelligence whiz at the heart of the nasty legal dispute between Waymo and Uber. Following his unceremonious firing from Uber, he’s been keeping himself busy by founding a church based on the idea of worshipping a future AI deity. As he shares more details about his philosophy, we have to ask: Is this guy for real? Read More >>

Someone Spent £340 Million on a Possibly Inauthentic da Vinci Painting 

On Wednesday, auction records were shattered when an anonymous buyer spent $450.3 million (£339.8 million) to be the proud owner of a “long lost” painting “by” Leonardo da Vinci. The thing is, it may not have even been painted by Leonardo, it’s in terrible shape, it’s not especially good, and in the financial world of art, none of that matters. Read More >>

New Firefox Defaults to Google, Ends Friendship With Yahoo

Mozilla’s new Firefox Quantum browser launched on Wednesday, and there’s a lot to like about it. One change you might notice right away is that it now defaults to the Google search engine instead of Yahoo. Mozilla is framing this as doing the right thing for its users, but in reality it may just be taking advantage of a really bad deal that Yahoo signed. Read More >>

Rotten Tomatoes Will Piss Everyone Off by Delaying Justice League Rating

Having just weathered a news cycle that saw Hollywood execs attacking the movie review aggregation service for allegedly hurting box office receipts, Rotten Tomatoes has chosen a strange time to withhold the score for this week’s Justice League. But that’s just what it’s doing—and no one is going to be happy. Read More >>

Let’s Talk About Bill Gates’ Plans to Build A ‘Smart Town’

Bill Gates doesn’t seem to be all that interested in maintaining his title as richest man in the world these days. He mostly focuses on philanthropy, but don’t think for a second that he’s lost his capacity for initiating a new benchmark for his rich competitors. Brace yourself: A new era may be approaching in which tech gazillionaires own the town you live in. Read More >>

Amazon Is Reportedly Bringing Advert-Supported TV to Prime Video

Commercial interruptions just will not die. The birth of streaming television has given us a merciful respite from the mind-numbing advert breaks that finance terrestrial TV. But you can’t keep a bad thing down, and Amazon is reportedly developing an advertising-supported, free version of its popular Prime video service. Read More >>

280-Character Tweets Make Tetris Possible on Twitter

The arrival of the new 280-character limit on Twitter has made the social media network a lot harder to quickly scan and just further proves that words in tweets are useless. So, how should we all use this multi-billion dollar platform now? One imaginative developer has shown us all how to play Tetris, and it seems like the perfect way to forget about all the Nazis. Read More >>

Paradise Papers Investigation Shows StubHub Rewarding Large-Scale Scalpers

In the most recent case of financial intrigue bubbling up following the leak of the Paradise Papers, an investigation by the CBC and the Toronto Star uncovered evidence of a multi-million-pound ticket scalping operation that StubHub not only permits but incentivises. And now the ticket reselling platform’s offices have been raided by authorities. Read More >>

TripAdvisor Has Added Warnings For Hotels With Reports of Sexual Assault and Other Issues

Following a report that TripAdvisor deleted multiple comments warning users about sexual assault, the company has announced a new system that will make it loud and clear if a destination might present safety risks. Read More >>

Just How Screwed is Snapchat?

Snap is fucked. Following an earnings call on Tuesday, a fifth of the company’s value disappeared in after-hours trading, Mark Zuckerberg is eating its lunch, Snap Spectacles are in the toilet. Yes, things are bad. But are they Vine-levels of bad? Or Twitter-bad? Trick question, Twitter’s very fucked! Read More >>

Apple’s Reportedly Shooting to Have its AR Headset Ready For Manufacture By 2019

The iPhone X is selling well, and Apple profits are just fine, but Tim Cook has been explicit in saying that augmented reality is the next big thing. And now we have a load of new details about the AR device that Apple is reportedly building. Read More >>

Now, Silicon Valley is Totally Cool With a Bill That Could Ruin the Internet 

Silicon Valley has decided to throw its support behind the so-called Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act of 2017 (SESTA) that is sure to have enormously damaging consequences for the internet. Previously, most big tech giants opposed the legislation. But this week, Congress started intimating that they might need to bring more regulations to tame the online beast. And suddenly, that one bill wasn’t looking so bad. Read More >>

Waymo Announces ‘Fully Self-Driving Cars are Here,’ Taxi Service Coming

We are in the midst of a pretty historic moment. Leaping ahead of the competition, Waymo has announced that its self-driving cars will no longer use a human safety driver while they are tested on the road. But the even bigger news is that the company is gearing up to launch the first commercial driverless taxi service. Yup, the time has come. Read More >>