The CCleaner Attack Was Worse Than We Knew

When Avast announced that 2.27 million people had downloaded a malware-riddled copy of its performance optimisation software CCleaner, it was initially believed that a second payload—that can control a system—was never delivered to victims. It’s now clear that wasn’t the case, and it appears the attackers may have been targeting tech firms for the purposes of industrial espionage. Read More >>

Uber Claims Company Put Bogus Ads on Breitbart in Industry-Shaking Lawsuit

Earlier this year, hundreds of companies began to publicly flee participation in the alt-right website Breitbart’s marketing network. One of those companies was Uber. But in a new lawsuit, Uber claims that its contracted advertising agency fraudulently continued to place ads on Breitbart, and the case seems poised to rock the seedy world of digital ads. Read More >>

How to Stop Pirate Bay and Other Sites From Hijacking Your CPU to Mine Cryptocoins

This past weekend, the popular torrenting site The Pirate Bay caught some flak for testing out a new system that used visitors’ CPU power to generate cryptocurrency profits for itself. This tactic has been around for years, but the high profile implementation signals that it’s probably time to start blocking this crap. Here’s how it’s done. Read More >>

Why Is Someone Clogging Swiss Toilets With Tens of Thousands of Euros?

Swiss authorities are trying to crack a strange case involving the disposal of more than £80,000 worth of €500 notes that were flushed down the toilets of public establishments in Geneva. The perfectly good cash caused thousands of pounds worth of plumbing damage and officials are stumped by the seemingly pointless destruction. Read More >>

Your Copy of Avast’s ‘PC Cleaner’ CCleaner Could Be Full of Malware, Update Now

According to its parent company Avast, more than 130 million people use the performance optimisation software CCleaner. And today all of those people need to be sure they’ve installed the latest update because some nasty malware has managed to make it into one of the builds. Read More >>

Ford Funded That Weirdo in a Car Seat Costume Who Pretended to be a Self-Driving Car

At first, it seemed to be a quirky prank—a man was driving around town dressed up like a car seat and convincing people his car had no one at the wheel. Then we learned that it was all a shadowy research project by Virginia Tech. And now we know that Ford was behind the whole thing and it’s all for science. Read More >>

Chrome Will Soon Block Autoplay Videos With Sound — Here’s Why You Should Be Worried

Google has surveyed the advertising landscape that it dominates and determined that it’s time for a change. Beginning in January, its Chrome web browser will block autoplay video ads with sound by default. The effort is being framed as a drive to clean up the web, but it could just as easily be interpreted as a disguised move to further solidify Google’s monopoly. Read More >>

The Case of a Brain-Damaging ‘Sonic Weapon’ in Cuba Is Only Getting Stranger and Scarier

The baffling story of US diplomats in Cuba suffering hearing loss and brain damage in some sort of covert “health attack” just gets stranger and more terrifying with every new report. The Associated Press has learned that victims’ recollections and symptoms are even more varied and serious than we previously knew. Read More >>

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Elon Musk Releases an Explosive Mega-Collection of His Greatest Rocket Failures

Elon Musk has been sitting on a trove of spectacular fail videos from the SpaceX archives, and on 31st August he promised to release a blooper reel with “some epic explosion footage.” Today, he made good on that promise. Now you can watch many millions of pounds go kaboom in just over two minutes. Read More >>

Is AppleCare Still Worth It for the iPhone?

Following Apple’s big product announcement yesterday, the smaller, not-so-fun details are gradually coming out. Apple’s Upgrade Programme is changing its prices and in a rare move, AppleCare+ will be getting more expensive when applied to the already pricey iPhone X. So, now we must ask ourselves: Is that extra coverage worth the increased cost? Read More >>

Data Analysis Exonerates Rotten Tomatoes for Hollywood’s Failures

Last week, the New York Times published an article about Hollywood studio executives blaming the influence of Rotten Tomatoes for its failures at the box office. This seemed silly, and it was practically an admission that the movies these execs are making suck. Well, now we have data that shows the critical consensus on movies is not killing profits. Read More >>

How Much Will the iPhone X Cost on Apple’s Upgrade Plan?

Three new iPhones were debuted by Apple on Tuesday, and despite how you swore yesterday that you’d be skipping this generation, you’re now considering spending a shedload of money on a fancy new device. This is what the expensive new iPhones will cost you with the Apple Upgrade Programme. Read More >>

Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Coming Next Year

Apple announced wireless charging for the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X today, but it wouldn’t be an Apple product without an expensive new accessory. Unfortunately, we don’t know how expensive the AirPower charging mat will be, but it’s coming next year. Read More >>

Apple TV 4K Is a 4K Apple TV, Finally

Apple has some catching up to do in the streaming wars, and today’s announcement of the latest Apple TV firmly positions it as... a way to watch 4K videos through iTunes. That’s the big news, but there were a few additional tweaks that might convince you to give it a chance. Read More >>

Nintendo Urges Public: Don’t Pay Inflated Third-Party Prices for SNES Classic

At this point, last year’s NES Classic is best remembered as the cute, retro gadget no one could buy because Nintendo didn’t produce enough of them. In a new interview, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé swears this won’t be the case with the SNES Classic—and that pre-order screw-ups were not Nintendo’s fault. Read More >>