UK’s Biggest Ever Lotto Prize Winner Bags Over £35 Million

In succession, the numbers 15, 17, 31, 41, 50, 57 and 5 could be mistaken for a really messed-up episode of Sesame Street. However, for one lucky person, this is the sequence that bagged them a record £35.1 million in Wednesday’s Lotto draw. Read More >>

LG G5 Teardown Reveals Easily Replaceable Components

It’s been a busy week for dual-camera smartphones, with Superman himself helping Huawei launch the P9 only yesterday. Now, just ahead of its release, the LG G5 has had the X-ray treatment -- okay, someone attacked it with a bunch of tools -- and we’ve all ogled its inside bits. Read More >>

UK Government Support First “eSports Olympics” in Rio

It used to be that the only link between Olympians and gaming was the inevitable hand-cramp that followed an International Track and Field session (millennial PlayStation owners will know what I’m talking about). But now gamers will finally have the opportunity to showcase their wrist-action at the first ever eGames this August. Read More >>

All Aboard: Flying Scotsman Joins the New Thomas The Tank Engine Movie

One of the UK’s most revered steam trains, the Flying Scotsman, will be joining Thomas The Tank Engine and friends as they gear up for their 11th feature-length movie: The Great Race. Read More >>

Doctor Strange Entrances Fans in Surprise Comic Book Store Appearance

Benedict Cumberbatch gave a whole new meaning to interactive comic books on Sunday, as he took time out from filming the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange to surprise fans at a Manhattan comic book store. Cumberbatch, dressed in all of his glorious superhero garb, was spotted at JHU Comics, where he greeted fans and posed for photos. Read More >>

Apple Continues Green Push by Scrapping Plastic Bags

Modern, sexy, progressive Apple has decided it’s time to start taking our planet’s plight seriously, and looks set to replace its plastic bags with paper ones. A leaked company-wide email titled ‘Goodbye plastic. Hello paper’ details the company’s grand plans. Read More >>

Puppy-Killing Microchip Law Should be Ignored, According to Senior Vet

The new microchipping law for dogs, which is set to come into effect on April 6th, could lead to potentially-fatal health problems, according to senior vet Richard Allport. From Wednesday, all dogs over the age of eight weeks will be required to wear a chip containing their owners’ names and addresses, but Allport says that many will be far too young for the procedure. Read More >>

Trident to Receive Expensive (and Potentially Unnecessary) Software Update

It’s all been pretty quiet on the Trident front since that February rally, which saw a tie-less Jeremy Corbyn and other opposers take to the streets of London. However, it’s now emerged that the MoD plans to splash the cash to protect its 58 Trident II missiles from pesky hackers. Read More >>

windows 10
Android Users Could Soon Respond to Notifications on a Windows 10 PC

Microsoft has revealed plans to bring Android phone notifications to the desktop. The new feature, which was demoed this week at Build 2016, will rely on the Cortana app, and allow users to view, dismiss and in some cases even respond to Android notifications, such as missed calls and messages, directly from a Windows 10 computer. Read More >>

Waterworld for the Grandkids as Apocalyptic Sea Level Rises Predicted For Next Century

Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts to refute climate change, a new study suggests that the effects of global warming could be felt a lot sooner than anticipated. Read More >>

New HTC 10 Specs Leaks Suggest Strong Camera and Battery Credentials

HTC is set to launch the follow-up to last year’s One M9 in just under two weeks, and various leaks suggest that Android fans won't be left wanting by the company's next flagship. Last time out, the main concerns were battery life and the rear camera, but according to a spec sheet posted online by GFX Bench, the new smartphone will stand up to current Android heavyweight the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a 12-megapixel main sensor, capable of capturing 4K video. Read More >>