Why You’ll Be Sitting More Comfortably on Ford’s 3D Knitted Seats

You might think that many of today’s production cars are, well, a wee bit boring; just nondescript metal boxes with not much to set them apart. But, in the future, Ford thinks you might be able to personalise your motor to suit your taste, even if you don't actually have any. Thanks to increasingly innovative materials and improved manufacturing techniques the old school interior that we’ve been used to for the last few decades might be about to change. Cars might even become quirky again. Read More >>

Nissan Gets More From Less for the Next Season of Formula E

Nissan’s brand new Formula E car made no secret of its origins, with the unveiling of its kimono-themed livery in Yokohama this week. The red, black and white design has been created to underline its Japanese roots and highlight Nissan’s ongoing commitment to its Intelligent Mobility strategy. In the same week as the Tokyo Motor Show, where Nissan had other futuristic revelations on offer, the zingy new Formula E car added a much-needed touch of colour for the soggy, typhoon-weary folks who lined up to see it. Read More >>

Nissan Throws Awesome Audio Into the Mix With its Funky New Juke

The new Nissan Juke is loud, but thankfully not in a bad way. The higher specification models come with a Bose Personal Plus audio system, featuring speakers situated in the front headrests that deliver, if you’re up for it, bruising 360-degree audio while you’re driving. That’s a good thing as it provides the perfect backdrop for a spin in this spirited supermini crossover. Read More >>

The All-Alectric Audi e-tron May Make You Buy More Underwear

The all-electric Audi e-tron is the perfect car if you like shopping. That’s because you invariably end up spending more time than expected in the car park of your local superstore, while you wait for the bulky SUV to replenish its batteries. Read More >>

IFA 2019: How Climbing Mount Everest Has Changed the Way White Goods Are Being Made

Plastic waste is everywhere and that, whether you care or not, is a big problem for all of us. It’s also a huge source of irritation and frustration, particularly for Hakan Bulgurlu. Read More >>

The Irresistible Honda e is Finally Here But it’s Up Against Stiff Competition

One of the highlights of this week’s enormous Frankfurt motorshow has been the arrival of the production ready Honda e. The compact and very cool urban cruiser will come in two model variants; the 100kW version, which starts from £26,160 and the £28,660 Honda e Advance that features a beefier 113kW battery and more tech features. Read More >>

Citroën Has its Sights on the White Van Man Who Overloads

Langley Park Rally School is certainly out in the sticks. So much so that even Google Maps can’t find it. Were it not for the cardboard arrows nailed to lampposts when we get close we’d probably have been rattling around the backroads of Essex, well, forever. The school sits on the site of an old WW2 airfield, and part of the course layout straddles what was the original apron where fighters would leave to take on the might of the Luftwaffe. Read More >>

Skoda Reckons You Can Craftily Charge Your Kids for Their Next Lift

Ever felt like it’s you, not your kids being taken for a ride when it comes to giving them lifts? Carmaker Skoda has come up with the Parent Taxi app, which aims to draw a line in the sand when it comes to running children around, especially during the holidays. Instead of being driven from A to B with no charge, Skoda thinks its app offers up a prime opportunity for you to claw back lost time from your own life by getting payment in chores. Read More >>

Electric Dream: The Red Hot Lotus Evija Hypercar That Costs a Cool £2 Million

Everything about the Lotus Evija is wild, from its outlandish styling through to its extortionate price tag. Only 130 will be built and each one will cost, er, £2,000,000 plus. That’s a lot of cash but, as you can see from the images, you get a lot of car too. Read More >>

What it Really Takes to Make Renault’s F1 Cars Go Fast

It’s hardly surprising Renault gave us a high-performance Megane 220 RS model so we could rock up at the Renault F1 team headquarters in deepest Oxfordshire. The car drives like a go-kart, and takes us through the sharp countryside curves like it’s on rails before spitting us out in the car park of Enstone. Read More >>

The £90,000 Arc Vector is High-Tech and Goes Like the Wind, But it Costs Silly Money

Modern petrol-powered motorcycles are quick off the mark no doubt, but a growing number of new electric models could be set to push the boundaries further. Two-wheels and plenty of battery power, combined with a lightweight design means the instant burst of torque you get from a battery and electric motor configuration is perfect for bikes. Which is exactly why the Arc Vector is getting a lot of attention. Read More >>

People Shout Abuse When You Drive a Rolls Royce, But Now You Can’t Hear Them

Driving a Rolls Royce is not for shy, retiring types. Nope, if you're a shrinking violet then the attention you’ll get behind the wheel of something like this, the Rolls Royce Phantom, will come as a shock. In the five days we had it we got the lot: there were two-fingered salutes, middle-digits right, left and centre and moonies too. Mostly though there were scowls, mainly from middle-aged women in silly little nondescript cars, closely followed by middle-aged men driving much the same. Read More >>

Even if You Hate Cruises, You’ll Probably Love the Hi-Tech Celebrity Edge

If you tend to think of cruises as being hedonistic holidays where people spend their days and nights eating and drinking while clinging on to the vague hope that they might meet the captain then it might be time to think again. Celebrity Edge is a new ship that, while not being the biggest cruise liner out there on the high seas, might be the best. Read More >>

Nissan’s xStorage Electric Ecosystem Is Helping to Power Rock & Roll on the Isle of Lewis

Peter Fletcher has taken the term working remotely to a new level. He moved himself and his family from Nottingham and set up Black Bay Studio in a former fish-processing factory overlooking Kirkibost Pier. Where’s that exactly? It’s on the island of Great Bernera, which is attached by a narrow white bridge to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It's basically like living in the middle of nowhere. Read More >>

Inside ED2: Is This the Coolest Place to Design a Car?

It’s a slightly weird feeling talking to someone like Ian Cartabiano. He is after all the man responsible for designing Toyota’s C-HR. Not just bits of it, but pretty much the whole thing, which is quite a big deal since we think the C-HR is a mighty cool looking car. Even weirder is the fact that we’re having a conversation inside ED2, which is shorthand for Toyota Europe Design and Development. It’s an advanced R&D studio that nestles high up in the hills above the Côte d'Azur that Cartabiano has been president of since the beginning of last year. Read More >>