The Technology it Takes to Climb Mount Everest

More people might be climbing the 8,848 metres that make up Mount Everest in the Himalayas, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. However, for anyone who decides to make the trip to Nepal in order to attempt it, the good news is that the kit you’ll want to take with you is getting a lot better. It’s a fact that Rupert Jones-Warner knows only too well. Read More >>

From Concept to Creation – Turning an Audi into a Touchscreen Tech-Fest

Designing a car using clay to make a full-size model of the latest addition to a range might seem a little bit old school, but that’s the way Audi does it. And, this traditional craft isn’t just used for the exterior lines either. In fact, take a trip around the Audi Design Centre in Ingolstadt and you’ll find that interiors are done in much the same way. Read More >>

Swimming in a Canal? Beat the Elements With a High-Tech Wetsuit

Just how nutty do you have to be to get up at the crack of dawn, don a high-tech wetsuit and then try to swim your way through 420 metres of ice cold water and climb 18 metres over seven canal lock gates in the middle of Glasgow? Quite nutty we’d say, but around 600 athletes did that at the weekend as part of Red Bull’s Neptune Steps event, held in the Maryhill Locks area of Scotland’s largest city. The gruelling challenge is already in its fourth year and there’s no shortage of competitors, with twice as many people taking part this year compared to the 2017 event. Read More >>

New Car, More Power! Nissan Joins Formula E With its Awesome Gen2 Machine

Nissan recently had a very special guest for a photo shoot at a studio facility in the less than salubrious Saint-Denis area of Paris. Not far from the Stade de France, in an innocuous backstreet, the Japanese motoring giant introduced us to their brand new Formula E Gen2 race car. This lean and mean machine was tucked away in a concrete bunker-like building that featured a car-sized lift that gave access to both the competition vehicle and its hugely innovative electric counterpart, the revamped Nissan Leaf. Read More >>