Premium Class: Why We Think the Loveable Honda e is Justifiably Expensive

There’s definitely something about the Honda e that makes it almost impossible to dislike. It starts with the aesthetics. Honda’s little run-around-town electric car is an endearing thing, featuring a clever blend of modern innovation with a decent smattering of old school retro. It’s like a restomod edition of Honda’s dinky Civic from the 1970s, complete with a modern-day take on its steering wheel to remind you of Honda’s long history of making special cars. Read More >>

Sales of ICE Cars are on the Rocks So Should Your Next Car be Hybrid or Electric?

One of the few benefits of having been through a lockdown situation is that it’s given all of us time to reflect. If you’ve got a car then you’ve probably been reflecting on just how much it’s been costing you in tax and insurance to own four wheels that have been going nowhere fast. Plenty of folks have enjoyed a payment holiday on their car finance outgoings, mind. Oh, and petrol prices actually went down. So it's not been all bad. Read More >>

Easy, Peasy: Renault’s All-Electric ZOE Now Goes Even Further Than Before

Filling up your car with petrol works so well because, basically, it’s easy. Pull up, fill up, buy a Ginsters (or not) and off you go. Pay at the pump using your app and you don't even have to view the piss-poor faux pasties and other culinary horrors hidden deep inside the forecourt one-stop. You’re gone; out of there. Read More >>

This Gadget Turns Seawater into Drinking Water and, Yes, You Can Actually Buy It

We’ve all seen plenty of tech and gadget innovations appear on crowdfunding sites only for them to go absolutely nowhere. Reasons why these things fall by the wayside are many and varied, but common issues are a lack of sufficient investment, production complexities, the inability to scale up for mass market and so on. More often than not though, many inventions are just crap. Read More >>

Cazoo Lets You Buy a Second Hand Car With Your Weekly Shop

You can buy anything online, from groceries to gazebos, so it seems only logical that purchasing a car via the internet is next. Cazoo is a new website that offers over 2,000 used cars to choose from with prices ranging from £4,800 to £45,000. Simply search their site, pick your car and Cazoo delivers it to your door in as little as 72 hours in a 2 hour slot that is most convenient to you. Easy huh? Read More >>

The All-Electric Citroen Ami Can be Driven by 14-Year-Olds, in France 

Paris was a great place to unveil the little Citroen Ami quadricycle. It’s got streets packed with people, cars, mopeds, bicycles and e-scooters. The French capital is literally brimming over with inner city street detritus. It’s chaos out there. So is the pint-sized, all-electric Citroen Ami going to solve the problem or simply make matters worse? Read More >>

Renault’s Morphoz Concept is a Shapeshifting Go-Anywhere Car

There’s nothing like a new concept car to fire up the imagination and Renault’s recently unveiled Morphoz does just that. For starters, the electric-powered car increases its length depending on what you want to use it for. Not a bad start. Read More >>

Toyota’s Supra is Mad and Bad But Better Than a BMW Z4

Toyota’s wild and wonderful Supra is the fifth generation of this much-loved sports car and it’s also one of the maddest incarnations the Japanese carmaker has produced. However, while it’s definitely a lot more interesting to look at than it’s direct counterpart, the BMW Z4, there’s no escaping the fact that it does actually feature rather a lot of BMW in it. Read More >>

The High-Tech Honda e is Your New Home From Home

The Honda e isn't just another car release. Oh no, this electric car is special, real special. From the outside it’s got looks that set it apart from everything else. Yup, we think the Honda e is pretty darn unique with the odd whiff of Honda’s heritage (think old-school Civic) combined with bang-up-to-date features and functionality. That includes digital door mirrors and flush-fit door handles no less. It’s a super-cool bit of kit. Read More >>

From Mild to Wild at Toyota’s Kenshiki Forum 2020

With everyone going mad for anything electric at the moment let’s spare a thought for hydrogen-powered vehicles. And, more importantly, the manufacturers who are brave enough to invest in the big H. After all, it's not easy to fill up with hydrogen, with a far-from-liberal smattering of just 17 pumps here in the UK alone. Read More >>

Harman’s New Audio System Lets You Create Music With Your Car

Consider yourself musical? Does that stretch to actually making music rather than merely singing in the shower? If so then you might like the sound of Harman’s bright new idea: The Ultimate Sound Machine. Although it’s really more of an innovative concept than a production reality right now, the experiment involves turning the whole interior of your car into a musical instrument. It sounds bonkers because it is. Read More >>

We Took a Deep Dive Inside Maserati’s Innovation Lab

It’s not that often a car manufacturer opens its factory floor to outsiders. Even less likely to happen is getting an opportunity to take a peek at where the real research and development goes on. Surprisingly, Maserati recently did just that by allowing journalists in to take a look around its Innovation Lab. And, to be honest, it was bigger than we were expecting with a total footprint of 33,744 square metres. With 1100 or so employees divvied up across a huge low-rise workspace in via Emilia Ovest, Modena it’s an impressive facility for sure. Read More >>

We Took Hyundai’s Different Driving Test and Failed Miserably

Judging by the high level of appalling drivers on our stupidly busy roads could regular re-testing be a means of keeping people up to speed on evolving rules and regulations? After all, bad habits creep in over time and it’d certainly be a great way to keep people on their toes. It’d definitely be a solid revenue earner too, but perhaps more importantly it might make our vehicle-choked roads a little more bearable if everyone tried that little bit harder behind the wheel. Read More >>

Why You’ll Be Sitting More Comfortably on Ford’s 3D Knitted Seats

You might think that many of today’s production cars are, well, a wee bit boring; just nondescript metal boxes with not much to set them apart. But, in the future, Ford thinks you might be able to personalise your motor to suit your taste, even if you don't actually have any. Thanks to increasingly innovative materials and improved manufacturing techniques the old school interior that we’ve been used to for the last few decades might be about to change. Cars might even become quirky again. Read More >>

Nissan Gets More From Less for the Next Season of Formula E

Nissan’s brand new Formula E car made no secret of its origins, with the unveiling of its kimono-themed livery in Yokohama this week. The red, black and white design has been created to underline its Japanese roots and highlight Nissan’s ongoing commitment to its Intelligent Mobility strategy. In the same week as the Tokyo Motor Show, where Nissan had other futuristic revelations on offer, the zingy new Formula E car added a much-needed touch of colour for the soggy, typhoon-weary folks who lined up to see it. Read More >>