Honda’s e Prototype Does a Surprise Turn at Milan Design Week

Honda’s ePrototype is the Japanese manufacturer’s first battery electric vehicle for Europe, and ever since images of it broke ground the car has been getting a lot of love. At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show it was even possible to poke and prod the thing for real, rather than stabbing your finger at pictures if it on the internet. That's right, the Honda e Prototype does exist. Read More >>

We Just Drove the Range Rover Evoque Without Looking Through the Windscreen

It seems bonkers to have a hugely popular car like the Range Rover Evoque – global sales at over 785,000 to date – equipped with so much underused off-road capability. In most cases it rarely sees a muddy verge, which is also the case for most other SUVs on our roads. Read More >>

The Seat Minimó is Another Hyperconnected Vehicle With Built-in 5G Technology

Mobile World Congress 2019 made the perfect place to unveil the Seat Minimó. Like most modern cities, Barcelona has too many cars, bikes and scooters, but when the event is on the city is even more gridlocked than normal. It’s a hellish vortex of stationary traffic that centres on Fira, the venue where the tech action happens. Add on industrial action so public transport is patchy at best and Uber drivers being hounded out of town by irate taxi drivers and getting around is a time-consuming and tension-filled experience. Read More >>

MWC 2019: BMW Gets Touchy-Feely With its Latest In-Car Innovations

MWC isn’t just about smartphones, it’s got cars too. Just like CES, Barcelona’s biggest tech event now attracts automotive manufacturers who want to show off their latest innovations. This year, BMW had a slick and stylish booth that featured its latest whizz; Natural Interaction. It’s a neat variation on the theme that was showcased at CES earlier in the year, but with new and improved touchy feely bits added for good measure. Read More >>

The Lexus UX is Pricey, But Packs a Tech Punch or Two

As is the case with many modern cars, you don’t initially expect the Lexus UX to offer much in the way of excitement when you’re driving it, but it’s deceptive. The Japanese carmaker is gunning for a new customer base with this striking mini SUV, presumably hoping that they can get away from the misconception that their cars are only bought by more ‘mature’ customers. And the UX has enough edginess to hopefully help them achieve that goal. Read More >>

The Vype iSwitch Promises Smokeless Fuel for Your Cravings

Everybody knows somebody who has succumbed to traditional smoking. My nan smoked like a train and suffered the consequences. My grandfather lost a lung to smoking, but kept on toking and the habit ended up getting the better of him too. And while people are smoking less these days for sure, where does the fangled e-cigarette and vaping scene fit in amongst this dying trend? Read More >>

electric vehicles
Harley-Davidson’s All-Electric LiveWire is Just Too Quiet

Owning a Harley-Davidson is a big deal. The iconic motorcycle conjures up a vision of freedom, the open road and, er, noise. Harley’s raucous louder-than-hell V-twin engines have been deafening the neighbours and blending bikers vital organs forever, but now the iconic American brand has its eyes on the electric market. To the shock and disgust of many who love the Milwaukee-headquartered company’s two-wheeled machines, Harley-Davidson used CES 2019 to show off the LiveWire, a bike that gets on down the road using future-friendly battery power. Read More >>

CES 2019: BMW’s Vision iNext Wants to be Like Your Living Room on Wheels

Full marks have to go to BMW for coming up with an experience that really captures the imagination at CES 2019. Vital to your visit in the Silver Lot outside the Convention Centre is to spend a bit of time taking a look at the BMW Vision iNext, which is a concept car that is a little bit different. Actually, make that a lot different. It’s good on the eyes from the outside, but once the double doors open up the interior is the thing that really grabs you. Read More >>

CES 2019: Aptiv Wants to Be More Than a Driverless Taxi Service

You know times have changed when the editor tells you ‘If it's just a free ride in a driverless car then that doesn't seem like anything that hasn't been done the past few CESs anyway.’ Driverless cars have become kinda normal. Which brings us neatly to Aptiv, the company that has been quietly ferrying people around in a fleet of autonomous BMWs for a while now via its collaboration with on-demand ride provider Lyft. Read More >>

CES 2019: Byton Tempts Us With a 48-Inch Wide Curved High Resolution Dashboard

Byton, the ambitious Chinese electric car startup has big ideas, not least of which is the scarily sizeable digital dashboard that takes centre stage in its M-Byte Concept. This battery-powered SUV was first unveiled at CES 2018 and a year later the car has been brought back to the tech show armed with a series of tweaks that will see it as less of a concept and more of a production reality. The company reckons it will have cars rolling off the production line at its plant in Nanjing for the Chinese market at the end of 2019. Read More >>

CES 2019: Nissan Unveils its Invisible-to-Visible Technology Concept at CES

Car tech is everywhere at CES these days. Alongside the robots, giant TVs and depressingly vast mountains of pointless plastic phone cases you’ll find lots of four-wheeled innovation on offer. Japanese car making giant Nissan, for example, has used the event to reveal its latest party trick – the impressive sounding Invisible-to-Visible or I2V. Read More >>

Add to the World’s Plastic Problem with Polaroid’s Play 3D Pen

Does the world need any more random plastic mess? That was a question we pondered over when the Polaroid Play 3D Pen turned up in the post. The planet is already drowning in oceans of the synthetic stuff, so having fun creating slightly pointless 3D plastic creations didn’t exactly make us warm to this new gadget. Nevertheless, if you’re tempted to explore the world of 3D printing then this is worth a go for around 20 quid or so. Read More >>

Ford’s Sleep Suit Plans to Tackle Zombie Drivers

We’ve all seen the signs: ‘Tiredness can kill, take a break’, but how many of us take heed of this seemingly obvious warning? Pulling over for a much-needed nap and a Greggs at the motorway services could save your life, but its advice that tends to fall on deaf ears. Ford has therefore come up with a so-called ‘Sleep suit’, which it aims to integrate as part of its very practical Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) driver training initiative for 17 to 24-year-olds. Read More >>

The In-Car Air Purifier That Promises to Save You From Stale Farts and NO2

Are you fussed about the quality of the air you breathe in? Plenty of us are and, if you’re a city dweller then streets that are being strangled by a relentless onslaught of cars, vans and trucks doesn’t help matters. Breathing in a daily dose of exhaust fumes, brake dust and assorted other airborne detritus ain’t great. And, even inside the car we’re not immune from exposure to this grubby toxic cocktail, which is the reason why we now have a gizmo like airbubbl. Read More >>

EasyJet Wants To Get You On a No-Frills All-Electric Jet

Running any kind of airline requires deep pockets and even the most well-heeled operation runs on very tight margins. So there’s not much going free in the skies these days. Our own national airline British Airways, for example, won’t give you a glass of cheap wine and a curled up sandwich in economy anymore. Nope, now you have to pay for something from M&S, although you can do it from the ‘comfort’ of your in-flight seat rather than buying it from the shop in the terminal. Read More >>