A “Smartwatch” for Children is the Only Smartwatch You Need

Smartwatches: So much futuristicness promised, so little delivered. They're clunky. They're frustrating. They're just not quite there yet. But what if there was a smartwatch out there that was just plain fun to use? There is—it just happens to be built for four-to-nine-year-olds. Read More >>

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Steve McQueen and Analogue Synths Together in a Music Video

There are few things I love in life more than Steve McQueen movies. And there's nothing else out there that sounds like analogue synthesider music. So when my Giz co-worker Andrew Liszewski turned me on to this TRS-80 music video combining the two, I couldn't take my eyes or ears off it. Read More >>

This Crisp Packet Boat Proves There’s Far Too Much Air in Your Bag of Snacks

We all know the frustration of tearing open a huge, tantalising bag of crisps, or nachos, or Quavers or whatever and realising the bag's 2/3rds air. Two South Korean college students just proved how empty our snack vessels are, by paddling a raft made of unopened potato chip bags across a river. Read More >>

Humans First Saw the Far Side of the Moon 55 Years Ago

The side of the moon that faces Earth is familiar to anyone who's stood outside at night. But it wasn't until 4th October 1959 that mankind was able to glimpse the far side of the moon, thanks to a grainy-yet-distinct photo sent back by the Russian spacecraft Luna 3. Read More >>

The Underwater Search for Malaysia Air Flight 370 Resumes This Weekend

After a four-month pause to scan the ocean floor, search ships will once again launch in the Indian Ocean to look for wreckage from the lost MH 370 flight. The first of three ship, the GO Phoenix, will reach the search field on Sunday, the AP reports. Read More >>

Report: Google is Working on Huge, Lego-Like Modular Displays

The Wall Street Journal says that a crack team of Google researchers is trying to build a modular super-screen, one that snaps together from a whole bunch of smaller displays to create a seamless image. A screen made of dozens of screens! Read More >>

Report: Apple’s iPad Event is Coming on October 16th

Re/code says Apple will show the world its newest iPad updates on October 16th. Rumour has it a new Retina iMac will also make an appearance, as will the public release of OS X Yosemite. Read More >>

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Inside Out Trailer: The First Teensy-Weensy Teaser of Pixar’s Summer 2015 Movie

Inside Out is the next Pixar project, coming out in June 2015. The animation powerhouse just released the first teaser video of the new movie. Here's your extremely short glimpse at what looks like a very whimsical film. [Stitch Kingdom] Read More >>

My Day on a Petrol-Powered Drift Trike: Like Being a Kid Again, but Better

No grown-up vehicle can match the thrill you felt as a kid on your Big Wheel. Cars and motorcycles are fun, but at day's end they're serious machines. Recapturing that unbridled euphoria requires a dedicated device. And the SFD Industries Drift Trike is the three-wheeled, petrol-powered tool for the job. Read More >>

Facebook Says Whoops, Updates Rules for News Feed Manipulation

A few months ago, the world found out that Facebook made its users into test subjects, showing some folks artificially-happy (or artificially-sad) News Feeds to see if it affected their posts. The internet was not happy about that. Now, Facebook says it updated its research guidelines in response. Read More >>

The Myth of an Untouched Chernobyl

Chernobyl's desolation is ruin porn's hallowed ground. But photographer Darmon Richter says the image of an abandoned Soviet city, untouched since its nuclear disaster, is a carefully constructed facade, a powerful and profitable myth perpetuated by the money-makers of dark tourism. Read More >>

This Big Ol’ Phone Might be the Nexus 6 in the Wild

Android Police received these photos from a tipster that appear to show the Nexus 6 in a real human's hands. If it's real, this big-screen device would confirm very persistent rumours that the new Nexus will wear a 5.9-inch screen. It's like an extra-large Moto X! Read More >>

Meet the Rocketman Who Made Jet Fighters and Car Crashes Survivable

In the early jet-fighter days, nobody knew how much G-force the human body could withstand. Testing the limits of survivability came down to human testing. Today, we owe much of that knowledge to Dr. John Paul Stapp, who strapped himself into a crazy rocket sled to see just what the human body could endure. Read More >>