Planet Mercury Has Solid Inner Core About the Same Size as Earth’s

A new analysis has found that Mercury has a solid inner core, just like Earth does. And Mercury’s core is just about the same size as our own planet’s. Read More >>

‘Rewilding’ the Earth: An Alternative to Conservation

'Rainforest' isn't usually the kind of word you'd associate with the ecosystems in the British Isles. But up until around six thousand years ago, when land began to be cleared by humans, temperate rainforest spanned much of what is now the United Kingdom. Read More >>

Student Facilitates More Efficient Drinking Using Raspberry Pi, Leaving Nobody Surprised

When the beer manager at Oxford University's Wolfson college decided that patrons weren't getting their beers fast enough in the college bar, he programmed a Raspberry Pi to run things more smoothly. Typical student. Read More >>

Thor 2 Promoted in Shanghai Cinema with Fanmade Bromance / Incestuous Photoshop Job

A Shanghai movie theatre has made the embarrassing mistake of using a fan-Photoshopped poster to promote the new Marvel movie. Read More >>

The “Epic Gaming Adventure” is the Perfect Holiday for Globetrotting Gamers

Seven countries, four weeks and several thousand miles of air travel are what you sign up for with Game and STA Travel's package trip, on which holidaymakers get to visit some of the top gaming locations around the world. Read More >>

Camden Cat Prank-Calls 999, Is Terrified When Police Break the Door Down

Camden police rushed to a flat in Kilburn last week after a 999 call was logged from the address. Unable to get a response, naturally they broke the door down. What they found was a cat hiding in the wardrobe, presumably very pleased with itself for trolling the plods. Read More >>

What’s the Worst Place You’ve Ever (Drunkenly) Woken Up?

When Marek Michalski, 56, was found on a bench in Piotrkow, Poland, he didn't have a pulse. As per standard practice with corpses, paramedics sent him to a hospital morgue. Where he woke up. Turns out he was just really, really pissed. Read More >>

My Top 5 (Really Boring) Reasons to Look Forward to the PS4

The PS4/PlayStation 4/topofeveryone'sChristmaslist4 is getting its eagerly-awaited launch on November 15th in North America, and here in the UK on the 29th. PlayStation has recently uploaded this FAQ, subsequently sending hordes of slavering nerds into a state of speculative reverie. Read More >>

‘The Gore King:’ T-Rex’s Granddaddy Gets Given a Really Badass Name

A new species of tyrannosauridae has been unearthed in southern Utah, and due to how absolutely brutal it looks, has been dubbed 'Gore King of the Southwest' (lythronax argestes). 'Tyrant Lizard King' doesn't sound so hard now, does it? Read More >>

Lady Gaga Set to Perform in Space With Tickets Likely Very Expensive

At the risk of discouraging attempts by extraterrestrials to make first contact with Earth, the first professional musician to perform in outer space will be Lady Gaga, who has booked a flight on a Virgin Galactic ship. Read More >>

Would You Visit an E-Cig Bar, Just So You Could Puff Away in Peace?

The UK's first e-cigarette dedicated bar is opening up in London, and they've got their sights set on "defining new social rules" by re-uniting smokers and non-smokers. Shoreditch bar #vypesocial will open on Wednesday 13th November, offering patrons a boozy night without the butts. Read More >>

Area 51’s Secrets Revealed in Declassified Papers

Documents recently declassified by the United States National Security Archive reveal that the secret Nevada test site was indeed playing host to alien craft... Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists, however, they weren't from another planet, but the Soviet Union. Read More >>

Jaguar’s Releasing a New Coupé — But We’re Only Allowed to Look at Its Roof

Yep: a whole car and we just get the top. For now. The F-TYPE Coupé, billed as "the most dynamically capable, performance-focused, production Jaguar ever" will debut at the Los Angeles auto show on November 19th. Read More >>

Poor Kids Get Ill More When They Grow Up

As if they didn't have it hard enough already. We reported earlier this year that having short telomeres will increase your risk of catching a cold, but further research now suggests that children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds will already have shorter telomeres. Read More >>

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Jurassic Park Hits Brooklyn in Improv Stunt

Actors do move in herds. While they may not have captured the breathtaking spectacle of the original scene, it looks like serial pranksters Improv Everywhere had a lot of fun with this dinosaur-themed lark. Read More >>