This Futuristic Shape-Changing Pasta Was Inspired by Star Wars

Pasta might not make you think “science.” But then again, you’ve probably haven’t shouted “holy shit” while you watched it curl up before your eyes. Read More >>

We Chatted With the World’s Coolest Astronaut About Inspiring Kids and Sending Dogs to Space

Leland Melvin is a unicorn of a human being. He’s been drafted to the NFL, flown in the final frontier (twice), and now, written a book called Chasing Space. On the internet, the former NASA astronaut is best known for this unforgettable photo with his two dogs, Jake and Scout, who grace the cover of his new memoir. Gizmodo sat down with Melvin to talk about diversity in STEAM fields, education, and of course, Good Dogs in Space. Read More >>

It Took Four Years of Lying on a Riverbed for a Photographer to Capture This Shot

Paparazzi these days will do literally anything for the shot. Even go snorkelling underwater every night for four years. Read More >>

NASA’s Juno Mission Just Dropped Its First Huge Pile of Results

There’s no drama quite like space drama. And Juno’s flight to Jupiter has been about as dramatic as a sci-fi thriller can get. Last October, Juno’s engine system malfunctioned, causing NASA to delay the orbiter’s planned approach into a 14-day “science orbit.” This February, NASA decided to forego the science orbit engine burn entirely, keeping the spacecraft in its much longer 53.5 day orbit. But today, we’re finally getting some good news. Read More >>

Here’s What Happened When Computers Tried Naming Metal Bands

Remember when metal band names were good? Names like RATT and Poison and Mötley Crüe elicited the perfect image: slick, sweaty men licking their guitars while wearing tight leather pants and acid washed jeans, wagging their hair-sprayed manes and rocking out harder than any of us so-called millennials could even imagine. Read More >>

Synthetic Meat Spat Shows That Ethical Meat Doesn’t Mean Peaceful Meat

There are a few of generalisations we can probably make about meat. First, meat production is bad for the animal. Second, meat production is bad for the environment. Third, meat tastes good. Read More >>

Have Gravitational Waves Scarred the Fabric of Spacetime?

Car crashes, nuclear explosions, and even asteroid impacts are relatively puny compared with some of our universe’s other explosive events. Heck, a violent, seemingly infinitely hot explosion is probably what set the whole universe in motion in the first place. So big collisions, like those between black holes many times the mass of our sun, could have some pretty wild consequences. Like scarring spacetime itself. Read More >>

Scientists Engineered Bacteria to Make Picture of Super Mario

Bacteria have had some pretty great PR, recently. Thanks to lots of new research about their importance to our bodies, they’re not really seen as soulless microscopic murderers anymore. They’re colorful, misunderstood beings living together outside the spotlight, freeloading in our guts in exchange for favours. In other words, they’re artists. Read More >>

The Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Releases Its First Results

Around eighty-five per cent of the matter scientists have detected in the universe comes from something we can’t feel or see. It’s a seemingly enormous amount of mass whose gravity bends other stars’ light and makes galaxies spin strangely. And scientists really, really want to know what this so-called dark matter is. Read More >>

The First AI-Generated Paint Names Include ‘Homestar Brown’ and ‘Stanky Bean’

Humans aren’t nearly as creative as we think. Craft brewers, for example, have run out of fun names and are sending each other cease and desist letters for coming up with the same ideas. So, what if we let computers come up with new names for us? Read More >>

Can a Pill Make You More Moral?

It’s a reasonable goal to want everyone on Earth to be more moral. Maybe there’d be less suffering, and people would be happier or more prosperous. But what is morality? Are there any drugs that can make us more moral humans? Are they ready for us to debate about their use? Read More >>

This Post About Dog Pee Will Change Your Life

Eyes away from whatever you’re looking at. No need to keep reading stressful news about our President, fidget spinners, stuff dying, any of that. Read More >>

Are Vitamin Supplements Killing Our Gut Bacteria?

We consume all sorts of things before really knowing how they’re going to affect us, including probiotics and dietary supplements. But given how preliminary our understanding of our gut bacteria is, it’s very likely that some supplements can work in direct opposition of others. For instance, vitamin A might kill a bacteria hypothesised to promote childhood growth. Read More >>

Baby Orangutans Rely on Their Mothers’ Milk For Almost a Decade

With the exception of whatever weird shit humans are doing, lactation continues to be the source of food for all baby mammals on this nipple-sucking (or skin-licking) planet. When it comes down to how long mammals nurse for, though, orangutans hold the record: Six to eight years. Read More >>

Terrifying Looking T-rex Ants Actually Total Wimps

There are a lot of silly ways you can name a new species—maybe after a boat, or the President, or the sound you made when you found it. But this little ant probably received one of the most badass names possible: Tyrannomyrmex rex, T-rex for short. Read More >>