Confirmed: Lightning Causes Nuclear Reactions in the Sky

Lightning is nuts. It’s a supercharged bolt of electricity extending from the sky to the ground that can kill people. But it can also produce nuclear reactions, according to new research. Read More >>

Ghost Particles Detected on Far Side of Earth Bolsters Crucial Physics Theory

If we’re ever going to truly understand how our Universe works, we’ll need to take lots of different measurements, but measuring can be one of science’s most difficult tasks. How, for example, do scientists measure an invisible thing that passes directly through solid matter without stopping? The inventions scientists come up with to make this possible are often truly incredible—even if the measurements made are totally expected. Read More >>

Cassini Swan Song Image of Saturn Left Me Speechless

Planets and robots lack hearts and minds, but they’re especially good at impacting ours. In its last days before ending itself, human-built Cassini turned around and snapped this farewell mosaic image of Saturn. Its title: “Farewell to Saturn.” Read More >>

Hand Sanitiser Alters the Results of Breathalyser Tests in New Experiment

If a police officer pulls you over for driving while intoxicated, you could be brought in for a breath alcohol test. If that happens, you’d better hope the test operator doesn’t slather their hands in an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, first. Read More >>

New Study Shows What Would Happen If the Entire USA Went Vegan

If you were to ask all of your friends what an ideal society looks like, I’m sure you’d receive vastly different answers. Maybe someone will suggest a society without war where everyone works together to solve problems. Your friend who just finished an Ayn Rand book will say something stupid. And maybe your vegan friend will pipe up and suggest a society without animal agriculture. Read More >>

Water Isn’t Actually Flowing on Mars, Suggests New Result

Facts are built into the fabric of the Universe, but science can sometimes be a problematic tool for establishing them. On occasion, even the most exciting discoveries can be overturned with more evidence. Read More >>

The First Known Interstellar Asteroid Looks Incredibly Weird 

Scientists know of 750,000 or so asteroids and comets—and all of them are part of this fine solar system. That is, all of them but one. And as new research shows, it’s weird as hell. Read More >>

Ancient Cave Art Depicts Oldest Evidence of Dogs Wearing Leashes

A new analysis of ancient rock art demonstrates that humans hunted with dogs on the Arabian Peninsula over 8,000 years ago—and it looks like those dogs wore leashes. Read More >>

Antioxidants Will Not Stop You From Dying

When you hear something is chock-full of antioxidants, the mental conclusion is often: That’s it—that’s the elixir of life, I have to eat a lot of that. But why do we all assume that loading up on anti-oxidants will somehow be the key to infinite youth? Read More >>

Two Teams Have Simultaneously Unearthed Evidence of an Exotic New Particle

A few months ago, physicists observed an new subatomic particle—essentially an awkwardly-named, crazy cousin of the proton. Its mere existence has energised teams of particle physicists to dream up new ways about how matter forms, arranges itself, and exists. Read More >>

Head Transplant Doctor Claims First Successful Human Head Transplant…on a Corpse

One nice thing about teddy bears is that if your dog tears the head off of your child’s favourite one, you can just sew it back on. But you don’t proclaim your achievement a “wild success”—rather, you say, “here, I have fixed your lifeless play-thing.” Read More >>

Mysterious New Results Can’t Explain Why So Much Antimatter Hits Earth

New observations of nearby pulsars—lighthouse-like neutron stars beaming energy—seem to have deepened a mystery that’s been bugging scientists for around a decade. The Earth is being hit with too much antimatter from outer space, and no one is sure why. Read More >>

Black Holes Slamming Together Officially ‘Routine’

Well, this is it. We’ve finally gotten to the point where observing two black holes slamming together, possibly the most way-out physics-based idea one could wrap their head around, has become “routine.” How did we get here? Read More >>

At Least 400 Science Articles Cite Nonexistent ‘Phantom’ Study

Did you actually read all the works you cited in your university essays? If not, you’re probably not the only one. Because a non-existent paper seems to have been cited over four hundred times by supposedly reputable research. Read More >>

New Intergalactic Discovery Could Be Biggest Supernova Ever

The Earth, the Sun, Andromeda galaxy, they’ve all been around for as long as you can remember and as long as humanity has been around. So when a new light suddenly shows up in the distance, it’s a weird occurrence. But a newly detected explosion could be one of the weirdest—and it’s not the only one. Read More >>