Scientists Find Evidence of Deep-Sea Fish Migration Route

Marine biologists have found evidence of a previously unobserved deep-sea migration route more than 4,500 feet (1.4 kilometres) beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, according to a new paper. Read More >>

Scientists Save Quantum States in a Diamond, a Tiny Step Toward a Quantum Internet

A newly created system can enhance quantum communications over longer distances – a small but crucial step toward a quantum internet. Read More >>

Seismometers Worldwide Detect Decrease in Human Activity Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns

Seismometers around the world are recording the decreased seismic activity resulting from people staying home amid covid-19 social distancing orders. Read More >>

The Fate of a Dark Matter Theory Hinges on These Unidentified X-Rays

Despite decades of searching, no one has yet cracked the mystery of dark matter. One hypothesis to explain it relies on strange x-rays emanating from distant galaxies and galaxy clusters, but a new paper appears to rule out dark matter as producing these mysterious x-rays. Read More >>

Scientists Make Breakthrough Toward Mapping All Cells in the Human Body

Researchers around the world are working to construct an atlas of all the different cells in the human body. A team in China has just released the results of a huge step toward that goal. Read More >>

Life Is Thriving 2,600 Feet Beneath the Seafloor

You won’t see many living things above the ocean surface hundreds of miles southeast of Madagascar – an albatross or the occasional fishing vessel may break up the hours of solitude. But beneath the surface, lava from Earth’s mantle has uplifted a long, underwater mountain range with a flat top extending 5 kilometres above the seafloor. Its name, the Atlantis Bank, is oddly appropriate; here, microbial communities have somehow found a way to thrive, deep in Earth’s lower crust. Read More >>

How Supercomputers Are Helping to Fight Covid-19

A host of companies, including IBM, Microsoft, and Google, along with universities and national labs have teamed up to form the COVID-19 High Performance Computing (HPC) Consortium. This new partnership is designed to provide scientists with supercomputing resources as they figure out how to combat the coronavirus-caused disease known as covid-19. Read More >>

Scientists Find a Superconductor in Bits of Meteorite

Scientists have detected trace amounts of superconducting material inside one of the world’s largest meteorites, according to a new study. Read More >>

Hubble Telescope Detects Unthinkable Quasar Tsunamis

Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have detected quasars sending outbursts of energy roaring through their galaxies, according to new research. Read More >>

Student Scientists Worry About Their Futures as Universities Shut Down Over Covid-19

Research institutions around the world are reacting to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by moving classes online, sending students and researchers home, and in some cases, closing labs. Among these various responses, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers are cutting off experiments midway, awaiting to hear whether their summer projects will be cancelled, and, in some cases, wondering whether their graduation dates will be postponed. Many are worried that the scientific establishment will simply forget about them. Read More >>

mars insight
And Now for Some Good News: The Mars InSight Heat Flow Probe Is Digging Again

Maybe today you need a little bit of good news. Well, we’ve got some: The Mars InSight heat flow probe seems to be descending into the planet once again. Read More >>

Scientists Who Created Order From Randomness Win Prestigious Mathematics Prize

Scientists Hillel Furstenberg and Gregory Margulis have won this year’s Abel Prize, which is considered one of the highest honours in mathematics. Read More >>

Scientists Put Trackers on Cats to Reveal the Extent of Their Ecological Destruction

Domestic cats are an ecological catastrophe, and a new study shows specifically how they enact their destruction. Read More >>

Hundreds of Critically Endangered Vultures Killed in Possible Poisoning

Nearly 1,000 vultures died in Guinea-Bissau from a possible poisoning, according to a Vulture Conservation Foundation release. The critically endangered hooded vulture was hit especially hard, the group said. Read More >>

particle physics
New Analysis of Large Hadron Collider Results Confirms Something Weird Is Happening

A theory-defying anomaly has persisted in the latest results from a Large Hadron Collider experiment, according to new results. Read More >>