Unprecedented Close-Up View of Asteroid Shows Rocks That Look Surprisingly Familiar

On 3 October 2018, the Hayabusa2 spacecraft dropped a lander toward the surface of the asteroid Ryugu from 135 feet up. The lander, MASCOT, hit a boulder, bounced backward, and tumbled 55 feet along the asteroid’s surface before coming to rest upside down in a hole. Read More >>

Scientists Reveal Brain Structure of 20-Million-Year-Old Monkey

Palaeontologists operating CT scanners have revealed the structure of a 20-million-year-old primate brain, thanks to an extremely well-preserved fossil skull. Read More >>

Bird Twitter Is My Oasis in Internet Hell

Browsing the internet generally feels exhausting for me. Mostly, it’s because everything is bad. The websites I once visited for “fun” are now saturated with reminders of society’s collapse, brands making painful jokes, lies, outrage, and actual Nazis. I only visit these websites out of habit and poor impulse control. Read More >>

NASA Mission to Visit Jupiter’s Moon Europa Moves to Final Construction Phase

A mission to sample Jupiter’s moon Europa for signs of life will move into its final design and construction phase, according to a NASA announcement. Read More >>

The Moon Shines Brighter Than the Sun… in Gamma Rays

The Moon is brighter than the Sun, if you’re measuring it in gamma rays. Sort of. Read More >>

Hurricanes and Climate Change Might Make Spiders More Aggressive

Hurricanes could make spider colonies more aggressive over time, according to a new paper. Let’s add “avoiding extra-evil spider colonies” to our list of reasons to fight climate change, please and thanks. Read More >>

Physicists Entangled Photons in the Lab With Photons From the Sun

In a classic physics experiment, scientists set up quantum entanglement between sunlight and light generated here on Earth. Read More >>

This Enormous Supernova Was Unlike Anything Seen Before

Astronomers have observed a supernova unlike any ever observed before, and it might be strong evidence of an important kind of stellar death that would have shaped early galaxies. Read More >>

A Baby Planet Might Have Smashed Right into Young Jupiter

Jupiter’s core seems off, astronomers think, in a way explainable by an ancient collision with another enormous body, perhaps one 10 times the mass of Earth. Read More >>

50-Year Chemistry Mystery Solved by Wild New Carbon Ring

Some precision chemistry performed atop a slice of table salt has given researchers unprecedented views of a controversial form of carbon. Read More >>

Nah or Aww? Human-Size Penguins Once Waddled Across New Zealand

A fossil discovery has added another entry to the list of comically large New Zealand birds: a 5-foot-tall penguin. Read More >>

Astrophotographer Discovers a Tiny ‘Churymoon’ Around Famous Comet

An astrophotographer has spotted what looks to be a moon orbiting the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the target of the European Space Agency’s Rosetta Mission. Read More >>

Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Flashes From Our Galaxy’s Black Hole

An attempt to prove Einstein’s hallmark theory of gravity revealed something even freakier: an unprecedented flash from the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Read More >>

How to Watch the Peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

One of the year’s best meteor showers peaks tonight into tomorrow and Wednesday, which means it’s a great opportunity to wake up early, find a dark place outdoors, and enjoy the spectacle. Read More >>