Report: Cancer Journal Retracts a Record Hundred and Seven Studies

Scientists don’t work in a vacuum. Their work should always come along with a rigorous review process to ensure their methods and results aren’t wild, misinterpreted, or outright made up. But what if you’ve found a way to fake your own review? Read More >>

Dr. Who Joins the March For Science in London

Governments may govern nationally, but scientists must work globally by requirement, as the folks who establish human truths based on evidence. So while scientists took to the streets in Washington D.C. yesterday, marches in 600 cities globally joined them. Read More >>

Here Are the Ways Large Asteroids Can Kill You, Ranked

Large asteroids definitely present one of the most colourful and chaotic possible apocalypses. Such an impact would cause quite a cinematic conclusion, combining a plague of wind, tsunamis, heat, and other terrors into a horrible death-fest. Honestly, count me in. Read More >>

Is This Art Gross?

Screw Rembrandt, Picasso and all that boring old guy paint-on-a-canvas stuff. The future of art is bacteria, ants, and the smell of sweat. Read More >>

No, Scientists Didn’t Just Create Negative Mass or Defy the Laws of Physics

A few days ago, I spotted a strange title on a physics paper, claiming to have produced negative mass. I gave it a read. No they didn’t, I thought to myself. I will not cover this interesting but esoteric cold atomic physics paper. Read More >>

This Mars-Bound Grain Processor Will Help Earthlings First

Let’s say we do somehow end up growing grains like corn or wheat on Mars. What fun would that be if we can’t puff them into curls and dust them with cheese? Read More >>

This Browser Extension Will Help You Read Science Papers for Free

Probably the suckiest thing about science is the fact that lots of the time you can’t read the research yourself. If it’s not open access and you’re interested, either you shell out 35 bucks for a pdf, email someone asking for it, or settle with listening to some dummy like me interpret the results peppered with quotes and my biases. Read More >>

How Do You Keep a 13,600-Year-Old Woman From Looking Like Wilma Flintstone?

Recreations of Paleolithic people at the museum usually look like the typical Geico commercial caveman. Famed Otzi the Iceman, for example, has the face of someone who’d be fun to disembowel a moose with, but whose conversation might be just a little gauche. A new facial reconstruction of a Stone Age woman who lived in Thailand roughly 13,600 years presents the pleasant and probably more accurate visage. Read More >>

Scientists Are Making Horrible Red-Eye Mutant Wasps Because Why the Hell Not

Listen, scientists. I appreciate what you do, and boy I sure do love that evidence-based pursuit of knowledge, but did you have to make mutant wasps? Did you? Read More >>

Why Did These Lions Eat So Many People?

In 1898, a pair of lions feasted on the most fearsome of predators: humans. Some think they could have killed 135 people constructing a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River in Kenya, though research lowered that number down to 35 human lunches between the pair. Read More >>

A Trail of Strange Physics Results Offers Tantalising Hints of New Particles

Conceptually, particle physics experiments are surprisingly simple. Smash a shitload of particles together, and look at what comes out. The results will either confirm whatever the business-as-usual theory is, or, if there’s a really crystal clear deviation from that theory, they might prove some new hypothesis about some new particles. But the middle ground, where the difference between what we know and what we see is still fuzzy, is where lots and lots of results live. Read More >>

climate change
Here’s What Our Food Might Look Like in a Climate Change-Induced Dystopia

Food scientists are already looking to some dramatic-sounding options, from bugs to lab-grown meat to large fish farms, in order to feed a world whose population could approach ten billion humans by 2050. Combined with climate change, the food of the distant future may look very different. Read More >>

The Last Person Born in the 1800s Died and So Will You

Humans start getting ready to die as soon as they are born. But for some, that process takes a whole lot longer than it does for everyone else. Read More >>

watch this
Check Out This Mesmerising Timelapse of the Night Sky Above Hawaii

Telescopes dot the cloudless top of the dry volcano Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Earth’s tallest mountain from its underwater base to its peak. Its night skies, free of artificial light, are a resource disappearing across the planet in the face of light pollution. Read More >>

Actually, Bread Crusts Are Good

The world might feel like it’s ending, but that doesn’t mean researchers should give up the pursuit of establishing truths via evidence-based science. Nor should they give up the aromatic crusts of a fresh-baked loaf of French baguette. Ooh la la, happy Friday. Read More >>