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Roman Coppola: “Everything is Now an App. It’s Disappointing”

Earlier this year Intel, along with W Hotels, put out a call to all budding screenwriters over the social networks to send in scripts for a set of short films. Each film had to be set in a W Hotel, anywhere in the world, and have an Ultrabook as a central part of the story. At the creative helm they joined with Roman Coppola and The Directors Bureau to sift through the entries and assign directors, actors and producers. Read More >>

Mujjo’s New iPad Mini Sleeves Are A Slice Of Beauty

Fashion-conscious iPad mini owners now have a beautiful new sleeve to sheath their treasure in. We've fallen for Mujjo's hand crafted sleeves before, and these new petit offerings bring a little couture to your slender tablet. Read More >>

Apple Patent Shows iPhone Packaging Which Turns Into a Dock

Unboxing videos may be getting a hell of a lot more interesting if this patent, which stipulates packaging that becomes a usable dock, becomes a reality. The filing shows a box which looks akin to the current device packaging which Apple thinks could be big enough to dock a smartphone or a portable computing tablet. Read More >>

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Gangnam Style Trotting Ahead to A Billion YouTube Hits

Haven't we had enough of this yet? Nope -- Gangnam Style's meteoric rise has been visualised by ChannelMeter, and it looks like it's set to become the first video to get 1 billion views -- that's an American billion (1000 millions) by December. Read More >>

Almost There — 10 Star Trek Technologies Within Our Grasp

Whether you love or hate Star Trek, you have to respect its vision. A future in which humanity has transcended money, wealth, and greed in favour of pure enlightenment and exploration. And space battles. Read More >>

EE Delays SIM-Only Tariff Launch For A Possible “Two Weeks”

Regardless of your views on prohibitive pricing plans, 4G is now available for the masses -- if you can stump up the cash for a phone and contract. EE had previously promised that people with 4G-ready handsets would be able to pick up cheaper SIM-only tariffs from today, though they have irritatingly failed to materialise. Read More >>

Dominican Republic Cinema-Goers are First to Get Soundtrack-Shaking Chairs

One lucky theatre in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was the world's first cinema to have Tremor FX seats installed -- the derriere-shaking chairs that give moviegoers "a more immersive theatre experience." Read More >>

The New Star Trek Is Beaming In Some Serious Atmos(phere)

Good news trekkers, trekkies, audiophiles and ciniphiles -- the next installment of J.J. Abrams Star Trek reboot sounds AWESOME. Paramount Pictures announced today that Star Trek will add to the (short) roster of films which are optimised for the new Dolby Atmos system such as Brave and The Hobbit. Read More >>

Google Slips Off Its Sidebar For a More Enjoyable Experience

Google's pushed out a redesign today, doing away with the sidebar in search results for a cleaner page that will look better on all devices. More space for your "who got voted off X-Factor" search results. Read More >>

Google’s Pop-Up-Pirate Problem Is Really Grinding the Governments Gears

Google succumbed to the screaming horde of rights holders in August by agreeing to start making 'pirate' sites more difficult to find through Google -- but has it made any difference at all? Read More >>

Street Lights 2.0: Let There Be iPad-Controlled Light

Westminster Council has announced that, following a successful pilot scheme, it will give all 14,000 of its street lights brains over the next four years. The smart bulbs will work in a similar way to the Philips Hue range, in that they can be controlled remotely via an engineers iPad. Read More >>

Make Some Space and Take Down the Enemy With This Awesome-Looking Gun-Shaped Controller

If you prefer your warfare with a little more leg cramp, why not grab yourself the new Mag II from All Interactive Entertainment? You'll still be able to make the baddies pay dearly -- but this time standing up like a real trooper. Read More >>

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When Doing the Robot Just Isn’t Enough: Robot Wins Dance Competition Gangnam-Style

The rise of the machines took another sauntering step this weekend when a robot won a Chinese dance competition imitating the South Korean pop sensation, PSY. Read More >>

Watch an Iconic British Movie Every Day In November For Less Than the Price of a Pork Pie

Every day in November, Film4 is offering you a chance to watch or re-watch a British classic movie such as Slumdog Millionaire, Dead Man's Shoes, This Is England and The Last King of Scotland for just 30p per film. That's just £9 if you watch the entire month's offerings -- although you can't really -- it started yesterday. [Film4] Read More >>

Apple Tries to Sue iFone in Mexico… And Loses

What's this? Has Apple really been beaten by a smaller company? Apparently so. It seems Apple bit off a little more than it could chew this time, as it's suffered a defeat in court, after seeking an injunction in Mexico against a company called 'iFone'. Read More >>