Google Photos Now Lets You Search for Specific Text Inside Your Pics

Google Photos already features handy automatic tagging features that let you find every picture you’ve ever taken of, say, a dog or flower with one simple search. But now, after some eagle-eyed users spotted a new feature, Google has confirmed that Photos is getting the ability to search for photos based on text captured in the picture. Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 10+ Is Damn Near Perfect

When a phone retails at £1,000, it can’t just be good, it has to be superb. It needs to deliver features you don’t get on other phones, maintain excellence across all the standard metrics, and be able to handle pretty much any situation, whether it’s work, play, or just a bit of movie watching. And while there are a few things I wish Samsung had included on its latest big-screen flagship, the Galaxy Note 10+ is damn near perfect. Read More >>

MSI’s Prestige Laptops Bring Gaming Performance and Expertise to a Broader Audience

For most people, MSI is synonymous with big, powerful gaming laptops. But thanks to the number of aspiring video editors, 3D pros, and other digital artists, there’s a growing demand for systems with gaming-level performance, but tweaked for other applications. To meet this demand, MSI is announcing its new Content Creation Series laptops which are split into three general tiers: the entry-level Modern line, the mainstream Prestige line, and the high-end Creators line. Read More >>

Refreshed Nintendo Switch Teardown Shows What You Need to Know Before You Upgrade

About a month ago, Nintendo announced a hardware revision for the Switch featuring significantly longer battery life. Now, those refreshed Switch consoles are hitting stores, so naturally, the enterprising folks at iFixit decided to crack open a refreshed Switch to see what’s changed and figure out how Nintendo increased the Switch’s battery life. Read More >>

Alienware’s Revamped Aurora Desktop Has a Clever Cooling System and a Fresh New Design

Earlier this year, Alienware overhauled its flagship laptop – the Area 51m – and now, Alienware has returned to finish the job by giving its top-spec desktop a full makeover with a new design, upgraded components, and way better cooling. Read More >>

Alienware Made the World’s First 55-inch OLED Gaming Monitor, and it Looks Incredible

There are a lot of big and fancy gaming monitors on the market, but Alienware’s newest high-end display is something else. Not only is this thing eye-meltingly gorgeous, Alienware says its new monitor is the first 55-inch OLED gaming monitor in the world. Read More >>

YouTube Combats Copyright Trolls With Content ID Policy Changes

YouTube’s copyright protection system is kind of a mess. YouTube places much of the burden on content creators to dispute copyright claims, while rights holders can slap strikes or even seize revenue generated by videos after filing a claim, often before the YouTuber even has a chance to respond. Read More >>

HP’s Omen X 2S is Proof Dual-Screen Laptops Can Be Awesome

I admit I might have a problem because no matter where I am or what I’m doing, one screen just isn’t enough. At my desk at home and work, I have dual monitors, and even when I’m sitting on my couch watching TV, I almost always have a phone or laptop open off to the side, checking emails, reading news, or playing a game. That said, based on figures that say an estimated 68 percent of Americans browse their phones while watching TV, it seems I’m not the only addicted to screens. Read More >>

Moto’s Latest Phone Has a Genius Solution for Preventing Vertical Video Syndrome

Even though vertical videos are supported in platforms like YouTube and Instagram, watching them is still very annoying sometimes, and I’d prefer if these portrait-oriented clips never existed in the first place. Read More >>

Sure Apple, Whatever

Apple still hasn’t set an official day for its annual autumn product launch event (aka iPhone Day), but that hasn’t stopped leaks and rumours from shedding light on what we might see some time in early September. Read More >>

Snapchat Glasses, Except Now Way More Expensive

It seems Snap just can’t give up its obsession with techy camera glasses. That’s because after losing a shedload of money trying (and failing) to sell its first Spectacles, and later following up with a second model to little fanfare, today, Snap announced the Spectacles 3, which are somehow uglier than ever and come with a serious price tag. Read More >>

The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Might Be the Perfect Smartphone Gimbal

Between devices like the Osmo Mobile 2 and the Osmo Pocket, DJI doesn’t really have any competition when it comes to making portable gimbals. But that hasn’t stopped DJI from trying to make its gadgets even better with the new Osmo Mobile 3. Read More >>

Mophie’s 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad Isn’t AirPower, But It’ll Have to Do

When Apple announced that its promised multi-device AirPower charging pad had officially been cancelled, people immediately began wondering what might take its place. After all, just because Apple had given up, that didn’t mean people didn’t want a simple and convenient way to recharge a range of Apple products. Read More >>

Google’s Pixel 4 Specs Leak and Suggest Some Wild Stuff Is Happening to the Camera

In the run-up to the next Made By Google event typically held later in the autumn, Google has already shared the first official picture of the Pixel 4, along with info on all the fancy sensors and tech stashed inside its top bezel. Read More >>

Samsung Teases a Super-Light Laptop with a Monstrous 23-Hour Battery Life

Samsung always has a few surprises planned for its big launch events, so after announcing the new Galaxy Note 10, Samsung announced an ARM-based laptop with built-in LTE connectivity and a claim of a whopping 23-hours of battery life. Read More >>