Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review: The Last of a Dying Breed

They just don’t make Android tablets like they used to. Actually, a lot of companies don’t bother making them at all nowadays. With more and more consumers opting for hybrid devices, Chrome OS has become a more popular choice for 2-in-1 tablets, while other companies, including Google, have gotten out of the tablet making game completely. That means if you want a fancy new premium tablet with Android that can handle both work and play, your only real option is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6. Read More >>

Smartphone VR Might Be Dead. Good.

Alongside all of Google’s new hardware and software announcements yesterday, there was another development that a lot of people might have missed: Google’s Daydream VR headset appears to be going away. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Is Redefining the ‘Smart’ in Smartphone

After three generations of Pixel phones, Google wants the Pixel 4 to be the start of a new era. Read More >>

Google Buries the Hatchet With Yubico, Brings Physical Security Keys With USB-C

After launching its Titan Key last year, Google has returned with a new version of its two-factor security dongle featuring USB-C. Read More >>

Nubia Z20 First Look: Are Two Screens Really Better Than One?

Usually, it’s pretty easy to differentiate between two sides of a phone. The front side has a screen, while on the back you find cameras. But on the Nubia Z20, things aren’t quite that simple. Read More >>

The Pixel 4 Has Been Leaked to Death, So Here’s Everything Else We Know About Made By Google 2019

After months of teases and leaks, there’s a lot we know about the Pixel 4. But the Pixel 4 isn’t the only thing we’re expecting to see at the upcoming Made By Google Event on Tuesday, October 15th at 3 p.m. BST Read More >>

Libra’s Ship Is Sinking as Multiple Major Partners Abandon Facebook’s Troubled Cryptocurrency

Following the departure of PayPal from Facebook’s Libra project – a cryptocurrency that promises to “reinvent money” and “transform the global economy” – a new wave of departures has rocked the platform as eBay, Stripe, Visa and Mastercard have all announced that they are abandoning ship. Read More >>

The Z50 is Nikon’s More Affordable and Compact Mirrorless Camera

After launching the Z6 and Z7 last year, the next thing people wanted to know is how Nikon planned to expand its new family of mirrorless cameras so that more people could buy them. Because while the Z6 and Z7 are great cameras, they’cost around £1,800 and £2,700 respectively, which isn’t really what you’d call affordable. The Z50 is here to answer that question. Read More >>

Steam’s ‘Remote Play Together’ Will Add Online Multiplayer Support to Local-Only Games

In a perfect world, every multiplayer game would offer online play. But if you’re an indie developer with limited resources, sometimes adding proper netcode support just isn’t feasible, which is what Steam’s upcoming “Remote Play Together” intends to address. Read More >>

Apple’s Rumoured AR Glasses Could Arrive in Early 2020, Analyst Report Claims

Following hints about a potential Apple AR headset found in iOS 13 earlier this autumn, a new report from a well respected Apple analyst suggests that Apple’s AR glasses could arrive as early as the first half of 2020. Read More >>

The New Fire HD 10 is Amazon’s First Gadget with USB-C

To date, every Kindle Amazon has ever made featured a micro USB port. The same goes for all of Amazon’s Fire tablets. But all that is about to change with the new Fire HD 10 tablet, Amazon’s first homegrown gadget with USB-C. Read More >>

The Sony Xperia 1 Is the Most Underappreciated Phone of 2019

It feels like 2019 has been all about moving towards phones with fancy features like bezel-free screens, foldable displays, or nifty in-display fingerprint readers. But the Xperia 1 has none of these things. With its sizeable forehead, extra tall 21:9 display, and a row of buttons and sensors running down its right side, the Xperia 1 looks lanky, maybe even a bit ungainly, like a teenager that just hit a growth spurt. Because of its slightly awkward appearance, a lot of people will never give this phone a chance. It’s a shame because the Xperia 1 might be the most underappreciated phone of 2019. Read More >>

Sleeper Hit? Not Quite, as Bose Discontinues Its £229 Sleepbuds

After just over a year on the market, Bose has now discontinued its £229 Sleepbuds, citing issues with the product’s built-in batteries and faulty charging. Read More >>

The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 Revamps Are One Port Short of Ideal

While Microsoft may have stolen its own thunder with the announcement of the Surface Neo and Surface Duo, the company’s workhorse laptop and 2-in-1 also got some straightforward but still very meaningful upgrades. Read More >>

The Surface Pro X Is a Really Big Deal

Today at its autumn Surface event, Microsoft announced a new range of laptops and 2-in-1s including a revamped Surface Pro 7 and a new 15-inch Surface Laptop 3, while also teasing two exciting dual-screen Surfaces due out in late 2020. Read More >>