After Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Disaster, Huawei Is Delaying Its Foldable Phone, Too

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally supposed to go on sale on 26 April, but after some early struggles and concerns about durability, Samsung postponed the Galaxy Fold’s launch in an attempt to fix those issues. But now, the Fold’s biggest bendy competitor—the Huawei Mate X—has been delayed, and somehow, it’s Samsung’s fault. Read More >>

This is One Silly Way to Fix the Biggest Annoyance About Open Offices

Open offices kind of suck. Sure, they might look like a fancy coffee shop, but when it comes to getting work done, free snacks and lots of mid-century modern furniture only go so far. Not having any walls means you hear everything going around you, while not having a dedicated desk means anyone can come and snipe your favourite spot. But perhaps the biggest problem about open offices is not having a convenient outlet to charge your phone, laptop, or any other gadget you might be using. Read More >>

You Can Now Sign Into Your Google Account on iOS Using an Android Phone

Google has been on a quest to kill the password, so in its latest efforts to further that agenda, the tech giant has now made it possible to log into your Google account on iOS devices by using an Android phone. Read More >>

Shazam on Android Can Now Identify Songs Even When You’re Using Headphones

Not long after Apple acquired music recognition app Shazam last autumn, the music-ID service introduced a new feature called Pop-up that allowed it to identify songs being played on the device itself, in addition to outside sources. Read More >>

Tired of Leaks and Speculation, Google Just Dropped an Official Pic of the Pixel 4

Earlier this week, noted phone sleuth Steve Hemmerstoffer (@onleaks on Twitter) teamed up with Pricebaba to create renders of the upcoming Pixel 4 based on leaked schematics. Naturally, this got the rumour mill riled up, but now in an unprecedented move, Google decided to one up the recent fan renders with the first official picture of the Pixel 4. Read More >>

Forget the Galaxy Fold, Samsung Is Already Dreaming About Rollable Phones

We’re a month and a half past the Galaxy Fold’s original launch date, but after Samsung delayed its debut in order to improve its durability, there’s still no concrete info regarding when the company’s bendable phone will actually go on sale. Read More >>

Fuji Is Bringing Back Black-and-White Film Because the Kids Demanded It

Young people take the blame for a lot of the world’s problems. Ignoring the fact that wages have been stagnant for the last 40 years, we’re often blamed for killing the economy because we’re not buying as many houses or diamonds, having less babies, and waiting longer to move out of our parents’ homes. Read More >>

The Moto Z4 Is a Solid Mid-Range Contender, But it Might Be Time for a Reboot

While Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and others continue to push out £1,000 phones, Motorola has run in the other direction and completely abandoned the flagship market. That’s a pretty serious about-face from just two years ago when Motorola released the Moto Z2 Force, especially when you consider that the most expensive phone Motorola makes now is the Moto Z4. It's $500 in the US, and we're waiting on UK price confirmation, but will likely be somewhere around £450. Read More >>

Google’s Quest to Build the Perfect One-Tap Smartphone Camera

Across all three generations, the cameras on Google’s Pixel are extraordinary in their simplicity. You don’t get much in the way of manual controls, and even as competitors like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and others have added more and more sensors to the backs of their phones, the Pixel 3 and 3a have held firm with just a single rear camera. Read More >>

It Looks Like Apple Is Finally Killing the Dashboard in macOS Catalina

It had a long run, but it seems in the next major release of macOS—macOS Catalina—Apple is finally killing off its Dashboard feature once and for all. Read More >>

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How Ridiculously Priced Is Apple’s Monitor Stand, Really?

At $5,000 (UK price expected to be around £4700, but TBC), Apple’s new Pro Display XDR definitely ain’t cheap, but with a 32-inch screen, 6K resolution, full HDR support (with a ridiculous peak brightness of 1600 nits), and color reproduction that some are claiming is better than OLED, you can sort of see where all that money is going. Read More >>

Lenovo’s Smart Clock Makes Snoozing Alarms Fun Again

In today’s world, it feels like every company is trying to spruce up old tech with the power of the internet. We got smart locks, smart lights, smart vacuums, so why not a smart alarm clock? But with so many people opting to set alarms on their phones rather than manage yet one more device, what’s that point? Well for one, because snoozing an alarm with a smack is a hell of a lot more fun (and easier) than trying to hit a random software button on the phone you just knocked onto the floor. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming to iOS 13

While iOS 12 included a handful of new features including Siri Shortcuts, added digital wellness tracking, and better photo searching, much of Apple’s development time was spent weeding out bugs and improving the stability of the company’s mobile OS. Read More >>

The Moto Z4’s Biggest Upgrade is Surprisingly Retro

By almost all accounts, 2018 was a pretty good year for Motorola and its parent company Lenovo. Total revenue hit $51 billion (up 12.5 per cent Year over Year), while Motorola itself returned to profitability in the second half of 2018. And with the Moto Z4, Motorola is hoping to continue that success with a device that offers higher-end features – including a headphone jack and Moto Mods, but with a more affordable price tag. Read More >>

MediaTek’s New 5G-Ready Chip Is Exactly the Kind of Competition Qualcomm Needs

We’re still in the early days of 5G, but if you take a quick look around the smartphone world, it’s clear Qualcomm has gotten a head start when compared to other chipmakers. Nearly every 5G phone on the market today is powered by a Qualcomm modem, and while Qualcomm recently got slapped for violating antitrust laws in the US, with its next high-end mobile chip MediaTek could finally deliver some well-needed competition in the 5G space. Read More >>